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Magnolia Plantation And Gardens - Place To Visiting Charleston In South Carolina

Visit Charleston: 9 Amazing Sight-Seeing Destinations to Visit in Charleston (2021)

Preparing a trip to Charleston in South Carolina can make the travelers meet up with a wide range of blissful bars, motels and restaurants on the streets. Some locals even state this fact that back in 1773, Charleston was designated as the wealthiest town of the Southern segment of the United States. At the present moment, Charleston is recognized as a haven for plant life.

It brings the tourists to hit upon with precise historical locations at the Charleston in South Carolina. Have you still not decided whether to plan a journey to Charleston or not? Here you will be learning some of the exciting traits about this unique location in the state of South Carolina of the United States.

The southern part of the Charleston town is filled with amusing locations, which make its addressees take a break and pleasure in witnessing plenty of streets, museums and plantations.

What Is The Best Time Of The Year To Visit Charleston?

The best months for touring Charleston in South Carolina are between March to May and from September to November. By this period, a modest temperature is available. It would be good if you make your bookings two months before for avoiding annoyance in your voyage.

What Should You Not Miss When Visiting Charleston In South Carolina?

There can be so many things which you may skip in your venture, but here are some of the places in Charleston which you should consider to keep them sky high in your catalog.

Magnolia Plantation And Gardens

If you save some hours from your trip, you can head towards Charleston’s Magnolia plantation and gardens in the United States. Magnolia plantation is worth watching the site for the guests as it is meant for every generation. There are lots of tour activities for every member of the family. Zoo consisting of animals of diverse species, makes this agricultural estate a big hit. Hiring a guide will help in knowing some interesting facts regarding the freedom struggle and the history of this wonderful site. As far as we know, this place in Charleston can deliver a peaceful pathway where you can take alternative breaks for capturing pictures of the animals and birds inside the zoo. Magnolia Plantation And Gardens - Place To Visiting Charleston In South CarolinaImage Source

Charleston Battery

For those who are fond of watching architectural sculptures, Charleston battery is a must-visit destination for them. It is pretty much known as a defensive sea wall and a public walk. Travellers in the Charleston Battery would feel so thankful to spot the aircraft carrier in USS Yorktown from the Second World War along with Sullivan’s Island and Fort Moultrie.

You Shouldn't Miss When Visiting Charleston In South Carolina-Charleston Battery
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Angel Oak

The mission cannot be finished until you have stepped inside the Angel Oak tree of Charleston in the United States. Its name has originated from the Angel Estate, where it is currently placed. This tree is believed to be the oldest ones in the eastern part of Mississippi. It stands about 65 feet tall and 28 feet wide. Henceforth, it also covers a massive 17000 square feet area, which is marvellous.

9 Amazing Sight-Seeing Destinations to Visit in Charleston

1. King Street of Charleston

King Street is a notable place in Charleston for those who call themselves shopping buffs. Here you would be able to see and buy various outfits collections for both men and women at Hampden Clothing or Ibu Movement. Heading forward, you would be observing different jewelry stores during the walk. Other accessories, which are meant for domestic and fashion purposes, are also accessible in Charleston’s King Street. Antique shops there would bring you some of the best showpiece compilation for your house. Hence, if you are looking to attach to the new trends and great pieces of artwork then this site can be a must-visit destination of Charleston in South Carolina.

2. Mrs. Whaley’s Garden

It is very uncommon that private gardens are meant for ordinary people to access. The Whaley’s Garden of Charleston in South Carolina is accessible for the public throughout the year. It is located at 58 Church Street, and it is open in the daytime for four weekdays, which are Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. If you ever decide to go to Charleston, then must include Mrs. Whaley’s Garden on your list too. The garden has a lot of exciting stuff inside out of which you might be addressing different blossoming and sweet-smelling plant life such as roses, acanthus, daisy, iris, orchid, tulip, pansy and many more.

3. Farmers Market of Charleston

Marian Square is tied with superb figures of tents from April to December, forming a huge farmer market. Charleston farmers market is managed and opens every Saturday, covering a track from southern to northern direction. When you arrive at this destination, you would be watching some of the locals in the streets are buying and selling food items. With its name only, you must have a got a perception that whatever groceries are being sold here are all fresh. Yes, it is a fact that you will be provided with the freshest foodstuffs in the whole Farmers Market of Charleston. Turnip, cabbage, ginger, turmeric, tomatoes, green garlic, and kale are a few veggies.

4. Waterfront Park

One of the most-acceptable destinations of all time where the visitors come, join in amusing actions and takes delight in watching the precise outlook of Charleston Harbour. Waterfront Park interior is full of traditional benches and swings in front of the vivid spraying fountains. These fountains seem eye-catching in the dark when the colourful lights and amazing patterns are applied. Therefore it ultimately enhances the gorgeousness of the whole park. Sailboats and big ships are things from which the visitors add fun and excitement to their journey. Via ships or boat ride, you would get to observe a more clear-cut sight of the Charleston Harbour.

5. Charleston Aquarium

It is a hub for more than 5000 animals, and the travellers coming here often get to seek a variety of new-fangled things. The most notable species here in the Charleston aquarium is the sea turtle. Signing annual membership for accessing the aquarium is always an excellent thought for the ones who are planning to visit Charleston in the United States. The yearly membership can save a lot of time and cash for the individuals.

6. Tour On A Bike

Charleston roads are sufficient in delivering an incredible experience to the bikers. The roads are intended to be supportive of speedy bike rides. Though the town is not famous for being bike-friendly, some things are still in progress for winning foremost updates. A bike tour can offer a thrilling adventure for exploring the iconic locations of the city. Roving on the streets with the influence of the summer’s brawny winds on two wheels is just tremendous to imagine. If you already own a bike, it will be more exciting as you can invite the entire group for the two wheeler tour. On the other side, if there is a scarcity of bikes, then the preference of procuring bikes on rent from Holy Spokes is also within reach. One bike would cost $20 for a single day.

7. A Chilled Brew Is All For You

The city offers almost 25 different categories of brew from various corners of the country. Charleston in South Carolina is well-known for producing some of the most excellent quality brews for its people. Are you fond of tasting brand new and cool brew cans? Then this site is a must-visit spot in Charleston if you go along with the whole gang. A hot or sunny day can be passed when you stop at a bar and order some of the cans worth loving for all the members. The cafes and bars contain a cozy and delightful outdoor seating arrangement, which is plenty for you to enjoy breezy beer and sensing a decline in the temperature outside.

8. Theatre 99

Theatre 99 in Charleston is suitable for the ones coming with family or relatives. There are loads of entertainment and comedy shows organized for entertainment purposes. Shows also live via online platforms, intending to bring more awareness and impact on the audiences. Now the viewers won’t have to travel miles for the show; with the arrival of digital systems, they will witness the full show by just sitting on a couch in their room.

9. The Art Museum at Charleston

The Charleston town itself is the paradise for countless artists who showcase their talent in more than 40 art galleries. All these art galleries where these artists exhibit their work are in downtown Charleston. If you are fond of buying artwork such as paintings, sculptures, or other antique items, you are in the right place. Here you will get a variety of galleries where you would have several options for purchasing any traditional piece of design for your house. You can still enjoy visiting the art galleries by just seeing the objects there if you do not favour to buy any of them.