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Louisiana Castle - Must Visit Hidden Gems of Louisiana

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Louisiana has hundreds of popular tourist attractions, but along with that, there isn’t any shortage of off-beaten paths too. While millions of visitors come here to cross paths with the Mardi Gras event, a few of them successfully find the secret pathways of the towns and cities. These pathways lead to less explored attractions, lesser-known sites, and gems hidden from the world’s eye. From extraordinary museums waiting for their share of popularity to chapels and castles, options in Louisiana are endless and unique.

While you are done with exploring the known and marked attractions in Louisiana, it’s time to build a locally inspired itinerary. Places which only the locals know to secrets hiding in the pockets of the towns, there’s so much to see and learn about.

9 Must-Visit Hidden Gems of Louisiana

With that said, let’s straight get into the must-visit hidden gems in Louisiana. Have a look:

1. The Rock Chapel

Because not even the (much) locals of Louisiana know about it, the Rock Chapel is an extremely hidden gem. It is located in the piney woods of DeSoto Parish in Northwest Louisiana. For exploring the site, visitors have to contact the DeSoto tourist bureau, and they will further present the keys of the chapel. Besides that, one can only explore the exterior setting but cannot step inside the locked building. As claimed, the chapel was built back in 1891 by Carmelite monks, and even after years, it is in a very fresh condition. It is entirely made of rocks and mud, hand by hand by the monks. Today it is the last remaining of Carmelite Monastery. Along with the chapel, there are 6 burials on the grounds as well.

2. Louisiana Castle

Louisiana Castle isn’t really a hidden gem, but not many people actually know about it. Located in Franklinton, it is a replica of an English Norman Keep Castle. From the castle to its well-maintained exteriors, it looks like a scene straight out of fairy tales. Today, the site is popular as a wedding venue. Though if any such events are not on your list, you can also book it for a one-night stay experience in Louisiana.

3. Driskill Mountain, Simsboro

Louisiana is normally preached for its flatlands, and thus the very few elevations here are often overlooked. Driskill Mountain is the highest natural summit in Louisiana that gains an elevation of 535 feet. A huge rock marks the highest point here, claiming the summit of Driskill. Hiking enthusiasts can begin at Mt. Zion Presbyterian Church on State Route 507. To reach the summit, the way and marking itself will guide you. There’s one designated trail, marked suitable for hikers of all fitness and experience levels. Upon reaching up to the summit, you will find a kiosk and a picnic table. The entire trail marks no more than 2 miles, and the experience will take you nearly an hour (including sitting at the summit).

4. Gators & Friends, Greenwood

Gators & Friends is one of the fun places to explore when in Louisiana. It is basically an alligator park and an exotic petting zoo in Greenwood town, ideally north-western Louisiana. The zoo offers experiences like nowhere else, including ziplining right over exotic animals. They take you for an hour of ziplining that zooms through trees, over animals. Coming to an end, it takes you above the alligators. Another highlight here is Alligator feeding, and believe it; there are over 150 alligators. Along with that, you can go for Go-karting, zoo exploration, and petting animals. All in all, for $9.95 for adults and $6.95 for kids, it is one great experience to live when in Louisiana.

5. Kentwood Historical and Cultural Arts Museum

The Kentwood Historical and Cultural Arts Museum is dedicated to Britany Spear, the pop queen. Britany was born in the town, and thus, as a token of love, the locals created this devotion. The museum contains 4 rooms exhibiting a light-up Britney, a collection of her awards, artifacts, and several pictures. Along with that, there’s another addition to the museum; however, with the theme, it is a little unusual. The museum exhibits homage to the local soldiers who fought in World War II. Here, they have a dummy battleship, few trinkets, and a machine gun from the times of World War II. One can explore the museum for free and can even get t-shirts and wristbands from singers’ old tours.

6. The Singing Oak

Within the city park of New Orleans lies the giant Singing Oak, a Louisiana hidden gem you will not want to miss. Hidden gem since not many people know that something like this can actually exist. The Singing Oak is located right across the street from the New Orleans Museum of Art. Until the wind blows, it is just another tree in your locality. However, as soon as the wind starts blowing, the multiple chimes hanging in the tree make a soothing melody. Local Artist Jim Hart hung all these strings. To merge with the color of the tree, all of the chimes are painted black.

7. Saint Roch Chapel, New Orleans

Saint Roch Chapel is a shrine located inside a cemetery in New Orleans. There isn’t anything ordinary about the shrine, and it is nothing but a place straight out of books. Covering the chapel are many prosthetic body parts that were once part of the offering. While you walk inside the chapel, unknown with its fact, the visuals can literally freak you out. From a shelf full of glass eyes to a corner stuffed with limbs, it is full of odd décor.

Along with the shrine, the building has another room. It is home to a statue of a dog, Saint Roth, and dozens of other body parts. Chapel and Cemetery are also famous for spirits, ghost dogs, and first-hand paranormal encounters.

8. Fort Proctor, St. Bernard Parish

Fort Proctor is popular but only amongst those who have been there. Else, it is one of the hidden gems in Louisiana that not many people know about. This castle-like building started in the early 19th century. However, soon the British army attack and the following Civil war put a pause in its growth. Later, a hurricane destroyed the development leaving just the ruins which are seen today. Guests currently can access the fort via boat or kayak rides that operate from the Shell beach. For anyone who is looking forward to a unique experience, it is surely a place to visit. Though before heading here, make sure you soak into an effective insect repellent. Also, be cautious, there are always bats flying over your head.

9. Bonnie and Clyde Ambush Museum

The Bonnie and Clyde Ambush Museum is a centerpiece of the tiny town of Gibsland. Bonnie and Clyde were no less than a Romeo Juliet couple; only their image was of criminals. During the Great Depression era, they dominated the entire west with their crime stories: small thefts, horror killings, and whatnot. The building, Ma Canfield’s Cafe, where the museum is housed today, is where this power couple dined for the last time. It was soon after they brought the sandwich that a lawman shot dead the couple. Today one can explore the museum and learn surprising stories about the couple. Eight miles near the museum, you can also reach the small stone monument marking Bonnie and Clyde’s death. Young couples from across the city mark the site as a pilgrim and thus often visit here.

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