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Dalhalla Amphitheatre: Popular Place to Visit in Sweden

Dalhalla: Awesome Open Air Theater of Sweden (2024)

Dalhalla is located about 280 km (174 miles) north of Stockholm, and the average driving time is 3 hours 30 minutes. The open-air theatre was built in the year 1992, and the first concert was held in the year 1994. Most visitors coming to Sweden come to see the Lake Siljan that is 7 km (4.2 miles) from the Dalhalla amphitheatre and then spend some time at the Dalhalla theatre.

Dalhalla Amphitheatre: Popular Place to Visit in Sweden

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The beautiful surroundings around Lake Siljan and Dalhalla Amphitheatre is the result of a meteorite impact that occurred 360 million years ago. Few music lovers come to attend the outdoor concert during summer. This one of a kind theatre was built as a musical arena in the quarry making it a popular place to visit in Sweden. The well-shielded building was a perfect place to eliminate noise pollution.

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