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Navarre Beach - Incredible Place Of Emerald Coast That Draws The Tourist

11 Incredible Places Of Emerald Coast That Draws The Tourist (2024)

Emerald Coast of Florida is a massive cluster of cool natural wonders, turquoise water, and relaxing parks. The travellers visiting the Emerald Coast in the United States get the most exciting feeling of the white beaches and the hygienic waters from the Gulf of Mexico. After looking at these tempting beaches and water bodies, you would surely get confused between Emerald Coast and Caribbean islands.

11 Incredible Places Of Emerald Coast That Draws The Tourist

Let us move ahead and discover some of the awe-inspiring sites of the magnificent Emerald Coast in Florida

1. Navarre Beach

At Navarre Beach, you would be experiencing a white-sand coastline that is more than 12 miles. In the whole state, this site has been appreciated by the seekers and comes in the top beaches of Florida. You can perform acts at the Navarre takes in clicking pictures from the seashores, swimming in the water, and taking cruise ride from the picturesque bike tracks. Most visitors land here to receive the best relaxation of all time.

2. Henderson Beach State Park

This place of Emerald Coast is considered an ideal spot for a family outing, picnic, or camping. Henderson Beach State Park allows people to access the beach and perform tasks like fishing, long lane walks, sunbathing, and swimming. Scrub oaks, sand pines, and dune rosemary are some of the greens that are highlighted by the beach. In addition, it has 6000 feet of charming natural seashore along with immaculate white-sand beaches.

Incredible Place Of Emerald Coast That Draws The Tourist-Henderson Beach State Park

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3. Camp Helen State Park

If you want to make your weekend an adventurous one, then Camp Helen State Park can do the job. Making a stop at Camp Helen State Park would permit access to alluring beach lands. Also, it is the paradise for one of Florida’s largest coastal dune lakes. It shares boundaries with Gulf of Mexico. Camp Helen State Park offers thriving shrubbery to its vacationers. At this site, make your day joyful by doing stuff like swimming, fishing, and strolling.

4. Perdido Key

On a small strip of land, Perdido Key of Florida is located. Plan a day trip to engage and have fun in seeing Florida’s most dazzling landscape. Perdido Key is a peaceful spot to spend a day performing very trendy deeds such as crabbing, swimming, laying on the white sands, and wandering. The visitors can also find pleasure by feeling the Gulf’s warm waters and relieve the anxiety of routine life.

5. Shell Island

The visitors can find Shell Island between St. Andrews Bay and the Gulf of Mexico in Emerald Coast in the United States. Despite being an underdeveloped barrier Island, Shell Island has been a place of excellence for tourists. In every direction of the land, the travellers can see plentiful white sand very easily. For accessing Shell Island, the most comfortable way is taking a shuttle bus from St. Andrews State Park. Lush vegetation, dunes, and fascinating scenery are a few features of this area. Popular things for delight here are sunbathing and watching the glittery shells of the land.

6. Grayton Beach State Park

Grayton Beach that is close to Grayton Beach State Park, is an isolated beach territory that can be admired by the voyagers without a doubt in the Emerald Coast in the United States. This beach delivers emerald green waters, which are adequate to make your summertime heavenly. Choosing outdoor activities can become confusing for you, as the site offers a lot of varieties like kayaking, bike rides, hiking tracks, etc. Also, in Grayton Beach State Park, don’t miss out on the Hemingway-style wooden homes and art galleries.

7. Santa Rose Beach

Enjoy the glossy and lively waters of Santa Rose Beach of Emerald Coast in the United States like every other tourist. Furthermore, experience the open and clear sky of the beach. Santa Rose Beach lies between Panama City and Pensacola. This area is somehow suitable for sight seekers because of its natural landscape.

8. Miramar Beach

Those in the hunt for peace and calm can stop at Miramar Beach of Florida. Miramar Beach offers the public the most classic views of coastal enclaves, charismatic resorts, beach lanes, and eating spots. Apart from watching the Gulf of Mexico, you can participate in various courageous tasks such as parasailing and Jet Ski rides.

