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The Great Falls Balloon Festival

List of Lewiston’s Festivals That You Cannot Afford To Miss When in Maine (2024)

Lewiston is the second largest city in Maine. It lies halfway between Portland and the capital city of Augusta. It is the most central city in Androscoggin County and Maine’s most populated city as well. But what’s Lewiston actually famous for? Lewiston, Central Maine’s fun little city, is popular for the festivals and events that go on year-round. With all the small-town niceties, this large city keeps on organizing a wide variety of engaging events. Vibrant and culturally diverse Lewiston has vivid citizens, be they of any color, caste, creed, and even the ones from 7 oceans afar. Though despite the diversity, this friendly city treats all alike.

The best thing to do when in Lewiston is to attend its top-notch festivals. From the scrumptious food festival to the rocking music fest or the colorful parades, the options are truly endless. Festivals, Events, and Programs in Lewiston fall under different categories suiting various needs. What comes out as the most rewarding is the immersion in local culture, diversity, and compatible vibe. If you are looking for the best events and festivals in Lewiston, then we have got you covered.

List of Lewiston’s Festivals That You Cannot Afford To Miss When in Maine

Here is the list of Lewiston’s Festivals That You Cannot Afford To Miss. Have a look:

1. The Great Falls Balloon Festival

The Great Falls Balloon Festival in Lewiston is undoubtedly a must-visit. It is basically a hot air balloon festival that has been held each August annually since 1993 in Lewiston and its twin city Auburn. It has attracted locals and tourists for nearly 3 decades now on one of August’s weekends. The Great Falls Balloon Festival in Lewiston includes the launching of balloons, games, and carnival rides. Balloon launching takes place at the Lewiston-Auburn Androscoggin Riverfront’s several parks gathering approximately lakhs of spectators. Great Falls Balloon Festival isn’t limited to one single site, but it spreads across different parks and plazas where the balloons lift off. These three day-long events also include rides, games, music, and trade booths. Throughout the festive weekend, people can also enjoy Balloon rides (morning flights launch at 6 a.m., and evening flights lift off at 6 p.m.) All the rides are free flying, but the earlier you book, the better selection you get. Latecomers may even lose the opportunity since the crowd for the balloon ride is quite huge. 

2. Lewiston/Auburn Liberty Festival

The liberty festival brings two sister cities, Lewiston and Auburn, together in the most beautiful way. On July 4 of each year, locals and tourists begin gathering near Veterans’ Park in Lewiston between 5 and 6 p.m. Wondering for what? Well, for the unending fireworks that get launched from West Pitch Park in Auburn. Besides the Veterans Park in Lewiston, other major viewpoints include the railroad Park and Great Falls Plaza in Auburn. For managing comfort for all, ample parking space at the Mechanics Row parking garage & the Main Street parking lot is managed smoothly. Fireworks are entertained by other arrangements, including live music, dance, and excellent snacking options. At different viewpoints, vendors start gathering right as the evening starts ensuring entertainment and food comes hand in hand.

NOTE: Since the event precisely focuses on fireworks, it is advisable to leave pets and ignition belongings at home. Also, be ready since you will be facing a road detour or closer at Great Falls Plaza, Court Street, Turner Street, and the Longley Bridge.

3. Festival Franco

If you are a music lover, you cannot miss Festival FrancoFun, one of the most popular events in Lewiston. These annual musical festivals get organized to celebrate the Franco-American heritage of Lewiston. Every year music enthusiasts gather at the Androscoggin Bank Colisée, both locals and tourists. The event is all about performances from French-Canadian musicians along with mouthwatering native French-Canadian food. Festival Franco was earlier known as Festival de Joie, and it is one of Lewiston’s long-lived culture and heritage. Organizing since the early 1970s, the event has made many musicians popular, several recordings went viral, and the fame was always earned well. The event gradually grew, and it gave life to 12 festivals throughout New England that today celebrate the Franco-American culture. However, the real Franco-American music originated in Lewiston, and it will always remain special to the city.

4. Patrick Dempsey Challenge

Patrick Dempsey Challenge is one unique but definitely interesting event to be a part of. This in-person event has been organized every year since 2009, attracting thousands of participants and spectators in Lewiston, Maine. Patrick Dempsey is a run/walk and cycling fundraiser for cancer research that attracts famous athletes from all around the world. During the first year of their event organization, they collected over one million dollars, and the trend is continuing to do so ever since. The challenge organizes every year during the month of September, focusing on days like the 23rd or 24th or probably the last week of September. Not particularly for entertainment, but the event focuses on honor, celebration, and humanity.

