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Visit Sanford-Springvale Historical Society & Museum

Popular Places To Visit and Activities To Do in Sanford, Maine (2024)

There’s something charming about Small cities, and a visit to Sanford, Maine, will introduce you to the same. Sanford is a small and pleasant city in Southwestern Maine’s York County. The city got its name after an early Governor of Rhode Island, Peleg Sanford. Sanford is within proximity to the Canadian border in the northeastern USA and is one of the go-to spots for day trips and weekend getaways. The city of Sanford is known for its scenic neighborhood and historic buildings and being here is a feeling of quiet, pleasant, and relaxation.

The best way to explore Sanford, Maine, is by walking through the town. This city is immensely walkable and has several well-maintained trails to navigate along. While some trails will take people toward former factories and mansions, others will make their way toward the downtown Sanford area. The city of Sanford also includes a beautiful neighborhood known as the Village of Springvale. Though the point of interest here around is limited, they indeed are quite appealing.

Popular Places To Visit and Activities To Do in Sanford, Maine

Come join us, and let’s together find out the Most Popular Things to Do in Sanford, Maine. Have a look:

1. Visit Sanford-Springvale Historical Society & Museum

When in Sanford, begin with exploring the Sanford-Springvale Historical Society & Museum. The Museum is located in the Springvale village of Sanford, right at 505 Main Street. The building it occupies has been standing here since 1873 and was formerly the Sanford Town Hall. Though today it operates as a museum and is also listed on the U. S National Register of Historic Places. The Museum is a single-story wood frame structure and looks quite vintage and fantastic when viewed from the outside. Its granite foundation, front-facing gable roof, sash windows, and center entrance sheltered by a bracketed Italianate hood adds to the architectural appreciation. Whereas inside the museum building are artifacts, documents, records, photographs, and other materials that tell about Sanford’s historical interest and heritage. The Museum operates Friday and Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm and 1 pm, respectively.

2. Enjoy a Game of Baseball at Goodall Park

Goodall Park is a popular baseball venue and one of the best places to check out in Sanford. It is the home ground of New England Collegiate Baseball League’s Sanford Mainers. Goodall Park is also one of the few remaining baseball pitches where the popular Baseball player of all time, George Herman “Babe” Ruth Jr., once played. The Park still operates as a ground for many great Baseball leagues and therefore is Sanford’s major draw. It features a 950-spectator capacity consisting entirely of chairback seats.

Individuals visit here to enjoy games like entertainment-packed summer league college baseball, basketball games, and more. When not as a playground, Goodall Park operates as a public recreational area where visitors can chill, enjoy a picnic or play with their dogs.

3. Check Out The Louis B. Goodall Memorial Library

An off-beat tourist attraction, the Louis B. Goodall Memorial Library is a must-visit for reading enthusiasts in Sanford. This historic library is nestled inside a 1937 architecturally distinguished Colonial Revival brick building. It is still a public-serving library that welcomes visitors throughout the year. The library operates Monday through Thursday, from 10 am to 7 pm, and Friday and Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm. The library building’s first floor holds audio, video, and other such media resources. The second floor features a Children’s Room and a good selection of books and child-sized seating. While on the second floor, sit for a while at the window seat with cushions and a fireplace and enjoy the vibes. In contrast, the third floor is home to Reference, Non-Fiction, Maps, and History books. Louis B. Goodall Memorial Library is an excellent place to check out for architecture, unique features, a range of books, and some pinch of history.

4. Explore the Harvey Butler Memorial Rhododendron Sanctuary

Being in Sanford means exploring the abundance of nature’s offerings, and one such is the Harvey Butler Memorial Rhododendron Sanctuary. This 30 acres natural reserve is located in the village of Springvale on Route 11A. The sanctuary is managed and operated by the New England Wild Flower Society and is open to the public the entire year round. Nature enthusiasts can check out this place and get bound by its beauty and diversity. The 30 acres sanctuary is home to a 5.3 acres stand of Great Laurel, a large spread of Clintonia, Painted trillium, and Spice Bush, along with nearly 40 Wildflower species. Great Laurel (Rhododendron maximum) is a very rare species in Maine though it blooms in Harvey Butler Memorial Rhododendron Sanctuary during the month of July. In addition, nature enthusiasts will also discover a range of other native plant gems. The sanctuary is free to visit, and visitors are welcome to open and close the gates as they come and go. Unfortunately, this place isn’t rich in tourism, but in some sense, that’s great since, with beauty, you will also find immense peace and tranquility here.

5. Relax on the Banks of the Mousam River

The Mousam River is a 29.7-mile-long river that flows through York County’s different towns, including Sanford. Though it has a dedicated riverwalk in Kennebunk, people in Sanford, too, can relax on its banks and enjoy its beauty. It is also Maine’s one of most heavily dammed rivers, and the majority of the dams are either in Sanford or Springvale. Of all the 13 dams, the one in Sanford-Springvale includes Mill Street Dam or Alpaca Dam, Bridge Street Dam, River Street Dam or Stump Pond Dam, Number 1 Pond Dam, New dam or Estes Lake Dam, and three more unknown dams. To behold Mousam River’s spectacular natural beauty, one can access any of these dams. The best time is undoubtedly throughout the year and having this experience is absolutely free.

Places to Eat In Sanford, Maine

  • Back Street Sanford (Ideal for trying out scrumptious American fare, including sandwiches & steak. The restaurant operates Wednesday through Sunday from 11:30 am to 8 or 9 pm).
  • Sweet Memories (An ideal Breakfast restaurant known for its mouthwatering Omelets, French toast, and Waffles. Their homestyle cooking hits the right spot).

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