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Top 4 Tourist Attractions In Kumily

Top 4 Tourist Attractions In Kumily, Kerala (2024)

There are many beautiful towns and villages in Kerala, God’s Own Country. Kumily is one such charming plantation town. Located at an elevation of 2890 feet, Kumily is situated on the border between Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Kumily is known for its beautiful spice gardens and plantations. This quaint little town is known for its rejuvenating Ayurvedic massages, boating, trekking, its diverse wildlife, and of course, walks through the many plantations.

The expansive spice gardens in Kumily are a must-see for tourists. Another charming attraction in Kumily is the Kalari Center, where professional performers show you the unique martial art form of Kalaripayattu. Of course, the main tourist attraction is for visitors to talk a walk through the many spice plantations here. You can also enjoy trekking and boating while enjoying seeing a huge variety of wildlife.

Here are some of the major tourist attractions to see in Kumily.

Top 4 Tourist Attractions In Kumily

1. Abraham’s Spice Garden

Abraham’s Spice Garden is a must-see when you are in Kumily. This beautiful organic spice plantation lets visitors take part in sessions on organic farming, spice cultivation, Ayurvedic practices, and techniques, as well as the medicinal and nutritional values of various species. There is an entry fee of Rs. 20 to enter the garden.

2. Periyar National Park

Located on the Kumily-Thekkady Road, the Periyar National Park is one of the most biodiverse regions in the world. It is one of the best-protected forest reserve areas in India, well known for its lush greenery and abundant wildlife. Periyar National Park is home to many tigers and elephants, as well as many reptiles, birds, and fishes. 

Sprawled over 257 square miles, Periyar National Park is the perfect place you need to find peace and serenity as you get away from the hustle-bustle of city life. The rivers Periyar and Pamba flow through the park, nourishing the animals and nature all around. Thousands of tourists flock to this place every year to take part in jungle safaris, boat cruises, elephant safaris, jeep safaris, and many other eco-tourism activities. Some of the eco-tourism activities include:

  • Jungle Patrol
  • Bamboo Grove
  • Border Hiking
  • Bamboo Rafting
  • Periyar Tiger trail
  • Jungle Inn
  • Bullock Cart Discoveries
  • Jungle Camp

This park is home to many endangered and threatened species like tigers and elephants. It is easy to spot Indian elephants, white tigers, flying squirrels, wild pigs, fruit bats, jungle cats, and sloth bears. The park is also home to over 266 species of birds, including many exotic migratory birds. Some of the top birds you can spot here include the white-bellied blue flycatcher, Malabar grey hornbill, great hornbill, Nilgiri wood pigeon, sunbird, the black-necked stork, and many others.

The Periyar National Park also hosts over 45 species of reptiles, including snakes, lizards, and turtles. Over 160 species of butterflies and 40 species of fishes can also be found here. The park is also famous for its floral beauty, including many trees like teak, mangoes, bamboos, tamarind, rosewood, etc.

The best time to visit the Periyar National park is in the winter season, in the months of November to February, when the weather is simply delightful.

3. Thekkady Lake

Nestled in the heart of the jungle, the Thekkady Lake, also known as the Periyar Lake, is renowned for being home to many varieties of wildlife. Taking a boat ride here in the reservoir is a popular activity here. The Thekkady Lake is known to be the biggest artificial lake in the country. Many of the wildlife of the Periyar National Park can be spotted at the Thekkady Lake having a drink of water.

4. Kadathanadan Kalari Centre

The Kadathanadan Kalari Centre in Kumily is a famous center dedicated to the traditional form of martial arts known as Kalaripayyattu, which was invented by Sage Parshuram. The programs offered here at the center are specially designed to showcase this ancient martial art form of self-defense and provides great insights into the discipline that is required for practicing this art form.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Kumily?

The best time to visit Kumily is during the winter months of December to February, right after the monsoon rains. The weather is very pleasant during this time, and there is a certain charm to this quaint little town during this season.

Since Kumily is located at 2890 feet, even the summer months here are quite pleasant, though, during the summers, the temperature may rise to roughly 20-28 degrees Celsius. This period, though, is the ideal time for adventure lovers who want to participate in outdoor activities like hiking, trekking, nature trails, and plantation visits. Summers in Kumily typically start in March and continue till May.

For outdoor enthusiasts, even the monsoon period is a great time to visit Kumily. With the arrival of the monsoon rains from June to September, the entire plantation town of Kumily comes to life as the green of nature becomes just a bit greener, and there is a magical quality to everything around. However, the terrains get slippery, and many leeches and insects come out, so this is not the best season to do trekking.

How to Reach Kumily?

You can visit Kumily by road, train, or air. If you are planning a road trip to Kumily, you can start your trip from three locations – Kochi, Kottayam, or Kollam. These towns are the closest to Kumily, and the drive down to Kumily from any of these three towns is mesmerizing. You can also reach Kumily from other parts of Kerala as Kumily is well-connected by a network of roads. If you are coming from nearby cities like Bengaluru, Ooty, Chennai, Coimbatore, or other such places, you can easily reach Kumily either by driving yourself, by bus, or by taxi.

Kumily is also easily accessible by train. The Theni Railway Station is located 64 kilometers from Kumily. Once you reach Theni station, you can book taxis or buses to reach Kumily.

The closest airport is Kochi International Airport, located 157 kilometers away. The Madurai Airport is also located close by, around 150 kilometers from Kumily. Upon arrival at either of these airports, you can choose to take a taxi or bus to reach Kumily.

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