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Rosemary Square - Top Rated Place to Visit in West Palm Beach

7 Top-Rated Places to Visit in West Palm Beach (2024)

An Urban community with perfect weather around the year and beautiful sunny sky is what West Palm Beach, Florida, offers to its visitors. The West Palm Beachcity comprises Florida’s most luxurious relaxing lifestyle, making it one of the favorite weekend gateway cities amongst visitors across the country. Even though with “Beach” in the city name, it has a lot more than just sea, beaches, and palm trees.

The City of West Palm Beach is home to scenic sights, art culture, magnetic festival events, parks recreational spots, numerous shopping streets, some glimpse of history and whatnot. The city welcomes people with every budget and holds numerous fun entertainment for both local and foreign visitors. Once you are in West Palm Beach, there’s no end of fun, entertainment, and activities from sunrise to dawn.

7 Top-Rated Places to Visit in West Palm Beach

To choose the best ones from the endless options, consider our list of Best places to visit in West Palm Beaches.

1. McCarthy’s Wildlife

More than a typical Zoo, a worthy site to visit in West Palm Beach, the McCarthy’s Wildlife is a wildlife century that offers a closer encounter with the wild animals (closest allowed by the law). The Sanctuary is spread over 8-acres with more than 200 animals, surrounded by a pleasant environment of botanical gardens and palm trees. Most of the wildlife here is either rescued from illegal practices and now resides here permanently, or the remaining ones are here for medical treatment before they can go back to their wild homes. The Sanctuary offers a closer view and interactive opportunities with various animals to give you an incredible life experience. Being here, one can closely watch Black leopard, African lions, Linux, and tigers just from 4 feet. However, alligators, tarantulas, snakes, baby leopard/ lion/ tigers, birds and numerous others are friendly enough to hold and love.

Only make sure kids below 5 are not allow in the Century.
Top-Rated Place to Visit in West Palm Beach-McCarthy's WildlifeImage Source

2. Rosemary Square

Rosemary Square is the city’s heart, offering an upscale and urbanist experience, which is counted amongst the Top-rated sight-seeing destination to visit in West Palm Beach. Rosemary Square is a shopping center that can simply be referred to as the epitome of fun entertainment. The architecture here is inspired by Venetian, West European and Mediterranean style that retains royalty with every element. It is a premium shopping, dining, and culture site that features numerous styling brands, an immersive fusion of art culture, healthy food comfort cuisine, lush landscapes, water fountains and endless entertainment. The square opens at 10 in the morning and is filled with activities till 9 or 10 at night. Evenings here are gloriously lighted, and one must not miss the place when in West Palm Beach. Rosemary Square - Top Rated Place to Visit in West Palm BeachImage Source

3. Palm Beach Zoo Conservation Society

With top-rated Zoological experience in Florida, the Palm Beach Zoo Conservation Society is spread over a lush green tropical habitat within 23 acres. It houses about 190 species of endangered and commonly found wildlife and is now a protective home to even more than 550 wild and friendly animals. Being here, you can closely watch tigers, panther, lions, Carole Moran Panther, Malayan tiger, Florida panther, Macaws, jaguars, Bush dogs, Fennec Fox, Lemur, American black bear, turkey Vulture, and other wilds living in their natural habitats. Furthermore, apart from animal watching, visitors can also indulge themselves with Interactive Play Fountain, Safari trains, wild shows, waterbird shows, or treat along in the Tropics café. Consider planning your trip on a cooler day, when animals can easily be encountered roaming around and doing some activities.

4. Ragtops Automobile Museum

Amongst one of the best places to visit in West Palm Beach is the Ragtops Automobile Museum. It is an 8,000 square foot facility that is a premium destination for automobile lovers, which will take them towards no less than a breath-taking experience. A Museum worth spending 2 hours around classic automobile memorabilia aging back in the history, antique toy cars, Essex Terraplane Cabriolet (1933), the Deluxe Woody Wagon, or a vintage Chevrolet Corvettes. If done with viewing some of the automobile marvelous, visitors can also test drives some of the selected pieces exhibiting here in the museum.

5. Clematis Street

If you are looking for fun, festive, and entertainment in the city, then visiting Clematis Street is one of the best things to do in West Palm Beach. The street takes you closer to the waterfront views near Flagler, boutiques, eateries, water sports, museums, a green market and an unending nightlife. It has a choice of restaurants for every palette. The nights on Thursday here turns into a cinematic sight with free music, buzzing streets, and a fun atmosphere. The street is quite busy all hours, but if you want to experience West Palm Beach’s authentic local life, do spare some hours here.
Best Place to Visit in West Palm Beach-Clematis StreetImage Source

6. Norton Museum of Arts

Another museum in West Palm Beach is the Norton Museum of Arts that will blow your mind despite you being an art lover or not. The museum houses more than 7000 contemporary art, sculpture, and photography works influenced by Chinese, American, and European art culture and is known as the largest museum in Florida. Some of the highly famous artwork is from world-renowned artists, including Theodore Roszak, William Zorach, Gauguin, Picasso, and Monet. The Museum premises is 45,000-square-foot and is so spacious that one might get lost. And when done with viewing the astonishing artwork, one can roam around the sculpture garden, auditorium, or walk into the coffee bar and the gift shop.
Amazing Place to Visit in West Palm Beach-Norton Museum of ArtsImage Source

7. Mounts Botanical Gardens

The largest and oldest public garden in Palm Beach county, which one must not miss while being in West Palm Beach, is the Mounts Botanical Garden. It is spread over 14 acres and has more than 25 gardens on display that will leave you spellbound. The Mounts Botanical Gardens is home to more than 2000 tropical and sub-tropical plant species brought here from six continents. It is also referred to as the hidden gem of West Palm Beach, with a history of 40 years of educating and inspiring people through nature. Explore the rainbow garden arranged in color hues, herb garden with plenty of medicinal herbs, rose and fragrance garden with a unique fragrance and eye pleading flowers. Furthermore, to experience peace and calmness, visit the Garden of Tranquillity or get along into the unique water garden, which will take you towards waterfalls and seasonal water plants.
Attraction Place to Visit in West Palm Beach-Mounts Botanical GardensImage Source

How to Reach West Palm Beach: The Palm Beach International Airport serves the city with international flights frequently and is located only 6.4kms from the center of West Palm Beach. For exploring the city, visitors can take trains, trolleys, buses, water taxis, road taxis or even rent cycles. The transportation here is not very cheap but moderate enough.

Best Time to Visit West Palm Beach: The city experiences a tropical monsoon climate with a minimum of 18 degrees Celsius thought the year. The months of April to May and September to October experiences less crowd and pleasant weather in the city and is ideal for planning your trip. The fall season here often experiences hurricanes and thus must be avoided. Summers in West Palm Beach is most lively, however, with a huge crowd around.

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