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Are: A Popular Place to Visit in Sweden

Are: Leading Scandinavian Ski Resort in Sweden (2024)


Are is a locality in Sweden. It is about 14 km west of Stockholm, and one can reach the Are from Stockholm in 20 minutes. The small town of Are consists of 3,200 inhabitants; the city is one of the top ski resorts in Scandinavia. Are is a great place to visit in Sweden if you are a Ski enthusiast. There are several ski tracks meant for beginners and experienced skiers in Are. The visitors to the Are can schedule a private lesson or group lesson to learn skiing. Tourists often come to learn skiing at Are, in Sweden. Most tourist to the Are also spend some time at the old church that was built in the 12th century.

Are: A Popular Place to Visit in Sweden

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Are city is connected to nearby towns like Stockholm by a highway and rail. Sami people occupied the town in the 17th century. The Are town is very popular among the people of 4 countries Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland that form Scandinavia. The activities at Are village in Sweden never stops; the town is live with the best hospitality. The visitors can arrange a private fishing trip, bike ride trip, hiking, and water sports. The prices are reasonable and vary depending on time and day. The average range for the private excursion is between $ 50 to $ 110.

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