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Sigtuna : One of the Popular Places to Visit in Sweden

Sigtuna: Picturesque Medieval Town Centre (2024)


Sigtuna is one of the popular places to visit in Sweden. It is a small town 47 km north of Stockholm, and it takes 40 mins drive to reach Sigtuna from Stockholm. The population of Sigtuna is over 10,000 as of 2018.

Most tourists stay in Stockholm and visit Sigtuna as a day trip. The visiting tourist get amazed to see intact 17th-century built houses, museums, churches, and castles.

Sigtuna : One of the Popular Places to Visit in Sweden

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The pedestrian street in the main square of the city is the first street built in Sweden in 970 CE. The main square has been functional since the early 16th century. The main square is a popular place to visit in Sigtuna to see medieval churches like St. Lawrence’s and St. Peter’s church.

Yearly 20,000 or more tourists visit the Sigtuna Museum. Most visitors come to Sigtuna during June, July, and August. Most tourists take a couple of stops to see two or more of the castles like Rosenbergs, Skokloster, Skånelaholm, Steninge, and Weingarten. There is an entry fee of $10 or more to visit inside the fort.

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