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Smiling Hill Farm in Westbrook

6 Best Things To Do In Westbrook, Maine (2024)

Westbrook is a colonial district located in a suburb of Portland. Population-wise, it is the fastest-growing city in Maine, and with that, Westbrook also attracts tourism simultaneously. Westbrook was initially known as Saccarappa (named after a waterfall in the nearby river). Until 1871 it was a huge town, but soon enough, Westbrook split into two parts, and much of it was added into Portland. The city of Westbrook today is also known by the section Greater Portland, and therefore a lot of people consider it a part of this grand city.

Though there aren’t much of Vacation options in Westbrook but for a day affair, it is quite appreciable. People from Portland and nearby neighborhoods often choose Westbrook for a fun and enjoyable day trip. The town has an abundance of nature walks, some Victorian-era bed and breakfasts for lodging, and a few excellent places to dine at. Whether you are craving some good seafood, scrumptious bakery items, or a glass of overflowing brew, Westbrook has them all.

6 Best Things To Do In Westbrook, Maine

Come, let’s find out all the Popular Things To Do When In Westbrook, Maine. Have a look:

1. Take a Stroll Along The Westbrook River

Soaking oneself amidst nature every once in a while is compulsory, and for Westbrook residents and visitors, it is an easy task. The Westbrook’s River Walk was formerly an industrial site that later transformed into a charming natural escape. Located near downtown Westbrook, the Riverwalk extends 1.2 miles, and walking here is one of the most pleasant experiences one can grab. This attractive bike and pedestrian path follow the bank of the Presumpscot River into Westbrook’s Riverbank Park. The gravel, crushed stone road begins at Cumberland Street and goes all the way to Bridge Street. While wandering through the pathway, you will come across different beautiful features, including waterfalls, bridges, and boats in the harbor. And especially noticing how gently the river flows and follows you is an experience on its own.

2. Spend Some Time At The Riverbank Park

Riverbank Park is a family-friendly attraction in Westbrook that you must add to your itinerary. It is an excellent place for some outdoor recreation and relaxation. The Riverbank Park is full of several scenic trails suiting the needs of people of different age groups. It is also home to green fields, a playground, the Westbrook Veterans’ Brick Memorial, and a gazebo and also allows access to the river. The park always has ducks to feed, and therefore little visitors often enjoy being here. Riverbank Park is where celebrations and events go on throughout the year. Depending upon your timing, you may be able to attend fairs, races, concerts, Westbrook Together Days, and the extravagant annual Holiday Tree Lighting. The latter two are definitely some extraordinary events to enjoy.

Riverbank Park is also a popular picnic spot and has quite a few picnic tables to settle down. Visit here in the Fall season and observe how maple trees are ablaze in a blend of red, orange, yellow, and gold.

3. Spend A Day At Smiling Hill Farm

Visiting Smiling Hill Farm is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Westbrook, Maine. For someone who wants to enjoy authentic farm life, there isn’t a better place to visit. This huge 500 acres farm is a traditional New England space named after a namesake children’s book. The characteristic smiling cow logo is what people easily recognize Smiling Hill Farm for. It is also the 9th oldest continually operating family business in the United States. It presently is a working farm and therefore continues raising dairy cattle and producing milk and other dairy items. The farm is home to Maine’s very popular artisanal cheese manufacturer, the Silvery Moon Creamery. Another popular feature here is the “Barnyard,” a farm animal exhibit. Leisurely strolling and goats, cows, sheep, donkeys, deer, ponies, and chickens are one fine experience to have with kids.

A day at Smiling Hill Farm also allows you to enjoy salads, soups, and sandwiches, along with excellent ice cream options. They have a little dining area and an outdoor patio to enjoy the meal.

4. Go Beer Tasting at Mast Landing Brewing Company

Every adult who has passed the legal drinking age must consider adding Mast Landing Brewing Company to their itinerary. This local brewery in Westbrook has been operating since 2015, and even in such a short span, it has gained immense popularity. They focus on brewing the highest quality beers while also emphasizing supporting the local industry and community. In just seven years of operating, Mast Landing has showcased its beer varietals in festivals across the country and internationally. People visiting here can enjoy either a pour at their on-site bar or go for a tasting tour in their dedicated tap tasting room. For pairing along, the brewery has its very own on-site food truck, Mainstay by Mast Landing. Their handmade sandwiches, pretzels, and other snacks are worth trying. Along with Westbrook, they have other tasting rooms at Freeport and South Portland.

Go Beer Tasting at Mast Landing Brewing Company, Westbrook, Maine

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5. Ragged Coast Chocolates in Westbrook Are Worth Trying

Earlier known as Black Dinah chocolatiers, they finally moved on to the name Ragged Coast Chocolates in 2020. This chocolate company in Westbrook is known for making one of the best chocolates and bakery goods in Maine. Their menu is filled with all handmade goods, including Caramel filled chocolates, Chocolate truffles, Flamingo truffles, Tea truffles, Pumpkin Pies, and more such mouthwatering options. The base chocolate they use is imported all the way from Venezuela and Peru, whereas the other ingredients are sourced locally from Maine. You can either get some sweet treats for yourself or get some goodies packed for gifting to families and friends.

6. End Your Day By Exploring The Tate House Museum

Tate House Museum is Portland’s popular attraction, nearly 10 minute’s drive from Westbrook. It is basically a historic home that belongs to Maine’s last Mast Agent. A visit here allows individuals to learn how strengthened the British Royal Navy and forests fueled colonial industry. The idea about who and what sparked rebellion too are found here.

Besides the 1755 Georgian-style House, there’s also an 18-century herb garden on the grounds. Tours for the same are organized from June through October, Wednesday through Saturday, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. The tour includes exploring inside the house, admiring the architecture, and exploring the Garden, School, and Cemetery. For off-season tours, the Tate House Museum opens privately under reservations.

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