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Soderasen National Park: Popular Tourist place to Visit in Sweden

Soderasen National Park- Great Place To Visit In All Seasons In Sweden (2024)

The Soderasen National Park is about 70 km from the city center of Malmo town. It is also at a distance of 40 kms east of Helsingborg in Skane.

The driving time is about 1 hour and 15 minutes between National Park and Malmo city center.

Söderåsen National Park was formed in 2001 and covers 1,625 hectares. It has dense deciduous forests, beautiful talus slopes with cliffs and flowing streams that is very scenic.

The forest within the Park surrounds the Oden lake, and most tourists come to spend a few hours walking along the lake. Several visitors traveling in groups spend a night in the park close to the lake in an overnight tent as well as singing next to a bonfire. There are sleeping accommodations provided in the tent.

Soderasen National Park: Popular Tourist place to Visit in Sweden

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The botanist from all over the world visits the park to study some of the trees and plants.

The nature path, Kopparhatten and Odensjö promenade can be walked with ordinary shoes.

For other hikes, hiking shoes or boots are recommended. In the spring especially, some of the trails can be flooded. You are allowed to ride horses and bicycles on roads and larger paths. You are allowed to swim and fish in Odensjön lake at Röstånga

The Soderasen National Park is a great place to visit in all seasons.

You can either bring your own food or buy at a restaurant when visiting Söderåsen National Park. There are BBQ sites at Odensjön in Röstånga as well as at the Liagården and Dahlbergs rest hostels.

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