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Honolulu Festival - Amazing Traditional Hawaiian Festival

12 Amazing Traditional Hawaiian Festivals That One Must Witness When In Hawaii (2024)

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, Hawaii is attributed to its beaches, volcanoes, and cuisines. But that is not all; this ultimate party destination is also a land of traditions, culture, and heritage. With a congruous mix of divergent beliefs and traditional thought flow among its inhabitants, Hawaii celebrates its music, dance, religion, and food festivals with unmatchable vigor and enthusiasm. Dancing and Singing comprise an important part of every Hawaiian’s life. The whole state of Hawaii reverberates with the beats of elation during the festival times in Hawaii. Not just the inhabitants but tourists and travelers from all over the world are welcomed too by this city during its times of zest to enjoy and let themselves loose in its dazzlement and glamour.

The traditional festivals of Hawaii leave you in an awe of the city whereas its dance festivals take you into some other land and leave you in a state of Euphoria and rhapsody. Some of the dance festivals that take place in Hawaii are extremely popular worldwide and are not worth missing.

12 Amazing Traditional Hawaiian Festivals That One Must Witness When In Hawaii

Come, let’s know about the top twelve festivals that take place every year in this jubilant state of Hawaii in detail:

  1. Honolulu Festival: If you ask a Hawaiian, what’s the one festival that you should not miss when in Hawaii? He would, without any doubt, say Honolulu. Why? Because the Honolulu Festival is the most popular social occasion in the Hawaiian celebrations calendar, which honors the culture and tradition of Hawaii. This celebration is extremely special for the Hawaiian Islands and draws both the local people and the outsiders in equal quantity. The festival is known for embracing and promoting shared participation and understanding, ethnic fellowship, and wealth. During the Honolulu festival, entertainers and specialists from different nations and societies of the world come here to perform and captivate the crowds with their craft, music, and dance and not a single second seem like a waste during this festival. The celebration’s concluding event is a grand parade going down at the primary commercial road of Waikiki, the Kalakaua Avenue. It is worth not missing. Honolulu Festival - Amazing Traditional Hawaiian FestivalImage Source
    March. Where: Honolulu.
  2. Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Festival: Are you a music lover? Do you want to experience soul-soothing melodies by expert players? Then, you should definitely not miss the Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Festival of Hawaii. This unique festival started way back in the year 1982 in the city of Honolulu. It brings numerous artists of Hawaii who are specialists in the class of Slack Key Guitar to the stage and takes place over an evening of melodic fun. Audience members and lovers come here to encounter an assortment of styles in this class giving them a superior and seriously satisfying understanding of the excellent melodic notes. When: August. Where: Honolulu.
  3. Prince Lot Hula Festival: Do you want to know about the ancient culture and traditions of Hawaii? Then, what could be more perfect than the Prince Lot Hula Festival? This celebration is held to pay tribute to Prince Lot Kapuāiwa of Hawaii. The Prince who was later known as King Kamehameha who brought back the Hula. It is held in the beautiful gardens of Moanalua. The occasion’s first proceeding started way back in 1978, since then, it has been celebrated every year for the past 40 years. This celebration is exclusively overseen by the Moanalua Gardens Foundation and has seen dramatic development since its beginning. Now, the number of visitors has increased to as much as 20,000 local people and guests at its pinnacle. When: July. Where: Moanalua Gardens in Honolulu.
  4. Annual Waikiki Hoolaulea: Annual Waikiki Hoolaulea is the biggest block gathering in the island country which unites a massive number of local people and guests. These individuals spill into the roads and arrive at Kalakaua Avenue to experience the food, fun, and frolic. This Aloha celebration sees entertainers who are skilled in their individual genres of Hawaiian old-style music and hula halau. Numerous Hawaiian antiquities, artifacts, and mouth-watering food are also a part of this wonderful celebration. When: September. Where: Honolulu.
  5. Hawaii Songwriting Festival: The Hawaii Songwriting Festival praises the art of songwriting and the skill to fit it into a melody. The celebration underscores the importance of music in movies and TV through a coordinated effort. Songwriters from all the different islands of Hawaii, just like the rest of the world come here to connect with performers and makers from around the planet. Both amateurs, as well as experienced lyricists, get abundant freedom here to learn and find better approaches to improve their specialty. On the off chance that you end up being in Hawaii in July, make it a highlight to go to this astonishing celebration. When: June/July. Where: The Big Island.
