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Delaware’s Agricultural Museum and Village

Top 8 Things to Do in Dover, Delaware : Explore the Iconic Tourist Attractions (2023)

Dover as you all would all know, is the bustling capital city of Delaware. As a city, this is a place that is filled with cultural landmarks and interesting historical sites indeed. You have some of the world’s tallest monuments, sculptures and mansions covering the city center, as a matter of fact. You also have exotic shopping and flea markets wherein you can shop for gourmet and local produce of edible products through your heart’s content. You also have several mind boggling sporting spectacles that can enthuse the touring spirit in you. In this holidaying guide titled ‘Top 8 things to do in Dover, Delaware’s capital city, let us move on to discover each of the fascinating touring spot the place has to offer:

Top 8 Things to Do in Dover, Delaware: Explore the Iconic Tourist Attractions

1.   Legislative Hall

The Legislative Hall is an iconic building you can find right off the city-center area of Dover. In fact, it is the Legislative Hall which is regarded as the ‘State Capitol building’ of Delaware. Unlike other Govt offices you find across the US, this one is a little different indeed. You find remnants of colonial architecture in terms of its overall appearance. The Legislative Assembly has astounding monuments in terms of its Colonial Revival Architecture.

Legislative Hall, Dover, Delaware

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This is a building that was built between 1931 and 1933. The Legislative Assembly replaced the Old State House that was situated opposite the Leg Green Park. Various forms of vibrant wings have been added to the Hall as such. Henceforth, if you take a tour out here, you can witness some of the world’s finest courtrooms and chambers built in a posh and contemporary style indeed. As you do some kind of strolling across the building, you can also witness some of the finest portraits, century-old artifacts, and learn more about the State Capitol. The gorgeous gardens and grounds outside the building can again leave you with a spellbound experience indeed.

2. First State Heritage Park Welcome Center

The First State Heritage Park Welcome Center is another fantastic addition to Dover’s exquisite tourist attractions indeed. The spot is the most iconic cultural hub of Dover, as a matter of fact. Here, you can discover a countless array of artifacts, art-works and mementos kept up on display. This is a cultural heritage spot that was founded during the year 2004. This particular tourist hub houses the Old State Assembly, the Legislative Hall and other impressive buildings that mark a cultural significance to the state of Delaware. Once you reach the ‘Visitor’s Lounge’, you can get a historical significance of cultural landmarks that dot the whole of Dover and Delaware. You can watch brief clippings of forefathers and founders who were instrumental in developing the city of Dover in Delaware. You can also receive brochures that contain comprehensive info on events, activities and tourist attractions covering the city of Dover, on the whole.

First State Heritage Park Welcome Center, Dover, Delaware

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3. Delaware Governor’s Mansion

In this holidaying and wellness guide titled ‘Top things to do in Dover, Delaware’s capital city’, let us cover a few more iconic locales you can have hands-on to. The First State Heritage Park also houses the delightful Delaware Governor’s Mansion as a matter of fact. Fondly nicknamed as the ‘Woodburn’, this iconic spot is an aesthetic and charming Middle Georgian Home indeed. This iconic building has served as the legislative office for the state run governors since the sixties. Off late, this cultural hub is now regarded as the ‘National Historic Landmark’ covering the city of Dover. This iconic and aesthetically pleasing building was initially constructed during the year 1790. The beautiful and charming building has fabulously been restored till date. In fact, the flamboyant brick red building, the spot is built with, has a wonderful charm added to it.

The fabulous building has been inspired by a Flemish pattern and you can find pretty-looking bays, a spacious chimney and a large Dutch door, adding to the extravaganza. The exteriors are exquisitely designed to captivate the sight of any tourist or vacationer, who happens to get a glimpse of the Delaware’s governor Mansion. Inside its premises, you further discover authentic pieces of timeless and elegant architecture, finest of furnishings, and era-appropriate monuments too. While you try exploring the several mansion rooms of the building, you can eventually get a better sneak peek into the history and culture covering Delaware and Dover city, on the whole. You can also view the pretty-looking gardens that are found outside the premises.

