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Myrtle Beach - Top Sight-Seeing Destination That One Must Not Miss in South Carolina

Visit South Carolina : Top 10 Sight-Seeing Destination That One Must Not Miss in South Carolina (2024)

Gorgeousness showcased everywhere with stunning beaches, national parks, and charming villages; South Carolina will grace your trip and give you the most fantastic time with your family and friends. South Carolina is a state filled with history and nature together displays excellent entertainment, fun and cultural essence of the glorious origin. You can spend a short vacation with your loved ones here and explore the scenic beauty of South Carolina. The place is one of the gems that visitors love to explore and is over-crowded every year. The state of South Carolina offers incredible areas ranging from shores, coastlines, and urban cities with fun-filled activities for tourists.

Visit South Carolina : Top 10 Sight-Seeing Destination That One Must Not Miss in South Carolina

Here are a list of some amazing places to visit in South Carolina:

1. Columbia

The capital city of South Carolina, Columbia, is the most visited tourist attraction in the largest city. The two main attractions in the Columbia city are the University of South Carolina and Fort Jackson. Architecture and history enthusiasts must visit Hampton-Preston Garden displaying the remains and memorable artifacts of the Civil War. This place is excellent for appreciating their interior furnishings. Those willing to grab some mementos and souvenirs must check out the boutique shops and independent gift stores at Five Point, the most happening shopping place in Columbia, South Carolina.

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2. Charleston’s Historic District

A popular tourist place in South Carolina with lots of walking on the streets and exploring the most beautiful historic churches, sites and landmarks is the Charleston’s Historic District. Local attractions for tourists to visit without fail are the courthouse, St. Michael’s church, and the Cathedral of St. Luke and St. Paul; the oldest churches in the town. Visitors love the variety of shops, diners and local stores on the well-known streets in the district due to their exceptional services and taste. The convenience of fully functional stores has raised the proximity of residents staying in the community.

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3. Myrtle Beach

Families spend hours bathing in the sun, making the most of their time along the coastline or relaxing in the turquoise water at 60 miles of broad, sandy beaches. Myrtle Beach in South Carolina offers luxury, beauty and versatility at some of the best hotels and resorts in the region. Visitors can actively participate in any of their adventurous water activities, playing basketball or even go sailing with your friends. At Myrtle Beach, several things to do which you must not miss out on while planning your South Carolina itinerary. At Myrtle Beach, both sunrise and sunset offer magnificent views that sets it apart of any other tourist attraction.Myrtle Beach - Top Sight-Seeing Destination That One Must Not Miss in South Carolina

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4. Congaree National Park

Located just outside the capital city Columbia, Congaree National Park in South Carolina offers a soothing tourist experience with an unusual mixture of woods and plain lands in the forest-green areas. Worth a visit are the beautiful scenic trees that are tall, so the birds come around a lot and add to the beauty of the Park. Among several birds singing, tall and handsome trees all around and the interesting wooden areas, tourists love taking occasional strolls to find peaceful moments. Among most hiking routes, the Cedar Creek Canoe trail is the best way to explore the Park from over the top of the skies.

Must Visit Place Visit In South Carolina-Congaree National ParkImage Source

5. Morris Island

A significant heritage landmark in South Carolina, Morris island is not much populated, but it has made an excellent memory for serving during the Civil War times. Tourists come here for fun activities offered here including high-speed boat rides on this little island; since the size of the island has reduced because of land erosion. Lighthouse on Morris Island in South Carolina, on the south side of Charleston Harbour; is one of the few monuments on Morris Island. Tourists have appreciated the untouched beauty and natural elegance of the place for years now. You must include this fantastic nature gift to your list of Best tourist attractions in South Carolina.

Sightseeing Place to Visit In South Carolina-Morris IslandImage Source

6. Middleton Place

Not only stunning gardens, but Middleton Place also allows visitors to explore the House Museum displaying some excellent furnishings and artwork. Middleton Place in South Carolina is a famous historic monument over the years hosting the oldest beautifully landscaped parks and gardens in the world. Expanding for over 65 acres, this is a perfect spot for enjoying the stunning scenery. Tourists can visit the Plantation spots and can witness the culture and see species of animals.

Beautiful Place to Visit In South Carolina-Middleton PlaceImage Source

7. Patriots Points Naval and Maritime Museum

Tourists can witness pride for the nation, naval ships or parts of them that had been demolished at these very organized museums. The maritime history of U.S. is highlighted at the Patriots Points Naval and Maritime Museum, and the glimpse of it is showcased for the exhibition. Visitors at Patriots Points Naval and Maritime Museum in South Carolina are allowed to tour inside and explore the ships from the interior side and grab a chance to know about what happened in the history. The displays of USS Yorktown, USS Laffey, and USS Clamagore which are aircraft and submarines are showcased at the museum.

Nice Place to Visit In South Carolina-Patriots Points Naval and Maritime MuseumImage Source

8. Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

Magnolia gardens and plantation sites in South Carolina accommodate beautiful flowers and plants with fascinating flora around. Drayton Family founded the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens as the oldest plantation park at the River Ashley. The place offers very romantic and lovely public parks for tourist visits and guided tours of visitors. Flowers blooming all the time, add to the romantic feel of the garden and makes the visit worth it.

Top Place to Visit In South Carolina-Magnolia Plantation and GardensImage Source

9. DuPont Planetarium

Those who are interested in the universe and astronomy studies must visit the DuPont Planetarium in South Carolina and enjoy the fun and educational part of the trip. The planetarium is a part of the University of South Carolina and is open to visits for all; students, tourists, children and adults. A theatre, an observation centre and other sections are contained at this planetarium for the best experience of the universe. Numerous shows, lectures, sessions and seminars take place here featuring the history, importance and other aspects of universe, earth and space system.

The most popular show at this attraction is Seven wonders of the earth that points out the details of space and provides education on the earth system.

10. Alligator Adventure

Near the shores of Myrtle Beach is this fun activity called Alligator adventure. This includes feeding the alligators, and the place is highly crowded by the visitors who have gathered to see the alligator feeding shows. The place organizes events to display alligators doing various activities and offer an informative study on the species daily. Seeing the live breed of alligators enhances excellent strength in the visitors and explodes their confidence in themselves being in front of such dangerous animal breed and feeding them.


You must check the official websites of all places listed here in this post for approved timings and working days. For more information, contact the venues personally. We hope this list of Best Tourist Attractions in South Carolina helps you find the right range of adventure and fun for you and your group. No trip is complete without all-in-one experience; fun, adventure, nature, history and culture with native food experiences. These places are shortlisted for you, keeping in mind all the necessities mandatory for a perfect trip to South Carolina.

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