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Driftwood Beach in Georgia

9 Most Popular and Top-Rated Beaches In Georgia (2024)

Georgia is a beautiful American State overlooking the Atlantic Coast. Georgia is blessed with roughly 110 miles of coastline, 15 barrier islands, and immovable beach history, making it one of the most diverse states. The Atlantic Ocean shoreline here covers several pristine sandy beaches. And not just that, but Georgia’s sparkling lakes and rivers also boost multiple splendid sandy beaches. While a few Georgia beaches are tucked away within tranquillity and secluded, others, majorly most of them are within minutes of proximity to the metro cities.

Georgia, also known as the Peachy State, is undoubtedly a beach goers paradise. Whether you are looking for a wild stretch of sand, a family-friendly beach, or some oceanic event place, beach options in Georgia make up for them all. The beautiful, scenic and serene beaches of Georgia often make up the list of best American beaches. Their enchanting natural beauty draws a considerable crowd during summers, stretching the amazement for all seasons. Then what is stopping you from enjoying one of Georgia’s beaches? Pack your swimsuit and sunglasses, and do not forget the sunscreen before heading to one of the popular Georgia beaches. Though before that, join us to discover the best beaches in Georgia, USA.

Most Popular and Top-Rated Beaches In Georgia

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1. Driftwood Beach

Driftwood is one of the most popular beaches in Georgia, known for the abundance of driftwoods here. It is on the north end of Jekyll Island and is within just a short walk. Driftwood Beach is extremely popular amongst photography enthusiasts and is often used for beach weddings. It is incredibly photogenic landscapes and otherworldly panorama also make it grab one of the top positions on America’s most romantic beaches. Driftwood is popular amongst beachgoers, vacationers, and especially picnic enthusiasts. However, it isn’t your regular swimming beach since most of the area is muddy, murky, and full of pointy drift sticks. To find the beach, reach all the way middle of Villas by the Sea Resort and Conference Area and Clam Creek Picnic Area. Since Driftwood beach is all about enchanting natural beauty, do not forget to take your camera along.

2. Nanny Goat Beach

Another top-rated beach in Georgia, the Nanny Goat Beach, is simply glamorous. The beach is located on the southeastern tip of Sapelo Island and is a crucial region of its unique and rich geology. It stretches up to 2 miles long, covered with white sugary sand, rolling dunes, and white ocean water. Most of the beach stretch is lined by maritime forest. It also provided an educational ground for Sapelo Island National Estuarine Research Reserve, and thus you may spot scientists and learners here quite often. The beach is also home to several coastal birds, including blue herons, egrets, bald eagles, and ospreys. While exploring the sand, kids can find whelk shells and sand dollars quite easily. The beach and the region also boast multiple other explorable and adventurous attractions within short reach. To reach the Nanny Goat Beach, one has to reach Sapelo Island first, which is only accessible via ferry rides.

3. North Beach

North Beach is a huge beach occupying a vast space on Tybee Island’s coastline. It is also the largest beach on the said Island, and like any other Tybee beaches, it too is known for its extravagant beauty. North Beach is just a short drive away from Savvanah; however, it isn’t as crowded as one would expect. Since it is a perfect escape for wildlife seekers, visitors can find sea snails, sand dollars, and starfish on a low tide day. It is even a paradise for bird watchers, with purple sandpipers, ospreys, brown pelicans, and American oystercatchers frequenting their presence here. Rare though possible views may also make you spot dolphins swimming a little far from the shore.

4. Little St Simons Island’s Beach

The Little St. Simons Island’s Beach, or as the locals call it, the ‘East Beach’. It is a part of one of the smallest barrier islands in the Golden Isles; however, it is one of the most gorgeous. The Island and its beach attract endless visitors all through the year who come here to soak in the magnificently natural and unspoiled beauty. The sandy spread of East Beach is nearly 7 miles long that making it look uncrowded even with endless beach enthusiasts. The soft sand crashing by gentle waves here is ideal for a beach nap under the sun. For the ones who want to explore water, activities like swimming, kayaking, and canoeing are encouraged here. Besides that, biking and walking along the sand too is something noted as popular beach activities at Little St. Simon. The Island is also home to 11,000-plus acres of an all-inclusive beach resort, ideal for visitors who want to stay overnight. Though since it can house only 32 people at max, make sure you book well in advance.

