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The Dali Museum - Top 10 Must-Visit Place in St. Petersburg

Top 10 Must-Visit Places in St. Petersburg (2024)

A mesmerizing city in Florida’s gulf coast, the city St. Petersburg is well known for pleasant weather and perpetual sunshine and thus is also named as “The Sunshine City”. It is Florida’s fifth-largest and fifth-most populous city which experience 361 days of sunshine every year on an average. St. Petersburg is a famous retirement city of the USA due to the low cost of living, pleasant weather and rejuvenating sights.

St. Petersburg holds its place amongst the top three spots of Best places to visit in Florida, making it ideal for adding into your holiday list. The St. Petersburgcity is undoubtedly a very trendy tourist destination full of history, artculture, museumsgalleries, Natural parkswildlife areas, beachesmarines, and whatnot. And with plenty of events going around in the St. Petersburgcity throughout the year, there’s never a shortage of tourism entertainment.

Top 10 Must-Visit Places in St. Petersburg

Explore some of the Best Places to Visit in St. Petersburg, through our list of choicest options.

1. The Dali Museum

An Art Museum that exhibits the astonishing artwork of famous artist Salvador Dalí and houses his most extensive collection besides Spain is the Dali Museum of St. Petersburg. The collection within the museum spans Salvador Dalí’s life and career through the most unparallel ways. The entire collection includes over 96 oil paintings, 1,300 graphics, more than 100 watercolour drawings, sculptures, object d’art, photographs and a vast archival library. The museum building itself is a magnificence of Glasswork brought together through 1,062 glass triangles called the Glass Enigma. It is one of those museums that anyone from any age would love even though they are an art lover or not; thus, it is counted amongst one of the most visited tourist places in St. Petersburg. The Dali Museum - Top 10 Must-Visit Place in St. PetersburgImage Source

2. Chihuly Collection

The most stunning and only permanent art collection from the world-renowned artist Dale Chihuly can be found exhibiting at the Chihuly Collection. The entrance itself is beautified with an iconic 20-foot sculpture comprised of cerise-coloured rocks overflowing with intricate glassworks from within. Moving forward in the building, one can see some magnificent chandelier pieces including Ruby Red Icicle and other famous artworks like Persians, Macchia, Tumbleweeds, Ikebana, and Niijima Floats that will leave no stones unturned to thrill the eyes. The Chihuly Collection is a part of the Morean Arts Centre and is open throughout the week. Visitors can sign up for a 30 minutes one to one session and paint their own masterpiece to take home.

Top Must-Visit Place in St. Petersburg-Chihuly Collection

Credit: daps455 / pixabay.com Image Source

3. Sunken Gardens

A botanical paradise in the heart of the city, the Sunken Gardens is counted amongst one of the oldest roadside tourist attractions within the USA and Florida’s west coast’s oldest one. The Garden ages for more than a century now and is famous for the range of rare plantations, some of which are as old as the Sunken Garden itself. Being here, one can find more than 50,000 tropical flowers and plants, including the oldest in the entire country. Apart from non-ending Flora, the Garden is also home to the alluring Chilean Flamingos, who’s one sight is enough to bless your eyes. Sunken Gardens has various sub-gardens including a cactus garden, a butterfly garden, a Japanese garden filled with tortoises, snapping birds, beautifully coloured koi fishes, and a unique alligator snapping turtle. With proper protection, cultivation and a soothing atmosphere, the plants within Sunken Gardens grow exceptionally tall and healthy.
Must-Visit Place in St. Petersburg-Sunken GardensImage Source

4. Clearwater Beach

A marvellous beach, which is also counted amongst one of the best beaches in the USA, the Clearwater Beach takes you towards nothing less than an eye-soothing beauty. The Clearwater Beach is amped up with white, sugary sand, the blue sky that often turns into a painting during sunset and sunrise and clear water, making being there no less than a dream fulfilled. The sea near the beachside is shallow and thus ideal for playing, swimming or relaxing. The beach is even extremely famous between local sun-seekers and tourists who often come here for beach sports, sunset views or even chilling around with friends and family.
Top Visit Place in St. Petersburg-Clearwater BeachImage Source

5. Beach and Wildlife at Sand Key Park

A 95 acres beach park that is composed of sandy beaches, broad walks, nature trails, and Florida’s local wildlife is the Sand Key park in the St. Petersburg. It is a family-friendly beach area with manageable waves, ideal for surfing or Kayaking. Visitors often love spending long days here, hiking over the broad walks or natural trails were often roseate spoonbill, anhinga. Great horned owl, heron, and numerous other birds can be seen. Even the endangered sea turtles are usually found laying eggs on the beach along with birds nesting. The Sand Key Park is a less crowded site and ideal to add in your list of places to visit in St. Petersburg if you are looking for a day in peace and relaxation.

