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Best Lodging Options & Best Places to Tour in Lafayette with Your Girl Gang

Lafayette’s holy trinity has to be its community, food, and festivals soaked in the traditional enriching Cajun and Creole way of life. The city of Lafayette, a vibrant and welcoming town deemed the happiest in America, is situated in Louisiana, America, and could easily serve as your next great getaway with your girl gang.

The crowd in Lafayette is a mix of European, Caribbean, and African, and simultaneously soothingly welcoming. Taking a break from the busy city lifestyle of daily deadlines proves to be a necessity, and who better to enjoy this break with than your girl gang? They have seen you at your lowest, peak, and probably even at the most foolish points of your life, and even a week away with them can prove therapeutic.

For all that and more, Lafayette could be your next ideal vacation location. Do not worry if you are not very clear on the “best places to tour in Lafayette with your’ girl gang'” front, though. As your girls would say, we have got you covered there!

Best Lodging Options at Lafayette When Touring With Your Girl Gang 

Lodging is, without a doubt, an essential decision to tread upon while planning a trip. We have jotted down some of the nicest lodging facilities for you to enjoy your stay at Lafayette.

1. Maison Mouton Bed and Breakfast

A classical B&B amidst the lap of nature, the Maison Mouton Bed and Breakfast might be the perfect pick for your girls’ trip. Complimentary breakfast to get a head start on your day of adventure with your girls and free Wi-Fi to upload all the amazing pictures on Instagram. You will get along with your best friends’ company, which has to be the best recipe for a great girl gang getaway! Furthermore, the B&B also provides you with an airport shuttle. 

Best Lodging Options at Lafayette When Touring With Your Girl Gang-Maison Mouton Bed and Breakfast

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2. The Juliet Hotel

This hotel is a locally operated and locally owned hotel in downtown Lafayette. It offers great personal service and has a warm ambiance. It is about a 6 km drive from the airport and offers basic and all other amenities you could ask for when on vacation. The best part is its outdoor pool, where you get to bask in the sun, check out cute boys with your girlfriends, and catch up on your due gossip!

3. Blue Moon Guest House

While this might not be as fancy as The Juliet Hotel, this guest house has its own charm. It might not have outdoor swimming pool facilities, but the cute kitchen corners, cozy air-conditioned rooms, and the peep into nature just outside your doorstep and windows surely make up for it. Its suitable distance from the airport, restaurants and other places of entertainment makes it one of the top options for your stay at Lafayette.

4. Drury Inn and Suites

If you feel like you want and could afford to indulge in yourself a little bit more, this could be your go-to option. Here you could get outdoor swimming pool facilities and hot breakfasts to begin your day. The rooms are air-conditioned and spacious, and the bathrooms are equipped with bathtubs. It is one of the best options if you are staying for leisure and are in the mood to spoil yourself. The place in Lafayette could serve as the perfect option for your girl gang getaway.

5. The Carriage House Hotel

This boutique hotel is within walking distance of restaurants, shops, and dynamic nightlife. Bright colors, tailored furnishing, Jacuzzi bathrooms, and a vibrant boutique corner blended with artsy decor define the ideal balance of comfort and style. It is the ideal vacation hotel for your all-girls trip and would give you the much-needed time to catch up with your girl besties at your leisure- no deadlines to meet up and no buses to catch. Just you and your girl gang and your spa bathrooms- heaven!

Places To Tour While In Lafayette With Your Girl Gang

The nice, posh, warm, and cozy rooms above would seldom drive you out. However, when you go out with the girl gang, you must roam about a bit and explore the surroundings because, hey, even if something were to go wrong, your girls have your back! Like we have in this case if you were wondering about all the cool exploring you could do while at Lafayette.

1. Catch up with Lafayette’s Local Past at Vermillionville

Vermillionville, titled after the area’s previous name, is a Cajun and Creole local history museum. It’s spread out across 23 acres, so you could easily spend an entire day there, plus there’s a reasonably priced on-site restaurant.

You may have a self-guided tour of the actual period buildings, where costumed historians will share tales about how life was back in the 19th century in Acadiana. They have many interesting facts, which is an excellent method to learn about Lafayette’s history.

