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Uppsala: Popular Place to Visit in Sweden

Uppsala: One of Sweden’s Oldest Cities (2024)


The beautiful town of Uppsala is about 53 km (33 miles) north of Stockholm. Uppsala is also one of the popular places to visit in Sweden. Visitors can visit Uppsala by car or train. The driving time or time taken by train is about 45 minutes to one hour. One hundred seventy thousand people live in Uppsala. Most tourists to Sweden stay in Stockholm and visit Uppsala as a day trip. The city tour includes a visit to the castle, Cathedral, and museum.

A. Uppsala Cathedral

The unique character of the Uppsala Cathedral construction suggests the Cathedral was built in phases from the 12th century to the 19th century. Few Swedish monarchs are buried at the Cathedral, and few are also crowned in this Cathedral from medieval times to the 17th century.Uppsala: Popular Place to Visit in Sweden

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B. Uppsala Church

Uppsala church is a medieval church. The tourist visiting Sweden visit thi church in Uppsala to see ancient inscriptions and images of the ship over the stone that lies just outside the church. The church was used as a place for worship by Archbishop of Sweden until the 13th century. The few noble and royal family members like King of Sweden, Eric IX were buried at the church in the 13th and 14th centuries.Uppsala Church - Best Place to Visit in Uppsala, Sweden Image Source

C. The Linnaeus Garden

The Linnaeus Garden in Uppsala was built in 1,655 by Olof Rudbeck, the Elder. The garden is the site where the first potato was grown in the 17th century.

The botanical garden was expanded by Linnaeus and the architect Carl Hårleman in the year 1745. Several hundreds of new plants were planted in the garden. The Linnaeus garden is considered one of the first botanical gardens with several hundred families of plants spread around the yard. The Linnaeus Garden - Beautiful Place to Visit in Uppsala, Sweden Image Source

D. Gustavianum- Uppsala University

Uppsala University is the main attraction that was founded in the 15th century. The section of University building that was built in the 17th-century is now converted to a museum. The museum has several art and craft exhibits as well as the 6th-century Silver Bible. The oldest building of the university is named King Gustavus Adolphus building that was constructed in the year 1620. The museum has few ancient artifacts and items from Egypt and the Mediterranean time.  

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