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Visby, Gotland Island

Visby: Visby is a town on the Swedish island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea. (2024)

Gotland island is the largest island on the east side of Sweden in the Baltic Sea. The overall size of the island is 3,185 square kilometers (1,230 square miles). Over 58,000 people reside on the Gotland island.

The Visby is the largest city situated on the west coast of the island. Visby is a famous place for tourists to visit in Sweden to see a medieval town that yet maintains cobblestone streets, as well as the oldest architecture of churches and museums that was built during the medieval period.

Visby, Gotland Island

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Most tourists travel by airplane or take a Ferry to Visby from Stockholm. The cost of return ticket traveling by airplane ranges from $80 to $120 depending on the season. The island receives locals and international tourists in large numbers. Most tourist to Visby in Sweden comes from neighboring European countries during July and August months.

Several restaurants and bars all over the town serve authentic food and local alcohol. Visitors enjoy the street parade and parties that are conducted during Medieval Week.

Visby town in Sweden has several hotels offering excellent facilities and rooms for reasonable prices. One can get a double occupancy room for $ 60 to $ 110. The decent meal in restaurant cost between $ 9 to $ 35 depends on the quality of the facility though the authentic local food may taste the same in a different rated restaurant.

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