2. Visit the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist

Lafayette’s quasi-Romanesque brick cathedral is worth a visit. Agreed, this is a religious place and might not seem like the first place to come to one’s mind while browsing for the best places to tour in Lafayette with your ‘girl gang.’ However, believe that once you are there, you will feel fascinated. After some festival such as Easter or any other would be a great time to visit the place is decorated with white flowers and greenery. While on tour, also make sure to visit the Live Oak Tree on the grounds of the Cathedral.

3. Give Your Inner Michael Jackson a Swing at Rock ‘n’ Bowl

Rock’n’Bowl is a unique ten-pin bowling alley with a massive dance floor and a podium with live music at the center of the aisles! While a part of the crowd attempts a strike at the bowling alley, the remainder of the audience taps away at the dance floor.

We all know how our girlfriends have this certain way of getting us to go crazy. Imagine a night out with them at Lafayette, dancing your problems away!

4. Go On A Shopping Spree With Your Girlfriends

You might spend an entire day in Lafayette exploring the stores in the Downtown area, pausing for a caffeine fix at Rêve Coffee Roasters, which has a shocking hipster edge that seems out of place with the city.

Start with some hidden gems like Genterie, which is like a local Urban Outfitters, and independent music boutique Lagniappe Records. We also have some good picks for you if you are considering souvenirs. Parish Ink would make an excellent choice for gift-giving. They print South Louisiana-themed t-shirts that reflect the region’s cultural quirks.

5. Go On A Swamp Tour

A trek out into the marshy countryside is one of the more daring things to do around Lafayette. You would experience a trip to Atchafalaya Basin Landing while on an airboat. They would provide you with wrappings of blankets. Make sure to take them even if the day is warm enough for blankets. You will soon find out why. As you drift over the muddy water, scarcely producing a ripple, the air will get cold, and you’ll be grateful for the extra insulation.

If you are lucky enough, you could also spot some alligators there! Exciting, right?

6. Blend Into The Festive Mood

Plan your vacation to Lafayette around one of the many events hosted by the city. The largest is the Festival International de Louisiane, which has performances on seven stages, although there are events dedicated completely to shrimp, boudin, and Zydeco throughout the year.

As usual, Mardi Gras is marked at the start of the year, but the Cajun version differs from the others.

7. Explore Downtown Lafayette

If you don’t feel like going out and spending your day at bars anymore after breakfast, there is something else that you could try with your girl gang accompanying you. There are some eccentric stores in Downtown Breaux Bridge where you may spend some time exploring their products.

Check out the 17,000-square-foot marketplace on Bridge Street, particularly Lagniappe Antiques, Au Vieux Paris Antiques, and the Breaux Bridge Antique Mall. You can spend hours looking for gems there.

Places to dine while at Lafayette

The cuisine is one of the fundamental pillars over which the reputation of Lafayette stands. Look no further if you are wondering where to eat out while vacationing with your friends. We have got a concise list right here for you.

8. La Scala

If you wish to enjoy the night eating and drinking, this is the place to go; the dishes were full, and the beverages complemented well. This small Italian restaurant has distinctive drinks, a fine wine list, and substantial cuisine. The setting is nice and modest, ideal for a night of endless talk. The outside patio is lovely, with fairy lights hanging among the trees and stone walls that lend a real Italian flair.

9. Ritual

If your gang is not quite in the spirit for a large meal, this cocktail bar in Lafayette would be a wonderful option for your kind of girls’ night. You and your girlfriends could order an assortment of “small plates,” which, based on the restaurant’s reviews, would make for a nicely chosen desserts and appetizers combo. The drinks are one-of-a-kind and sure to impress! The dim lighting and trendy design make you feel like you’ve traveled to Chicago for the night. It is a considerably more refined establishment, ideal for a group that avoids the student bar atmosphere.

10. Eleven Bistro/Boiler Up Bar

If you want to go out with your ladies to some posh place where you could dress up and have a chic night out, this would be your place to go. The ambiance is stylish but classy. Guests are expected to dress nice, and the atmosphere does lift your mood.

The cuisine and beverages are amazing, besides the Gram-worthy ambiance and corners. There is a different bar separated from the eating space. However, order them from your table to customize your drinks.

Last words

Planning a trip with your girls is especially thrilling because of the bond you share; with this trip, that bond is only getting stronger! So now that you know the best places to tour in Lafayette with your ‘girl gang’, all that is left is to book a flight and pack your luggage, flying off to a much-needed and earned break. You go, girl!

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