6. Sunshine Skyway Bridge

Counted amongst the most-beautiful over-sea bridges in the World, the Sunshine Skyway Bridge brings you closer to the mesmerizing view in St. Petersburg. It is a cabled bridge that stretches over 12 miles, rising above the ocean, offering a chance of beautiful drive away. This bridge’s high-points adds some marvellous drama, and thus it even includes in some famous Hollywood films. The beauty and magnificence grow a notch higher when it is all light up during nights. Even though you pass along a ship below the bridge, crossing it over through the motor path or viewing it from a far distance, it will definitely please your eyes.
Amazing Place to Visit in St. Petersburg-Sunshine Skyway BridgeImage Source

7. Museum of Fine Arts

Counted amongst the Best Places to Visit in St. Petersburg, the Museum of Fine Arts is ideal for art lovers and admirers. The museum sits in St. Petersburg downtown and comprises of a considerable collection. It exhibits over 20,000 artworks, where some of them date back to 5000 years of human artwork and creativity. The collection brings 4,500 years of civilization in front of your eyes, including some famous work from ancient Rome, Egypt, Greek, Asia, Columbia, Egypt and Native America. Moving forward, one can find a gallery of Glass art, a sculpture garden, and a colossal photography collection. The museum authorities organize events, exhibitions, and inspirational programs, time and again.
Best Place to Visit in St. Petersburg-Museum of Fine ArtsImage Source

8. Clearwater Marine Aquarium

The Clearwater Marine Aquarium in St. Petersburg is home to rescued marine animals that are not fit to return into their wild World and are now a permanent resident of this place. It came into discussions when in 2005, a bottlenose dolphin was brought here and her lost tail was replaced with a prosthetic tail which was then a talk around the World. That Dolphin named “Winter” was even starred in two consecutive film series “Dolphin tale and Dolphin tale 2” which were mainly shot within the Aquarium itself. Along with a variety of dolphins, the Aquarium is also home to sea turtles, sharks, North American river otters, Pelicans, rays, mangrove snapper, gag grouper, pink fish, and white grunts.
Attraction Place to Visit in St. Petersburg-Clearwater Marine AquariumImage Source

9. St. Petersburg Museum of History

A history museum which exhibits a spellbound collection is the St. Petersburg Museum of History. With a permanent exhibition of priceless artefacts, photographs, and documents it takes you close to endless events from major historical happenings including the cradle of the Bolshevik Revolution, the vast Russian empire and a lot more. It also houses an authentic 3,000-year-old Egyptian mummy, a permanent replica of World’s first commercial aircraft that flew across the bay to Tampa, the most extensive collection of autographed baseballs in the World, all of which are worth the sight.
Popular Place to Visit in St. Petersburg-St. Petersburg Museum of HistoryImage Source

10. St. Petersburg Saturday Morning Market

When in St. Petersburg, one thing that you cannot miss, is the Saturday Morning Market. Amongst the best things to do in St. Petersburg, the Saturday market brings you near to a lot of food, crazy fun, and a well-joyed social experience in the city. Every Saturday, 9 am to 2 pm at 101 1st St SE, the market sets with artculture, musicconcerts, craft, festivals, and 15 international ready to eat cuisines. Not just locals, but tourist from across the World makes a note to visit the Saturday Morning Market when in St. Petersburg.
Place to Visit in St. Petersburg-St. Petersburg Saturday Morning MarketImage Source

The ideal time to visit St. Petersburg: St. Petersburg is known for its pleasant weather throughout the year and a city where there are less days when the sun dims. However, to thoroughly enjoy the outdoor events and soak yourself in the beaches, March to June is counted as ideal months. June to November here are less crowded and affordable though always in threat from hurricanes.

How to reach St. Petersburg: The St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport (PIE) and Tampa International Airport (TPA) are the two-international airport in the city sharing a distance of approx. 21 and 35 kilometres respectively from the City centre. The transportation within the town is well-versed via buses, trolleys, metros, trains, trams, Marshrutkas, and taxi as well. Public transport here is affordable and ideal to go across the city.

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