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Jackson Square in New Orleans

12 Best Places To Visit In New Orleans (2022)

It is a no-brainer that New Orleans has made its mark on the world tourism map. It is, in fact, one of the top ten most visited cities in the US. This place is for you if a vibrant culture, colorful streets, busy city life, and enchanting music festivals draw on your heartstrings. New Orleans gets a lot of tourist footfall all year round. It is impossible not to find a festival going on in the city. Whether traveling solo, as a couple, or with family, this is the place.

The most populous city in Louisiana, New Orleans, is located along the Mississippi River. It is world-famous for the music, unique dialects, annual festivals, and celebrations such as Mardi Gras. The city’s major tourist attraction remains the French Quarter, a rare mix of French and Spanish architecture and famous for its vibrant nightlife. If you are going to New Orleans for the first time, you will understand why it is famously described as the most unique in the US.

The multiple cultures and languages in this city will lure any wanderer there. In addition, its contribution to the film industry and pop culture has made it known as the “Hollywood South.”

12 Best Places To Visit In New Orleans

Many places in New Orleans are worth visiting. Here is a combined list of the best places to visit in New Orleans.

1. French Quarter

Also known as the Vieux Carre, the French Quarter is the oldest neighborhood in the city. It is also a prime tourist location in the New Orleans. Quaint buildings, vibrant and colorful streets, small eateries, and bars by the sidewalk are some of the elements of this corner. There are many landmarks and famous attractions in the Quarter. Tourists are attracted to this gorgeous corner because of its rich history and diversity, vibrant street life, street performers, jazz clubs, and some of the oldest art galleries.

Additionally, one can find many types of tours to explore this corner and the eateries. One can also find Hop-on Hop-Off bus tours. One will be amazed by the wide variety of places to eat in New Orleans that are present in this area.

Moreover, other things to do in New Orleans French Quarter include the French Quarter and Marigny Neighborhood Carriage ride, New Orleans Food Walking Tour of the French Quarter, Jackson Square, trying out bars on Bourbon Street, etc.

2. National WWII Museum

This is one of the best places to visit in New Orleans. It depicts the American war experience and how it changed the world. It also sheds light on how the war was fought and won and educates the generations on freedom and how it can be inspiring. It can be described as an immersive experience for visitors of World War II. One can explore exhibits, personal accounts, maps, and exhibits in detail and indulge in an unforgettable expedition.

3. Jackson Square

This is a famous spot located in the French Quarter. It is home to the world-famous St. Louis Cathedral. This place is a hotspot for tourists and locals who visit the square to catch the street performers who live in action, take a scroll, and pay homage to the St. Louis Cathedral, a National Historic Landmark. There are also many restaurants and cafes along the lively streets of this quaint and charming corner. When visiting New Orleans, most people set aside a day to explore this quaint beauty in the heart of the French Quarter. It is also a New Orleans attraction for adults.

4. Mardi Gras World

If you consider visiting Mardi Gras, you cannot know about this. This is an annual celebration or festival that New Orleans is famous for. It is about parades, picnics, music, enjoyment, and celebrations. It is a holiday in New Orleans on which most businesses are shut, and locals and tourists enjoy and indulge together. The festival entails eating, drinking, playing, throwing balls, stepping out wearing crazy costumes, and decking up in quirky beaded jewelry collected in the previous parades. People spend all day walking along the parade, having a gala time. People from all over the world visit New Orleans to participate in this grand celebration.

5. Audubon Zoo

Audubon Zoo is an excellent choice if you are wondering what to do in New Orleans today. It is the perfect place to be if you want to feel one with nature and spend a day close to it. Additionally, you can skip the city hustle and bustle and spend it in nature’s lap, exploring lush greenery and wildlife. Located in Uptown, New Orleans, it houses over 2000 animals. Over the years, the zoo has gained considerable popularity among locals and tourists.

6. Preservation Hall

As the name suggests, this historic music venue is aimed at preserving the New Orleans musical traditions. It is located in the French Quarter and is dedicated to keeping the spirit of New Orleans jazz alive. So, if you are in the city and love jazz, you cannot miss visiting this place. One can enjoy multiple 45-minute performances at night there.

7. City Park

The New Orleans City Park that spreads across 1300 acres is a must-visit. It is not just a lush-green zone; one can find various activities to participate in. One can find an art museum, botanical garden, dog park, golf-course amusement park, two stadiums, tennis courts, nature trails, and soccer fields, among others, all within the City Park. It is much larger than NYC’s Central Park, and locals and visitors have much to explore and participate in. One can even eat inside the park. Just one day is not enough to explore what this place has to offer.

8. Garden District

This posh residential area in New Orleans is home to lavish mansions, lush greenery, and clean streets. Many companies offer a walking tour of this district, with much to explore and learn about the history. One can enjoy sightseeing at Camp Street, First Street, and Prytania Street. Besides huge mansions, one can also find coffee shops and high-end boutiques in the area. The houses of some celebrities can also be seen in this area.

9. Steamboat Natchez

This is a great way to explore the Mississippi River and educate oneself on the New Orlean’s history. One can enjoy narrations along the two-hour ride and a lunch of creole cuisine. The dinner cruise is a top favorite among tourists as they can enjoy dinner along with jazz music and the majestic sights and views of New Orleans. It is best to book your seats in advance if you plan to visit in the high season.

10. Louisiana State Museum at the Cabildo

A historic building and a museum, it was built as the residence of the Spanish Governor. The museum is known to have a great collection, and if you are a lover of history and like to educate yourself more on the history of New Orleans and Louisiana and the people, this is the place for you. It also focuses on the people and ethnic groups that form the city’s population today.

11. New Orleans Museum of Art

If museums and art interest you, you will love spending time here. One can spend considerable time here full of American and French art. It is considered one of the finest museums in the South. African and Japanese pieces can also be found here. Locals and tourists come here in huge numbers to explore art and exhibits. Additionally, one can also find theme-based exhibitions and book tickets accordingly.

12. Audubon Aquarium of the Americas

You can find this aquarium very near to French Square. It houses a splendid collection of over 3600 animals belonging to 250 species. The major attractions include sharks, stingrays, sea turtles, the Great Maya Reef, etc. One can explore snakes, exotic fish, and birds through the Amazon Rainforest. One can also indulge in an immersive scuba diving or snorkeling expedition if interested. 

New Orleans is the place to be if you want an unmatched vibe. You can find everything here with diverse cultures in every aspect, from food to language to music to architecture. The city is world-famous for its grand Mardi Gras celebrations. One can find uncountable activities and places to explore in the city. The French Quarter is a hotspot for tourists and many areas nearby. One cannot miss it when in New Orleans. It is also considered the crown jewel of the city.

Whether you are in New Orleans solo or on a family vacation, it will be the holiday of your life. You will not find a place as vibrant and colorful as New Orleans. Across the city, you will find locals and tourists indulging in various activities such as exploring the city on foot or bus tours. Some people also choose horse-drawn carriages that can be found along the Mississippi River. Culture, music, food, wildlife, and history are all under one umbrella – New Orleans.

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