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Kiruna and IceHotel of Jukkasjärvi: Popular Place to Visit in Sweden

Icehotel (Jukkasjärvi): Hotel Rebuilt Each Year With Snow And Ice (2024)

Most tourists visiting Sweden stay in IceHotel for one or two days. There are few IceHotel open from January until April and there are few ice hotel that are open year-round. Visitors must check the opening and closing dates before booking any ice hotel.

Kiruna and IceHotel of Jukkasjärvi: Popular Place to Visit in Sweden

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The entire IceHotel is made from snow. The barstool, table, and cabinets are made from ice. The main receptions, room, church, and dining room are made from snow and ice. IceHotel is considered one of the seven wonders of Sweden. The nearest city is Kiruna, and most tourists come by train or flight to Kiruna. Tourists can reach an ice hotel from the airport or train station in 25 minutes. The distance is between 20 and 30 km (12 to 18 miles) that needs 20 mins of drive. There are daily flights that arrive in Kiruna from Stockholm and also twice a week from London. The train journey takes about 12 hours from Stockholm.

Most who come to visit Lapland stay at Kiruna for a couple of days and 1 or 2 days at an IceHotel. The tourist can rent a snowmobile, take a boat ride in the local lake, go for camping, and observe reindeer wandering around the property.

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