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Myrtle Beach (5 hours and 44 minutes drive away from Atlanta)

9 Popular Beaches To Visit Near Atlanta (2024)

Atlantans know sun, sand, and fun. And why not? With so many beautiful beaches around, the locals of Atlanta have multiple ways to go and cool off during the summer season. Atlanta though does not have its own coastline; however, it boasts a prime location to multiple gorgeous beaches nearby. Within a few hours of driving distance, these beaches make up for a great day trip and even a fun weekend getaway. Or the ones that are a little afar call for a long-term summer holiday. While some beaches near Atlanta are accessible via the mainland, others are accessible only via boat.

Several beaches near Atlanta are on the barrier islands. They are either located on the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Coast. These gorgeous and remarkable beaches are ideal for relaxing on a hot sunny day. Or, they can also invite adventure hearts for aquatic sports and a wide range of physical activities. So why wait? If you are in Atlanta, plan a quick getaway to these beautiful beaches nearby.

9 Popular Beaches to Visit Near Atlanta

Here are some fine options for the best beaches near Atlanta. We are sure that you will love them.

1. Pensacola Beach (5-hour drive away from Atlanta)

If you are a regular beach goer, the first destination on your list should be Pensacola Beach. There’s nothing else than the emerald-green-colored waters and sugar-white sand of the Pensacola beach. Individuals from Atlanta, Florida, and across the U.S. ensure to visit here at least once in their lifetime. Like any other beach, it too offers opportunities like swimming, sunbathing, and relaxing. Besides that, the activities extend more with options like stand-up paddle boarding, snorkeling, diving, parasailing, surfing, and fishing. Pensacola Beach is extremely popular for Dolphin cruises and observing the beautiful Dolphins jumping in and out of the waters. The beach is also home to several seafood restaurants and drink places.

2. Destin (5 hours and 11 minutes drive away from Atlanta)

Individuals who are ready to travel afar for beach fun must definitely visit Destin from Atlanta. Nestled in the Gulf of Mexico in northwest Florida, Destin is famous for offering world-class fishing opportunities. The emerald waters here house fish in abundance, also making it earn the title of ‘luckiest fishing village in the world.’ Besides fishing, the sugar-white sandy beaches here also invite individuals to go swim or relax under the sun. For other great family-friendly options, there are pirate ship cruises as well. Destin also boasts several vacation rentals and world-class resorts for visitors who want to stay back for a few days. Along with that, the area has some of the best shopping destinations and r to try as well.

3. St. Simons Island Beach (4 hours and 41 minutes drive away from Atlanta)

A popular Georgia beach near Atlanta, the St. Simons Island is a destination you might want to visit. This family-friendly spot attracts beachgoers year after year for the unspoiled beach’s beauty. Not only that, but the area is also popular for the historic allure of live oaks draped with Spanish moss. Regarded as the favorite romantic town in America, St. Simons Island offers multiple recreational escapes. The list includes hanging out in Pier village, going history (landmarks) hopping, exploring lighthouses and museums, going deep into the forests, and more. Beach lovers must make sure to stop at East Beach and enjoy the sun and sand. It is popular for surfing, paddle boarding, and kiteboarding and is quite a fun place to be at. The best part about being here is that your canine buddy is allowed too.

4. Tybee Island (4 hours and 6 minutes drive away from Atlanta)

One of the best beaches near Atlanta, Tybee Island, is a favorite amongst all. Known as one of the country’s top beaches, it offers fun for visitors of all kinds. The island is just eighteen miles from the historic area of Savannah and has so many activities to participate in. Visitors can go kayak on the sea, watch wild bottlenose dolphins just off-shore, cycle along the coastline or wait for the glorious sunset. During winters, the Tybee Island shoreline welcomes many seabirds and shorebirds to migrate from the Arctic tundra. It is the best time for bird watchers and wildlife photographers to plan their visit here. Fresh-caught seafood is another specialty of Tybee. Beachgoers can find multiple beachside restaurants, including the famous Crab Shack and Sting Ray’s seafood. Tybee Island than other beaches near Atlanta.