4. Delaware’s Agricultural Museum and Village

As you all must be aware of, Delaware is the 2nd smallest state across the whole of the USA. However, farming and agriculture is the backbone of the state of Delaware. At the exotic ‘Delaware’s Agricultural Museum and Village’, you can learn a tremendous deal of knowledge on the rich agro-farming history and the rural heritage the state of Delaware has been enjoying till date. The Agricultural Museum and Village is an open-air museum that is set south of Delaware’s State University. Here at the campus, you can explore the types of villages that were prevalent way back in 1890’s. You have a number of artifacts, exhibits and old farm equipment the Museum houses within its premises. The iconic hub also lets you discover old barns and farmhouses that are dotted with churches, rural style schools, windmills, etc. You can get a thorough glimpse into age old farming tools and old-scale farming tractors as a matter of fact. Inside the exhibition, you have several photo displays of how farming was being done in the yester-year era.

5. Spence’s bazaar

By visiting Spence’s bazaar situated in Dover, Delaware, you can experience a shopping spree that is truly one of its kinds. Here, you can find countless stands of antique objects, lamps, obscure stuff and enticing works of art. You can also find clothing or apparels, jewelry, household collectibles, books and various other products that you may need for your day-to-day living. You find freshly baked items and you can taste them fresh. All the products come to you with exotic deals and discounts added to them as such. You can shop for locally produced food products from the Amish Local farmers markets too. The Spence’s Bazaar is open on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Here, you can find the most lively atmosphere while you can shop for intriguing products through your heart’s content indeed.

6. Old State House

In this online guide titled ‘Top things to do in Dover, Delaware’s capital city’, we have a few more places to cover. The Old State House is yet another impressive building amid the iconic and cultural buildings, the city of Dover, has to offer. This was formerly Delaware’s administrative building, as a matter of fact. You can have a look at the fantastic array of photos that the building houses. This is a two-story building that was built between 1787 and 1792. Its exteriors are characterized by the ruddy brick facade and a Palladian window that is camouflaged by a gabled roof top having an octagonal shape. Once you are inside the premises of the Old State House, you can also witness some of the exquisitely designed interiors of the building houses. These are the chambers, courtrooms and a fascinating geometric staircase you will be spellbound viewing. Again, you can explore short snippets and video plaques that describe the history of the state capitol on the whole. You can also receive brochures and pamphlets wherein the most interesting historical aspects covering the city of Dover and the state of Delaware have been explained to you in a nutshell.

7. Biggs Museum of American Art

You can view a fascinating array of pretty-looking paintings, photos and ceramics inside the incredible ‘Biggs Museum of American Art’. This is a building that is just next to the Old State House, as a matter of fact. This is a modern brick red building that blends itself easily with other iconic buildings, the city of Dover has, within its share. This is a cultural hub that was opened for public display in the year 1993. The building was named after the world famous painter and a passionate philanthropist namely ‘Sewell C Biggs’. You can find exquisite works of paintings and art across this three floor building. You can discover about 1500 pieces of contemporary art covering authentic sculptures, monuments, chinaware products, antique furniture and world class paintings too. The wide array of contemporary pieces of art the museum houses, make this place all the more interesting to explore. Local art competitions are held here periodically while painting exhibits of local residents are also displayed here lavishly as a matter of fact.

8. Air Mobility Command Museum

The Air Mobility Command Museum is the highlight tourist attraction you cannot skip upon while you are on your first-timer visit to Dover in Delaware. This is an iconic museum that is located just south of Dover Air Force Base. This is the biggest Museum in Dover that exhibits US military cargo and tanker aircraft missiles that are used by the US Army or Military Airforce, as a matter of fact. You can explore how airlifting and air refueling was performed by crews who had flown and maintained these airplanes especially during the WW2 era. You can explore individual planes while you also get a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to view shiny jets, bombers, gliders and helicopters at play.


These are the top things to do or visit in Dover, Delaware’s capital city. Highlights of the places you can visit and exclusive features of every individual palatial spot in the city has been described for you in a nutshell.

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