  6. Ka Molokai Makahiki Festival: The Ka Molokai Makahiki celebration has been commissioned to protect the customary traditions of the Molokai area. This celebration honors the old practice of Makahiki in which, the time that follows the period of harvest is delegated towards covering duties and taxes by the clan leaders of each locale. The celebration includes activities of both land and ocean, workshops and talks on art and craft, and different games. When: January. Where: Molokai.
  7. Hawaii Performing Arts Festival: The Hawaii Performing Arts Festival began during the 2000s. It is a genuinely young celebration. However, in this short span of time, it has gained enough recognition to be referred to as a hot cauldron for the best musicians and artists all across the world. The celebration has shown different types including jazz, traditional, rock, and organized melodic shows. The celebration also fills in as a preparation ground for hopeful artists and specialists. In the event that you are musically disposed of, visiting this celebration can be an important encounter for you. When: June. Where: The Big Island.
  8. Ukulele Festival Hawaii: The Ukulele Festival is celebrated in different areas all throughout Hawaii and has currently gained importance as a yearly custom that is followed here each spring. This is viewed as the biggest Ukulele celebration in the whole world and is just acquiring notoriety every year. There are exhibitions by many artists from around the globe. Get ready to be captivated and laced in the melodic notes of ukuleles at each edge of the scene. When: Depends on the location of the celebration. Where: Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Waikoloa.
  9. Mayjah Rayjah: In the event that you are a fanatic of Reggae music, Mayjah Rayjah is for you. Consistently every year in July, the urban areas of Maui and Honolulu play host to the biggest reggae celebration of Hawaii. Comprising of a setup of the world’s most mainstream reggae specialists, this celebration makes certain to light your internal wild partier. The composers of this music celebration also have arrangements for amateur reggae specialists to introduce their music to this celebration. When: July. Where: Maui, Honolulu.
  10. Wonderland Hawaii: The EDM music has unquestionably blasted into a different music scene with a huge number of devotees all throughout the world. On the off chance that you are one of these fans, Wonderland Hawaii is the spot for you, to encounter some superb EDM. All major electronic dance music specialists cut down the house with their beats. Music lovers, likewise get an opportunity to hear some native artists, who are allowed to play their music before a great number of EDM fans from around the globe. When: Depends on the location. Where: Held at various places across the Hawaiian Islands.
  11. Wanderlust Oahu: Have you got a hunger for something new? Well, Oahu promises to assist you with finding the genuine north of Hawaii. The sublime shores of the northern point of Oahu invite you to get washed in their greatness. This celebration is for the admirers of harmony and quietness. Wanderlust Oahu comprises a variety of events like guided visits along the shores, spa, yoga, and music instructional exercises. Do put forth an attempt to participate in this celebration in the event that you need to move away from the typical celebration in Hawaii. When: March. Where: Oahu.
  12. Hawaii International Music Festival: The Hawaii International Music Festival is held yearly for music sweethearts from around the globe. It is organized by a non-benefit organization that is enthusiastic about getting the best and the most mainstream artists in the music business on stage. From acclaimed professionals to rank novices, this celebration observes crowds in large numbers. On the off chance that you prefer not to be a part of the festival, you can look at the food stalls and music guidance corners to get your jam on. When: August. Where: Various locations across Hawaii.


Q1: What is the price of a ticket for entry to the Honolulu Festival?

Ans: The Honolulu Festival does not charge any money for tickets to the celebration. It is absolutely free to attend for all the visitors. However, if one wants to undertake the various activities that happen inside the celebration then they have to pay the charges for them.

Q2: What are some of the tips to keep in mind while traveling to these festivals in Hawaii?

Ans: Because of the ongoing pandemic, don’t forget to carry sanitizer and hand gloves, if possible. A face mask is equally important. Maintain social distancing and avoid direct contact with the crowd as much as possible.

Q3: Are food stalls and gift items available at these festivals?

Ans: Yes, both the food and gift stalls are available at these festivals.

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