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Exploring the Top Attractions in Peerumedu

Exploring the Top Attractions in Peerumedu (2024)

When you think of God’s Own Country Kerala, it is unlikely that you will right away think of Peerumedu or Peermade. Lesser known than the more popular tourist destinations of Kerala like Alleppey, Kumarakom, and others, Peerumedu is known for its pristine natural beauty. This spectacular hill station is located 40 kilometers from Kumily and is placed 915 meters above sea level.

Peerumedu was named after the famous Sufi saint Peer Mohammed, who made his home here. The saint also had a close relationship with the royal family of Travancore. In fact, the word Peermedu means ‘Hills of Peer.’ The beauty of this stunning hill station had made it the preferred summer residence for the Travancore kings. There is even a summer palace here that is now being maintained as a government guest house and is an important tourist attraction. The city of Peerumedu is also famous for eco-tourism. The stunning sights of tea, coffee, cardamom, and pepper plantations make it simply mesmerizing, and you would not want to leave this destination. Peerumedu is renowned for such lush green plantations, and you can even enjoy many adventure sports like paragliding and trekking.

What Is There To See In Peerumedu?

There are many beautiful places in and around Peerumedu for tourists. Some of these are Thrissanki Hills, Peeru Hills, Kuttikanam, Grampi, Pattumala, and many others. If you love adventure, then you must visit Kuttikanam, which is located within the region of Peerumedu itself, just three kilometers away. Many adventure sports like rock climbing, rappelling, trekking, paragliding, etc., are organized here.

Located four kilometers from Peerumedu, there is the Thrissanku Hills, which is another magnificent destination to visit. You can get a spectacular view of the sunrise and sunset from the Thrissanku Hills as the gentle breeze engulfs you as you take in the breathtaking view from the top.

Another place you must explore is the Peeru Hills, just four kilometers away from Peerumedu. The name of the Sufi Saint Peer Mohammed was also lent to this hill, and it was from here only that the hill station got named Peerumedu.

Here are some of the top attractions to visit in and around Peerumedu.

5 Top Attractions of Peerumedu

1. Grampi

Grampi is located just five kilometers from Peerumedu, and it offers some of the most stunning views you can see of this entire region. Grampi is also often referred to as Parunthupara (or the eagle rock). There are many charming trekking trails that take you through many scenic surroundings, a stretch of dense green forests, rocky terrain, and majestic hillsides.

While going to Grampi, you can see sprawling fields of coffee, tea, and cardamom.

2. Thrissanku Hills

The Thrissanku Hills is the perfect place to go on long walks, indulge in adventure sports, and just relaxing surrounded by an abundance of nature. Thrissanku Hills is located just four kilometers from Peerumedu, and these misty hills provide you with some splendid views of the entire region.

You will find many people thronging to the hills to take in the mesmerizing views of the sunrise and sunset.

3. Pattumala

Pattumala is located just 17 kilometers from Peerumedu, and there are many attractions here, including sprawling tea gardens, small gentle streams, and rolling hills. Pattumala is home to two prominent tea gardens, namely Harrisons Malayalam and AV Thomas and Company.

While in Pattumala, you must also visit the beautiful church located here that is built entirely out of granite. The Velamkanni Matha Church is located on top of a hill, and a beautiful flower garden is one of the main attractions here. 

4. Peeru Hills

Peeru Hills in Peerumedu is the perfect place for a picnic or for going on a trek. Located close to the Peeru Hills is the summer palace of the Travancore royal family, the mausoleum of the Sufi saint peer Mohammed, and also the residence of the Dewan.

5. Sahyadri Ayurvedic Center

The Sahyadri Ayurvedic Center in Peerumedu is a famous hospital that offers various Ayurvedic treatments to patients. It is managed by the Peerumedu Development Society based in Pallikunnu.

The Sahyadri Ayurvedic Center offers various rejuvenating and curative Ayurvedic packages. The hospital is also known for manufacturing Ayurvedic medicines and well-managed accommodation facilities. This place is also known for a unique museum of raw drugs where you can see over 200 types of rare and endangered herbs.

Sprawled over 35 acres, the Sahyadri Ayurvedic Center also grows over 400 herbs that they use in the manufacturing of various medicines.

Where can I go trekking in Peerumedu?

There are many trekking places in and around the town of Peerumedu. There are trails not just for beginners but also challenging trails for the more advanced trekkers. You can head to Grampi, Peeru Hills, Memala, Vagamon, and Karandakapara Hills to find some of the most popular trails in Peerumedu.

Is Peerumedu A Good Shopping Destination?

Yes, Peerumedu is a wonderful shopping destination. Coffee, tea, and cardamom are some of the main products grown here, and tourists prefer to take varieties of these products back home with them to savor the flavors of Kerala later.

How To Reach Peerumedu?

If you want to take a flight to Peerumedu, the closest airport is the Kochi International Airport. This airport is connected to most of the major cities of India, as well as many Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern countries. You can easily get a taxi from outside the airport to take you to Peerumedu. Peerumedu is 89 kilometers from the Kochi International Airport.

You can also reach Peerumedu by road. Even though Peerumedu is a hill station, it is connected with a good network of roads. The city is located just two hours’ drive from Kottayam. There are regular buses also that ply to and from this hill town from neighboring towns of Kumily and Kottayam.

If you are taking a train, you will need to embark at the Kottayam Railway Station, located around 85 kilometers away. You will easily get taxis and buses from outside the station to take you to Peerumedu.

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