5. St. Andrew’s Beach

Another top-rated beach in Georgia, St. Andrew’s Beach, is where the wildlife enthusiasts head towards. The beach is located on the southern tip of Jekyll Island, somewhere between the St. Andrews Picnic Area and the Glory Boardwalk. What makes it a wildlife wonderland is the presence of migratory birds and water animals. The beach even has a two-story wildlife observation platform within its picnic area. The platform is an ideal spot to grab astounding views of Jekyll Creek outflow. It also behaves as a vantage point for spotting dolphins and several migratory birds. St. Andrew’s Beach also offers swimming opportunities, though swimming far away isn’t advisable since there are no lifeguards. Visitors can also surf at the public beach access point and enjoy the water. The beach is also home to some sand dunes, though climbing or walking over them isn’t encouraged.

6. Glory Beach

Glory Beach is another Jekyll Island beach on the south of the South Dunes Picnic Area. The beach boasts a long shoreline packed with packed sand which makes an ideal platform for running and walking. Glory Beach is also filled with massive sand dunes, which are further covered with verdant sea oats. One can only access the beach from Jekyll Island Soccer Complex by crossing the long wooden boardwalk. It is the same boardwalk that was once the shooting location of the Civil War flick Glory (1989). Initially, the Broadwalk was established for the film and later, they left it here for public usage. Climbing the Broadwalk on a sunny day will also offer you a glimpse of Little Cumberland Island. The view is definitely lovely and unimpeded. Glory Beach is also a protected nesting site for migratory birds; thus, it is easier to spot a lot of birds here. However, due to that, dogs aren’t allowed at the beach.

7. Robin Lake Beach

Also known as the largest human-made white sandy beach in Georgia, Robin Lake Beach is surely a must-visit. The beach is a part of Callaway Gardens and is located in the Pine Mountain region. Initially, the beach was established to conserve the native azalea species in 1952, but later it turned into a public beach. Robin Lake Beach is popular for several activities, including swimming, lounging, and shuffle boarding. Besides that, other features here extend towards a giant chess set, miniature golf, table tennis, and a huge playground. The beach welcomes nearly a few lakh of visitors every year. However, since the area is huge, it barely appears as crowded. The beach operates from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day Weekend daily. It also invites visitors during the Sky High Hot Air Balloon Festival.

8. Cabretta Beach

If you are looking for a remote and secluded beach, then reach Cabretta Beach in Georgia. This popular Georgian beach is on the northernmost end of Sapelo Island. To reach here, enter through the small Cabretta Campground or take a boat/ferry ride. Even though it is remote, the entire stretch is filled with serenity and tranquillity, which visitors often enjoy. Most of the beachy stretch here is full of branches, roots, and trunks, providing it with an exceptional picturesque look. During the high tide days, the beach often turns into an island that also grants it another name, the ‘Cabretta Island’. The most popular recreational activities one can try here include swimming, sunbathing, and fishing. Enthusiasts can also kayak all the way to the close of Blackbeard Island. Cabretta Beach is also one fine place for spotting sunset.

9. Van Pugh Park North Beach

Van Pugh Park North Beach is a popular beach in Georgia on Lake Lanier. This day-use area offers spectacular vistas of Georgia’s greatest lake and is ideal for beach lovers. Some of the popular amenities here include a boat ramp, a large picnic pavilion, a designated swimming area, a sheltered grill area, and several tables scattered for public usage. Some of the common recreational activities one can indulge in include fishing, boating, kayaking, and swimming. The soft sandy beach at Van Pugh makes visitors spend hours lying down under the glorious sun. No doubt, Lake Lanier host about 7.5 million visitors every single year. And if the North Beach area here isn’t enough for you, then visit the Van Pugh Park South region. It hosts a huge campground featuring 55 delightful camping sites, unlike the former. While 37 sites include water and electricity hookups, 18 of them are dedicated to primitive camping. For added options, a few services also offer glamping possibilities nearby the lake.

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