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Explore the 13th Gate - Glorious and Entertaining Nightlife to Witness in Louisiana

8 Must-Visit Hidden Gems of Louisiana (2023)

Holidays always mean excellence of fun throughout the day. While you are up for filling in adventures and experiences in life, there is no restriction to any time of the day. And even for those who aren’t on vacation, having fun during the night works as rejuvenation for the entire day. And if we talk about Nightlife in Louisiana, enthusiasts will always find multiple options in the state. Regardless of what critics’ claims, you ask the Louisianians, and they will introduce you to paths that shine differently during the night hours.

For enjoying the Nightlife in Louisiana, you don’t have to be nocturnal necessarily. There are endless night activities to do in Louisiana that grant you enough time to enjoy, go back, and have a relaxed night’s sleep. Some popular Louisiana cities, including Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Lafayette, offer you the best Nightlife. The more significant part is, none of these cities are far than a leisurely drive of 1 or 2 hours.

8 Glorious and Entertaining Nightlife to Witness in Louisiana

Thus, let’s begin our journey to the glorious and entertaining Nightlife in Louisiana with all that said.

1. Enjoy Louisiana’s Music

Music is the universal language of Louisiana, and the state has multiple ways to prove that right. From the top-notch Jazz and Cajun music to R&B, hip hop, and Louisiana’s very own Swamp pop, options here will leave you flattered. The best part about Louisiana’s music is that there’s something for you to participate in and enjoy no matter what age you are. While the list to enjoy them is so long, you are in no way going to get short of options. Here are some of the best (as locals suggest):

  • Buck and Johnny’s (Breaux Bridge)
  • Manship Theatre and Varsity Theatre (Baton Rouge)
  • Tipitina’s (New Orleans)
  • Snug Harbor Jazz Bistro (New Orleans)
  • Blue Moon Saloon (Lafayette)
  • The Bar Chord (Shreveport)

2. Go for Cemetery Tours in New Orleans

Of all the things you can do in Louisiana, the New Orleans Cemetery tours are one top-notch option. There are a few companies in the city that offer both day and night cemetery tours. Most of the (almost all) cemeteries in New Orleans are above-ground tombs that change both vibes and looks. It isn’t something you may have seen in any other city or state, but a different experience. Walking past these cemeteries, you can learn about unique burial practices, jazz music, voodoo practices, and of course, the unsaid history. Some of the best cemetery tour options you can consider includes:

  • NOLA Ghost Riders (Cemetery Nightly Bus Tour)
  • Historic New Orleans Tours (Cemetery Voodoo Tour)
  • Two Chicks Walking Tours (Dead Sexy Storyville Cemetery Tour Non-traditional)
  • Save Our Cemeteries (St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 Tour)
  • Storyville Tour Company (St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 Tour)

3. When It Is Dark, Plan For Haunted Experiences In Louisiana

While Louisiana is rumored to have a strong presence of spirits, many of those who have experienced it claim the truth. Even the American author Anne Rice has penned down a set of stories about LA’s paranormal connection. And along with that, the historic Creole Voodoo of Louisiana has left several mysteries and magics behind. For the ones who fail to believe them, the learning experiences turn straight into haunted ones. From shadow figures or unexplained noises, there’s so much in the state for you to discover. Here are a few fine options to consider:

  • Arnaud’s Restaurant (As per claims, Arnaud Cazenave, the restaurant the first owner who died in 1948, is still spotted here. Despite how strange it may sound; multiple guests have claimed the same)
  • Myrtles Plantation (one of the most haunted destinations in the nation)
  • Calcasieu Courthouse (a true-crime and paranormal destination)
  • Dauphine Orleans Hotel
  • The Mortuary Haunted House

4. Learn About Louisiana’s Famous And Historical Voodoo Art

Voodoo is one mysterious religion which most of the Louisianians swear by. It combines Haitian, African, and Catholic spiritual practices, though the mainstream media has done enough to misinterpret the art. However, if you still believe, there isn’t any better place to learn than Louisiana. Especially New Orleans till offers some excellent venues where one can learn about Voodoo practice. While most of them are private, you can still book yourself a slot. Here are a few great options to consider:

  • Voodoo Spiritual Temple (Offers consultations and handmade Voodoo items)
  • Island of Salvation Botanica (Still operational)
  • Walking tours to the tomb of Marie Laveau (Marie was a renowned Voodoo practitioner in Louisiana, who was also known as The Priestess of the Voudous)
  • Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo (Spiritual and psychic readings from noon tonight)

5. Explore the 13th Gate

While there is endless another haunted home in Louisiana, the 13th Gate stands to top them all. In Louisiana, the 13th Gate is considered amongst the top 3 haunted and scariest places in America. It isn’t only scary but highly terrifying that a non-enthusiast may get a heart attack. However, along with the actual experiences, the 13th Gate is more popular due to its behind-the-scenes artists. The performance here seems so accurate that visitors often get blanked whether it was true or just an attraction. When in Baton Rouge, visit the sight between 6:30 to 10:30 at night.

6. Once It Is Dark, Book Yourself A Riverboat Cruise

Louisiana is blessed with its fair share of the Mississippi River. And all thanks to that, the state proudly offers some grand riverboat cruise tours that will stay with you as memories for a lifetime. Significantly, the riverboat cruise tours in New Orleans are a special treat for enthusiasts. These water tours offer sunset sightseeing, evening snacks, or dinner, along with living Jazz music. It is also one of the best things to do for couples in New Orleans. Here are a few great options to consider:

  • Natchez Steamboat (Mississippi River Jazz Cruise)
  • Riverboat City of New Orleans
  • Creole Queen Paddlewheeler
  • Algiers Point ferry the Canal Street

7. Explore the Casinos of Louisiana

When and where the mention of Nightlife appears, the word Casino will go hand and hand. Similarly, when you are surfing for Nightlife in Louisiana, you cannot leave the idea of exploring Casinos behind. There are several popular Casinos to explore when in Louisiana. And the best part is, they aren’t only about gaming and gambling, but live entertainment and events add to the fun. Here are a few great options to consider:

  • Sam’s town casino, Shreveport
  • Best Western Casion, Vinton
  • L’Auberge Casino Resort, Lake Charles
  • Horseshoe Bossier Casino, Bossier city
  • Isle of Capri Casino, Lake Charles
  • Belle of Baton Rouge Casino, Baton Rouge

8. Free Things To Do In Louisiana (Nighttime)

  • Enjoy Live Music at Boulevard Street. While evening in Louisiana turns into a musical street event, you can explore quite a few of them. Especially if you are around French street or Jackson Square, do stop to enjoy the live street music.
  • Enjoy a Live Comedy Show. Throughout the week, several comedy clubs in Louisiana organize hilarious comedy shows. They are all free, except you have to buy your drink and snacks. Castle comedy theatre and Howlin Wolf: the den is a few excellent venues to consider.
  • Go and Watch Clowder When In Jackson Square. If you happen to spend an evening in New Orleans, you have to visit Jackson square. It may sound weird, but hundreds of locals and tourists gather around to see stray cats every evening. And more than humans, the place tends to fill with cats from all around the street, strange though true.
  • Visit Mardi Gras Museum For Free. The Mardi Gras Museum located inside the Arnaud’s Restaurant is free to explore during night hours. While the after-hours tours are mainly expensive in other museums, here you can explore without spending a penny. And the best part is, to explore the museum, you don’t have to buy a meal necessarily.

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