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Kebnekaise: The tallest mountain in Sweden

Kebnekaise: The Tallest Mountain in Sweden (2024)

Kebnekaise is the tallest mountain in Sweden. The hill is on the west side of the city, Kiruna. The tourist who plan to do some hiking stay at Kiruna and arrange a guided tour of the mountain. Kebnekaise is a popular place to visit in Sweden for hikers. Glaciers cover the section of the mountain. The glaciated southern part of the mountain is 2,120 meters (6,960 ft) above sea level.

Kebnekaise: The tallest mountain in Sweden

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Kebnekaise glaciers are one of the main attraction for the tourist visiting Lapland, Sweden. There are several other peaks of the mountain at a lower level. Most hikers come to Kebnekaise mountain and try to reach a peak of main mountain like Tolpagorni 1,662 meters (5,453 ft) and Guobircohkka 1,506 meters (4,941 ft).

Tourists visiting Sweden are advised to consult local tourist guides and, if possible, hire a professional guide. Most guides are familiar with the climbing route and carry appropriate equipment just in case the group gets lost in the mountain.

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