9. Emerald Coast Science Center

It is a museum that is meant for individuals of every age group. The displays of the Emerald Coast Science Center carry an interactive approach. Here the visitors can observe more than 45 exhibits inside this 8000 square foot hall. The property also consists of robotics, live animals, and it hosts annual events too. Overall, the science center is great for acquiring knowledge and learning the fundamentals of scientific theories.

10. Heritage Park and Cultural Center

Besides being a dwelling to the major regional museums, the Heritage Park and Cultural Center is a worthy place to explore. Here the guests can gain more details about the locals’ lives in the Fort Walton Beach Area. Indian Temple Mound Museum is one of the Heritage Center highlights where you would be witnessing a variety of artefacts. These artefacts are designed with clay, bone, shell, etc. In the year 1962, the Indian Temple Mound Museum was opened. The museum does not charge for admission. Few exhibits inside the museum portray the history of Native Americans, which is something about 12000 years back.

11. Destin History and Fishing Museum

It is the non-profit and well-liked visitor’s spot of Florida. The Destin History and Fishing Museum hold Destin’s past. It embraces recreated boats that were earlier utilized by the villagers. It also presents stories of the American locals and their importance in the village. Here, the tourist can access audio guided tours, self-guided tours, group tours, and other means to explore the museum.

Which Period Is Perfect For Travelling to Emerald Coast In Florida?

It is slightly puzzling to decide on a family holiday in the Emerald Coast of Florida as its temperature does not get low. Below are the seasonal conditions of the Emerald Coast that have both advantages and disadvantages.

Summer Season

The temperature between mid-May and mid-August at the Emerald Coast is full of humidity. The locals and travellers can witness dry rainfall during these months. Emerald Coast turns crowded and expensive throughout the summer season. Bars and restaurants become busy, and Emerald Coast hosts events like Billy Bowlegs Pirate Festivals and concerts.

Spring Season

It starts from mid-February and is also considered the calmest and comfy time of the year. The spring season ends in mid-May. The water on the beaches tends to be cold in spring, which means many visitors won’t be preferring swimming. The costs of everything during spring will be reasonable. The public rate is also higher in these conditions. In March, the vacationers get to see the Tequila and Tacos Fest. Besides, they will also view Burning up the Beaches in May.

Winter Season

The nights of the Emerald Coast in winters can be icy to the vacationers. The tourists count, and the cost is pretty low in the cold months. A large quantity of bars and eateries remains close or shift their hours in winters. The events which are expected to be hosted are Pardi in Paradise Mardi Gras Parade.

Fall Season

It begins from mid-August to mid-November. The fall season of the Emerald Coast in Florida is ideal weather as it releases the summer heat and dampness. The amount of tourists in the fall season is fair. October month is when you can take pleasure in the two major festivals, Destin Fishing Rodeo and Destin Seafood Festival. In general, heaps of adults and couples make their way to Emerald Coast in the fall.

What Are The Best Hotels That We Can Discover In Emerald Coast, Florida?

Stumble on the highly advanced amenities and large well-intended rooms only at the Emerald Coast Inn & Suites. This hotel is situated on Okaloosa Island in the middle of Fort Walton Beach and Destin of Florida. The rooms of Emerald Coast Inn & Suites provide the vacationers with 1 king-sized and 2 queen-sized beds, refrigerator, microwave, flat television, and telephone services. In every room along with the lobby, free Wi-Fi facility is available. The best part about this hotel is that it serves a complimentary continental breakfast. The hotel also provides a liberated stay for the kids if you are coming with them during the vacation.

Final Verdict

We wind up here with the 11 most dazzling tourist destinations of the Emerald Coast in Florida. If you have a holiday plan in the head, then do favour Emerald Coast. Check out various deals on flight tickets.

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