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6 Fantastic Weekend Getaway From Lafayette (2023)

Many beautiful and romantic venues are available in Louisiana, from historic city inns near important landmarks to calm country B&Bs. Stay at the home of a famous French impressionist in New Orleans, unwind in a loft in Lafayette, or rest your head in the mansion from the Academy Award-winning film “Steel Magnolias” in Natchitoches. You may get away from the noise and chaos of the city by staying at a country inn. Before setting out on a trip, it is wise to call ahead and ensure the attractions you intend to see will be open.

6 Fantastic Weekend Getaway From Lafayette

Here is a selection of fantastic weekend getaways from Lafayette and places to visit.

1. Mississippi (216 miles northeast of Lafayette)

Mississippi is regarded mainly as the birthplace of American blues and, as such, is home to several exceptional musicians. The region’s superior soil has made it an agricultural powerhouse, and it is today known for its catfish farming and agricultural output.

Destinations in Mississippi, such as the Natchez Trace Parkway, Vicksburg National Military Park, and the Mississippi Delta, are excellent examples of the state’s rich history and culture. Some of Mississippi’s most well-known products are listed here.

The food of Mississippi has gained international renown.

Fantastic Weekend Getaway From Lafayette-Mississippi

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Catfish: The Mississippi Delta is well-known for its delicious catfish. These fish prefer the murky bottom of the Mississippi and its tributaries for their habitat.

Magnolia blossoms: One of Mississippi’s official state symbols is the magnolia tree. The beautiful trees are native to the southeastern United States, and you can find them all over Mississippi.

The Magnolia is the official state flower of Mississippi, and its image appears on the state flag. A magnolia tree is another symbol of southern hospitality. Magnolia trees are so abundant in Mississippi that the state has earned the nickname “Magnolia State.”

Before leaving Mississippi, take in some of the state’s stunning flora. Bring home a magnolia tree as a symbol of your travels!

2. Dauphin Island (234 miles east of Lafayette)

Dauphin Island is situated in the Gulf of Mexico, about three miles south of Mobile Bay in Alabama. It’s no secret that Dauphin Island is a fantastic holiday destination. Dauphin Island boasts some of Alabama’s best beaches with its powdery white dunes and brilliant blue water. Thanks to a bridge and a regular ferry service, getting to and from Dauphin Island, Alabama, is a breeze for tourists and inhabitants. Birmingham, Montgomery, Huntsville, Gadsden, Florence, and Mobile are just places where weekend getaways can be planned.

3. The Estuarium on Dauphin Island (Sea Research Center)

The Estuarium, commonly known as the Dauphin Island Sea Lab, is home to over a hundred distinct types of marine life. The aquarium exhibit occupies the entire 10,000-square-foot room. All four establishments center around the Mobile Bay Estuary, the fourth-largest estuary system in the United States.

The Estuarium offers guided tours and instructional materials for school groups. Once every two months, a group of experts gives a talk on the Boardwalk about the ecology of the Mobile Bay Estuary. These educational gatherings are open to the public at no charge.

4. Fort Gaines, Dauphin Island, Alabama

Fort Gaines, located at Dauphin Island’s easternmost tip, has guarded Mobile Bay’s entrance for almost 150 years. Due to its proximity to the water, Fort Gaines has been slowly eaten away over the years by the elements.

To this day, it remains one of the most threatened historical sites in the whole country. The fort is accompanied by a blacksmith shop, a museum, and a gift shop. Visitors can move freely around the fort’s many portions thanks to its well-preserved tunnel system. Fort Gaines is open 365 days a year, excluding several holidays.

5. Hermann Park, Houston, Texas (206 miles west of Lafayette)

Hermann Park features a museum, a running track, a golf course, a magnificent rose garden, an outdoor theater, a butterfly display, picnic spots, and more.

Hermann Park, Houston’s most famous park, was founded on property donated by George Hermann in 1914 from his estate. One of the first desegregated public golf courses in the United States, Hermann Park Golf Course, together with the park’s Japanese Garden and Rose Garden, have made it a popular destination for visitors.

Many Houstonians, from the Texas Medical Center and Rice University to the Museum District and beyond, make the trip to Hermann Park on their lunch break or after a day of work. Near the intersection of Main Street and Montrose Boulevard is where you’ll find the park’s primary entrance. A statue of General Sam Houston, an early pioneer of Houston, may be located in Hermann Park. He’s giving the tourist a park tour and directing them to all the best attractions.

McGovern Centennial Gardens and the Cherie Flores Garden Pavilion: They have undergone significant renovations since 2015, making them one of the park’s most popular attractions.

You can wander the Gardens and see many gardens and pavilions, such as the Family Garden, Centennial Green, 30′ Garden Mount, Rose Garden, Celebration Garden, and the Cherie Flores Garden Pavilion. Along with the 115 camellias and 650 azaleas already there, the Gardens also comprise 106,875 shrubs and perennials. Fifty invasive species have joined over 490 native tree species.

Japanese Gardens: The Japanese Garden is a symbol of the friendship between Japan and the United States and was designed by renowned Japanese landscape architect Ken Nakajima. A peaceful garden is in a pine forest not far from the Sam Houston Memorial. This 5-acre park was built as an homage to Houston’s large Japanese community, drawing inspiration from traditional Japanese garden design and the vast state of Texas.

Miller Park’s Outdoor Amphitheater: The Miller Outdoor Theatre is a popular venue for free performances and events in one of Houston’s most frequented parks. Cultural events of many kinds can be found at this theatre. Houston’s annual Cinco de Mayo parade and Fourth of July fireworks extravaganza, as well as the Houston Grand Opera and Houston Ballet performances, go on rain or shine.

Houston Zoo: The Houston Zoo, part of Hermann Park and spans 55 acres, have drawn visitors since it opened in 1922. Over three thousand creatures from five hundred different species can be found at the Houston Zoo. Many consider it to be among the best zoos in America due to the high standard it sets in its displays.

Hermann Park Golf Course: Since 1922, when the Hermann Park Golf Course initially welcomed patrons, golf has enjoyed widespread popularity in Houston. That golf course was the first in the United States to allow golfers of all races to participate. The fairways are lined with oak trees, and the Bermuda greens are always in great shape, so this is a course that every golf enthusiast should play at least once. The clubhouse’s historic veranda is an excellent area to relax with a delicious meal and attentive service.

6. McGovern Lake (206 miles west of Lafayette)

This 8-acre wonder has been extended and restored to include two new islands for migrating birds and a third island on which the miniature railway operates. At Bob’s Fishing Pier, you can rent boats from the boathouse, fish with the option to release your catch, and fish with youngsters and elders (those 12 and above). It is possible to rent pedal boats, trek, see the Japanese garden, and visit the Houston Zoo. There are a total of 445 acres here.


Visiting Lafayette is a no-brainer. You can choose from various attractions, shows, restaurants, and other activities. Try to catch as many of them as you can! Anyone who ventures to Cajun Country may anticipate being welcomed with open arms and hearts.

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