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Waterfalls in Clark Creek Natural Area - Top-Rated Waterfall in Louisiana

9 Top-Rated Waterfalls in Louisiana (2023)

Louisiana is a fairly flat state with 17.5% of water. Being near the Gulf of Mexico, it isn’t just flat but notoriously swampy as well. The water feature in Louisiana is unimaginably shimmering, and especially when the talk is about “Waterfalls”, there are quite a few unexpected gems. There’s no Niagara fall kind of grandness neither any like the popular Yosemite fall, though that doesn’t stop you from exploring them.

Be it the Central part of the State or Northern Louisiana; there are some great waterfalls to seek and soak in. These gentle cascades of cool and clear water amidst the verdant forest-like surrounding bring in a sense of tranquillity.

9 Top-Rated Waterfalls in Louisiana

And with all that’s said, let’s learn about these spectacular waterfalls. Visit these popular waterfalls in Louisiana, and make your day.

1. Waterfalls at Tunica Hills Wildlife Management Area

Tunica Hills is not only known for its hiking opportunities but also the spectacular waterfalls. This area in Louisiana is blessed with multiple but seasonal waterfalls. Here you can find over 50 waterfalls, though only when the seasonal and weather conditions are right. As on the rest of the time, it is hard to claim that water flows here. Trail A has possibly more and confirmed waterfalls than any other part of the management area. However, for not missing the luck, either wait for the after-monsoon season. Or stay alert for other travellers to report back and plan your trip once they confirm.

2. Odum Falls

The richest and one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Louisiana, Odum Falls deserves a place in all lists. The waterfall is located close to the Peason Ridge Wildlife Management Area and is known for its height, width and volume. During spring and monsoon, the water flow here turns amazingly lush. Though even through the rest of the year as well, Odum falls stays consistent with its performance. However, despite everything, one major drawback is the Odum falls is not open for public access.

Considering it is located inside a U.S. military base, the common public can no way enter here. Only special army personals and related staff can step inside the base and explore the fall’s beauty.

3. Waterfalls in Clark Creek Natural Area

The best stop to witness amazing waterfalls in Louisiana, the Clark Creek Natural Area, is a must-visit. This huge 700-acre wilderness is basically straddling between Louisiana and Mississippi. It is a must-stop region for waterfall seekers, and here you can spot over 50 of them. From 10 feet to 30 feet high, these falls, though, are not named individually but are lovely. One can reach here during or after the monsoon or recent rains. Consider hiking from Baton Rouge, and you will find nearly 5 waterfalls within a short distance. Water at each of them is clean, cold and refreshing. Even if you are not well-versed in swimming, you can still take a dip and enjoy.

4. Little Bayou Pierre Cascade

Little Bayou Pierre Cascade is another section of Class-II rapids that form small waterfalls. Though it features no more than 5-foot drops, the water flowing through a series of rocky shelves makes an ideal photography spot. During summers, you can spot hundreds of kayakers and canoeists marking their waterways here. Though even if you are not into any such water sports, soaking into the views here is more than enough. Along with the waterfall, there’s a whole lot of natural beauty and calamity to experience around.

5. Rock Falls

Located in the J.C. “Sonny” Gilbert Wildlife Management Area, Rock Fall is the tallest (named) waterfall in Louisiana. While there are several small seasonal falls nearby, this 20-feet high waterfall is still the greatest amongst them. For reaching the spot, expect a forest hike though the trails here are marked easy. Once you reach your ultimate spot, all you will see is a beautiful, multi-tiered fall dripping softly over hanging rock ledges. During winters, the sight pleasantly changes into a frozen solid waterfall, which too looks divine.

6. St. Mary’s Falls

Another fall located in the J.C. “Sonny” Gilbert Wildlife Management Area; the St. Mary’s Falls is one must-visit. Sitting amidst an expansive stretch of forest reaching St. Mary is one stunning experience on its own. The trails leading to the falls are relatively easier and ideal for all despite their fitness and experience level. On your way, you will find several signposting and wooden bridges that ideally makes for a postcard-worthy photograph location. Once you reach your ultimate destination, it will provide you with enough chances to cool off and enjoy.

7. Kisatchie Falls

The most visited and famous waterfall in Louisiana, Kisatchie Falls, deserves nothing but praises. It is located in Kisatchie National Park near Derry and is a cute little sight for picnic and relaxation. Named as waterfall, it is basically a set of Class-II rapids that flows along the Kisatchie Bayou. Enthusiasts from all over the State come here for Whitewater rafting, claiming it as one of the finest spots. There’s also a small pool where one can dip or take a quick bath during hot sunny days. To see the water flow at its best, consider choosing the Spring season for your trip. For staying here longer, you can tent camp or bring your own R.V.

Kisatchie Falls - Waterfall in Louisiana

Image Source : Flickr (Jim Dollar)

8. Woodriff Falls

Woodriff Falls, a set of few small falls, is located in West Feliciana County, Louisiana. They are known for being one of the most gorgeous and pleasing-looking waterfalls in Louisiana. Woodriff flows down through overhanging rock shelves that create a scenic view. The rock set here creates an inviting shelter where one can enter and grab a view from a whole new and different angle. From the inside, one can even capture some interesting and unthought-of pictures. However, reaching till the fall is slightly strenuous and not for fresh and novice hikers. The trails reaching till Woodriff alone offers gorgeous sights of local foliage and small towns.

9. Hodges Falls

Hodges falls, a human-made waterfall that runs by operating through an electric pump. One can reach the fall inside the Hodges gardens state park and subsequently its endless aspects. Not only the waterfall, but here you can also admire pools, fountains and 200+ acres of well-manicured botanical gardens. The waterfall stays in action throughout the operational hours of the State Park, which is absolutely every day of the week. It takes water from the huge irrigational lake and ultimately recycles it back into the lake again. Visitors from all across Louisiana come here to experience and admire the beauty of the site. The best time to be here is during the spring season when the entire greenery transforms into colours of the season.

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