NOTE: For participating in Patrick Dempsey Challenge, there is a ‘Must’ fundraising commitment of $250 that includes a $60 registration fee as well.

Feztival of Trees

Feztival of Trees is an annual Christmas tree display festival. Organizing every year during the Mid to End of November, it is the unofficial start of the grand holiday season in Maine. Feztival of Trees has seen nearly 16 seasons now involving both locals and tourists. During the event, nearly 40 to 50 Christmas trees are put on display by local businesses and nonprofit organizations. The motive, on the one hand, is entertainment for visitors and raising money for the Shriners. Visitors who are aged 12 or adult need to purchase tickets to use to enter into raffles and to try winning the item underneath the tree. Feztival of Trees brings out the zeal of the holiday season, and the local communities show tremendous support for the same. The event gets organized at Kora Temple on Sabattus St. in Lewiston. Every day during the Thanksgiving week, it runs from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. except Thanksgiving Saturday.

6. Great Falls Brewfest

A popular festival in Lewiston, the Great Falls Brewfest has been a favorite all across the state. This Beer Festival is organizing every year for a decade now to welcome the summer. Great Falls Brewfest happens annually in June, bringing together Maine’s more than 50 breweries, cider & seltzer, food, vendors, live music, entertainment, and more. The event attracts thousands of people, and every attendant gets a complimentary tasting glass and beer tasting program for free. The entry 3.5-hour session or a 5.5-hour session will allow attendants to enjoy unlimited 4-ounce pours from a range of local Maine breweries, seltzer, and cider makers. However, people who wish to attend the event in special style can get VIP tickets and enter the venue at 11:50 a.m. and get drinking privileges at 12 p.m. The last alcohol to all will be served at 5:20 p.m., announcing the end of the event.

7. Lewiston-Auburn Greek Festival

The Lewiston-Auburn Greek Festival organizes every year at the Holy Trinity Greek Church. The idea behind this festival is to celebrate the Greek culture, tradition, and history in both Lewiston and Auburn. Along with this, it is also about good food, live music, and endless entertainment. The event gets organized for two days in the month of September from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Admission and parking are free to all, though, for food, one has to pay individually. In full festive format, vendors gather under tents at the church.

Traditional food is the heart of the event and everything here, from small cookies to big cakes, is worth trying. It is where George Simones offers tours of the buildings and other iconic structures around. People get to see mostly paintings of religious figures and scenes and learn the story behind them.

8. Holistic Mystic Fair – Lewiston

A Magical and Mystical Event, the Holistic Mystic Fair in Lewiston is something you cannot afford to miss. This enchanted dragon event organizes every year in the month of November at Lewiston Memorial Armory, 65 Central Avenue, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Entry to the event costs $5, whereas individual services have separate prices. The Mystic Fair is where you can get advice from non-traditional healers, meet a psychic medium, talk with Spiritualists and Card readers, get a massage, and whatnot. Bring your pet’s picture or description, and an animal communicator will be available to reveal your pet’s inner life. Visitors who are keen about learning arts themselves can take sessions of Reiki and Chakra as well. Holistic Mystic Fair in Lewiston is a place where one can find a range of divination tools, gems, stones, oils, herbs, metaphysical supplies, new-age items, and some excellent Native American work.

9. Christmas in Lewiston

Christmas is an annual grand affair throughout the United States, and so in Lewiston. Christmas calls for entertainment, enthusiasm, and endless energy. The entire downtown and other streets in Lewiston all get decked up in brimming lights, décor, and everything nice. The festive season brings endless options to eat, drink, and shop for those beautiful and admirable gits. Checkout venues and events like:

Nutcracker Christmas at Gendron Franco Center

  • Performance Hall/Dance Center
  • 46 Cedar Street
  • Lewiston, ME
  • A Christmas Carol

Adapted by Christopher Schario at The Public Theatre

  • 31 Maple Street
  • Lewiston, ME

Lewiston High School Christmas Concert at Gendron Franco Center

  • Performance Hall
  • 46 Cedar Street
  • Lewiston, ME

Gingerbread Day – Adventures in Neverland at Lewiston Public Library

  • 200 Lisbon Street
  • Lewiston, ME

Holiday Hockey Weekend at Androscoggin Bank Coliseum

  • 190 Birch Street
  • Lewiston, ME

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