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Sacred Heart Cultural Center

9 Most Popular Places to Visit in Augusta, Georgia (2024)

Looking for Top-Rated tourist attractions to visit in Augusta? Georgia’s third largest city, Augusta, sits overlooking the Savannah River on the border with South Carolina. Popular for its quintessential Southern charm, the city of Augusta is beautiful and easily accessible. Most people know Augusta as the home of the Master’s Golf Tournament, and indeed it is the city’s biggest draw. However, the identity of showing a charming place should not limit to just one activity. Individuals who have explored Augusta claim it as an amazing outdoor recreation, shopping, cultural, and culinary destination.

Spending a vacation in Augusta, Georgia, will take you back to the 18th century. This Southern city boasts museums, nature parks, and well-preserved historic regions among the top-rated tourist attractions. Either enjoy the still art from the past or spend time observing performing art at one of Augusta’s theaters. No matter what you choose, each of them has enjoyment and experience. With that said, let’s find out what Georgia’s Augusta has saved for the travelers.

9 Most Popular Places to Visit in Augusta, Georgia

Here is a list of Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Augusta that you should not dare to miss. Have a look:

1. Augusta National Golf Club

Augusta National Golf Club or the National is a popular U.S. golf club in Augusta city. It is popular across the globe for hosting ‘The Masters,’ the most prestigious golf tournament in America. Every year in April, the population of Augusta doubles up with Golf enthusiasts from worldwide mark their presence to witness the excellence of golf. However, if you fail to visit Augusta in April, this timeless attraction is still open for you during the rest of the year. When in the city, one can plan a visit here to explore the impeccable golf grounds. Spending some time here will make it realize why Nationals is one of the most exclusive clubs in the world.

2. Sacred Heart Cultural Center

The Sacred Heart Cultural Center was once a beautiful Roman Catholic Church back in the 1900s. It served for spiritual usage till 1971, though after an extensive renovation in 1987, it functions as a cultural center today. Its beautiful red brick building with twin spires, graceful arches, ninety-four magnificent stained-glass windows, different styles of brickwork, and finely carved marble altars attract architectural enthusiasts from all across Georgia. Or individuals also visit the cultural center to attend various social and cultural events. It hosts something or the other throughout the year, including a popular Garden Festival, choral concerts, art exhibitions, theatrical production, etc. Do check their official website beforehand for attending different events and celebrations.

3. Augusta Museum of History

Augusta Museum of History, a 1937 museum facility, is the most popular place to visit in Augusta. Since its origin, the museum has preserved, presented, and beautifully celebrated the rich history of Augusta and its neighborhoods. It is home to the largest and most important historical collection in the Central Savannah River Area. As a visitor, you can observe multiple exhibits inside the museum, including the history of healthcare in Augusta, a 1920s trolley car, a fully reconstructed 1930’s gas station, a Transportation Corridor with a 1914 locomotive, and more. The museum also hosts an artifact conservation lab, research library, archives, and collections storage. Besides that, the museum also facilitates as an invaluable historical resource and research center for students, historians, and others.

4. Morris Museum of Art

Morris Museum of Art is a one-of-its-kind museum in Augusta dedicated to presenting the art of the American South and uplifting the artists. Operating since 1992, the museum is housed inside a modern facility overlooking the Augusta Riverwalk in the downtown Augusta region. Its permanent collection is home to more than 5,000 paintings, photographs, works on paper, and sculptures spread within ten galleries. The artwork present here belongs from the 18th century, 19th century, and present. Besides its permanent collection, MMA also hosts ten temporary special exhibits every year. In addition, a facility like the Center for the Study of Southern Art is also a part of MMA. Presenting so much to observe and learn, the Morris Museum of Art is a must-visit tourist attraction in Augusta, Georgia. Especially if you are an art aficionado or a museum enthusiast, you simply can’t miss this place.

5. Boyhood Home of President Woodrow Wilson

Augusta presents the Boyhood Home of President Woodrow Wilson for history enthusiasts and old mansion seekers. Within walking proximity of downtown Augusta, it was once home to the 28th U.S. President Wilson. Though this attractive red brick home today serves as a museum and is a National Historic Landmark. While you walk inside, you will notice how each room in the tableaux style will transport you to the 1800s. The period furnishings, family artifacts, heirlooms, and other items have kept the original settings and vibes intact. Visitors can either go for self-paced tours or choose guided tours via Historic Augusta. The latter offers an in-detail account of the life and times of Woodrow Wilson.

6. Imperial Theatre

The Imperial Theatre is a rare gem that has survived centuries of its existence in Augusta. An early 1800s building, it by far is one of the still standing oldest structures in Augusta. Originally it was a vaudeville and photoplay theatre; however, soon enough, it changed into a center for performing arts, especially musical shows. Even today, one can observe several forms of entertainment here, including musicals, ballets, and concerts. Local heroes like James Brown and even the international icon Charlie Chaplin have graced the stage of Imperial theatre with their excellent and unforgettable performances. One can even take a quick tour of the facility without time for watching a full show. The in-depth backstage tour allows enthusiasts to get close and personal with the architecture and history of the theatre. Some prominent things you will come across include James Brown Arena and the famous 1925 Wurlitzer organ.

7. Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History

Former home to the founder of the first black boys and girls’ school in Augusta, the Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History is an excellent attraction. The museum celebrates the life and legacy of lucy via art, history, and her home. A visit inside allows individuals to soak into the unique African-American legacy of Augusta. How life was back then, along with culture and legendary hospitality, keeps enthusiasts captivated. The museum host multiple permanent exhibits, including the Lucy Craft Laney Collection, the Pilgrim Health and Life Collection, and Woman and Civil Rights. Besides that, it keeps on hosting several temporary exhibits rotating one with another throughout the year. In addition, it also hosts annual events, galas, and special exhibits for entertainment.

8. Magnolia Cemetery

Magnolia Cemetery is a 60 acres historic cemetery and a popular place to visit when in Augusta. Established in August 1818, the cemetery hosts a rich pre-Civil War era history by providing final resting space to notable residents and war martyrs. Before operating as a cemetery, Magnolia was a plantation site. However, later over time, it welcomed different cultures and religions and finally hosted a Jewish cemetery and a Greek cemetery. The area though isn’t very well maintained but both locals and tourists ensure to pay a visit here every now and then. Majorly the cemetery attracts history buffs, but there’s another aspect that keeps calling individuals back and again. Magnolia Cemetery is home to a beautiful Crape Myrtle, the oldest tree in Georgia.

9. Phinizy Swamp Nature Park

If you are looking for some outdoor recreation in Augusta, then there is no other place to visit than Phinizy Swamp Nature Park. This outdoor playground allows individuals to learn about the distinctive nature of the American South. Across its 1,100 acres of spreading, the Nature Park hosts multiple features, including diverse wildlife, picnic areas, gorgeous boardwalks, and a children’s playground. For an easy walk, consider trekking down the Beaver Dam Trail and spot multiple flora and fauna on your way. Or consider walking on the rustic Floodplain Boardwalk and Observation Deck or explore it while cycling. Spending some time here will allow you to capture some astounding views of Butler’s Creek. Besides that, in case you own a Georgia fishing permit, you can also try your angling talent at the Mayor’s Fishing Hole.

Best Time To Visit Augusta, Georgia:

  • From March 12th to May 20th for an ideal weather experience.
  • From May through September for low crowd and affordable accommodation/ transport options.
  • From December through February for the least crowd and most affordable experience.

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