5. Myrtle Beach (5 hours and 44 minutes drive away from Atlanta).

Myrtle Beach is a paradise getaway from the city of Atlanta. This picturesque beach is one of the top vacation spots on the East Coast. What attracts enthusiasts here the most is a sixty-mile stretch of beaches, the Grand Strand. No matter what amount of crowd the beach has, it always feels free and spacious. Myrtle Beach offers a getaway to the ocean water for endless recreational fun. However, that’s not all that it is known for. Instead, the wide array of waterparks and the SkyWheel, one of the tallest Ferris wheels in the United States, is what captivates individuals the most. From speedy slides to thrilling rides and fun appropriate for kids, there is everything to ensure family-friendly fun. Myrtle Beach also boasts many hotels and vacation rentals along with beachside restaurants serving delicious cuisines.

6. Acworth Beach (32 minutes drive away from Atlanta)

Just half an hour North of Atlanta, Acworth Beach is one of the most peaceful beaches to visit. This public beach is a part of Cauble Park and transforms into an incredibly popular place during the summer season. The beach features a small white sandy stretch that provides access to the waters of Lake Acworth from its northern shore. Individuals often use it for swimming; however, since there are no lifeguards in place, the activity comes with risk. Swimming at Acworth beach is only allowed from last Saturday in April through the Labours Day weekend. Other popular recreational activities to try here include beach volleyball, boating, fishing, etc. The east side of Cauble Park also features a boat ramp for launching kayaks and other non-motorized boats into the lake. Acworth Beach opens daily from 7 am to 11 pm and is absolutely free to visit.

7. Beach in the Red Top Mountain State Park (36 minutes’ drive away from Atlanta)

Another Georgia beach close to Atlanta, the beach in Red Top Mountain State Park, is a great option to consider. The state park is home to Lake Allatoona, which provides it with a beautiful beach as well. However, unlike other sandy beaches, the one here is nestled in a cove amongst the trees and has a unique vibe to it. During summers, the beach acts as an ideal place to cool down. Especially with the tall towering trees overhead, there is no better place to spend a sunny summer afternoon. The lake water is ideal for swimming, water skiing, and fishing. Individuals can either rent water crafts from nearby marinas or bring their own and launch. For individuals who want to stay overnight, there are lakeside yurts, a spacious campground, and rental cottages extending the option.

8. Driftwood Beach (4 hours and 54 minutes drive away from Atlanta)

One of the prettiest beaches in Georgia, Driftwood Beach is a popular beach to visit from Atlanta. Though it takes a little longer drive, however making efforts for that is worth it. Driftwood Beach is a part of Jekyll Island and is located on its northern end. The beach got its name after the ancient driftwood trees along the shore. Upon a visit here, individuals can find several driftwoods relaxing on the sand or some half-drowned inside the sea. These trees create a fun and exciting visual, making Driftwood beach one of the most photographed beaches in the United States. The best time to be here is during sunrise for those early morning walks. Individuals can also bring their four-legged companion along since the beach is dog friendly.

9. Beach at the Fort Yargo State Park (47 minutes’ drive away from Atlanta)

The 1,816-acre Fort Yargo State Park houses a large beach which is ideal for visiting from Atlanta. The State Park has its own in-land 260-acre lake that makes up for its extensive beach. During the summer months, the beach is popular for activities like swimming and fishing. The lake even boasts boat launches from where individuals can launch their canoes, kayaks, paddleboats, and stand-up paddleboards. While one can bring personal crafts, there are rental options available as well. For individuals who don’t want to make it to the water, there are multiple land-based recreational options nearby. With 20.5 miles of trails around, one can go mountain biking and hiking and check their endurance. And for individuals who want to stay back overnight, there are lake-view pavilions and group shelter options available as well.

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