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Abisco: Amazing Place in Sweden To See Northern Light

Abisko: Amazing Place in Sweden To See Northern Light (2024)

Abisko is the northernmost small town in Sweden. The Abisko is 1,328 km (825 miles) from Stockholm and 94 km from Kiruna. It takes 13 to 14 hours by train to reach Kiruna from Stockholm or 15 to 16 hours by car to Abisko from Stockholm. The driving time to Abisko from Kiruna is about 1 hour 40 minutes. Most visitors to Sweden take a train to Kiruna and, after three days of vacation, spend an additional two days at Abisko.

Abisko is about 94 km (58 miles) from Kiruna, and the driving time is about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Visitors like to visit Torneträsk Lake and National Park that is surrounded by mountains. During most days in summer, tourists can see lemmings, reindeer arctic hare, red foxes, and moose.

Abisco: Amazing Place in Sweden To See Northern Light

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During late September and the beginning of winter, Abisko is the best place to see northern lights, making it a popular place to visit in Sweden. There are several hiking trails for beginners as well as a few difficult track for experienced hikers.

There are several hotels, apartments and houses available at Abisko. The larger group often gets a discounted rate when the place is rented through the agencies. The tourist can experience “Sami Tradition” that includes entertainment and dinner engagement. The entertainment consists of a presentation of relaxing music as well as an exhibition of astonishing arts and wonderful handicrafts. Guests visiting during winter can enjoy winter sports like driving a snowmobile through snowmobile trails for several miles as well as cross country skiing and ride on Arctic reindeer sledding. The local restaurant serves a reasonable price between $ 15 to $ 25 authentic local food that is consists of vegetables, meat, and seafood.

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