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St. Louis Cathedral - Superb Sight-Seeing Destination to Visit in Louisiana

Visit Louisiana: 12 Superb Sight-Seeing Destinations To Visit in Louisiana (2024)

Louisiana, a state is situated in the region of the southern coast of the United States. A large number of travelers come here for dwelling and exploring some of the engaging points of this breathtaking State. There are a lot of great places to visit in Louisiana State which are best known for its natural landscapes, areas of longleaf forests, including various species of terrestrial orchids and carnivorous shrubbery. Moreover, the state is popular for its education quality and infrastructure.

Visit Louisiana: 10 Superb Sight-Seeing Destinations to Visit in Louisiana

Undoubtedly, Louisiana can be a worthy tourist destination to trip and explore some of the most alluring spots for the venture. At this instant, we fetch you with some of the exciting and pleasing sight points of Louisiana-

1. St. Louis Cathedral

The history associated with the St. Louis Cathedral notifies that the colossal structure is approximately about 300 years old. Besides, the structure goes through a renovation on a regular basis to maintain its exquisiteness. St. Cathedral is one of the most striking places and comes in the list of must-visit destinations in Louisiana. The front area of the Church encompasses the St. Anthony Garden where we can see the statue of Jesus which gives a glossy illusion in the dark.

St. Louis Cathedral - Superb Sight-Seeing Destination to Visit in Louisiana

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Address- 615 Pere Antoine Alley, New Orleans, LA 70116, United States

2. Venice

Venice sometimes is also considered as the last point of the earth by the local peeps of Louisiana. Venice was the spot that was shattered by the hurricane- Katrina. Till that phase, the place has undergone the processes of reconstruction /modernization which give it the label of being a superb sight-seeing destination in Louisiana. The Breton National Wildlife Refuge of the Chandeleur Islands is also one of the popular sites to visit which is only a half-mile away from Venice. The Breton National Wildlife Refuge was established in the administration of the 26th President of the United States- Theodore Roosevelt.

3. Natchitoches

The locals of the Natchitoches city try their best to give a warm welcome to the visitors. It has always been the site of the earlier permanent settlements, several spots where you can admire the beauty of the State of Louisiana. The visitors also participate in certain events and celebrations planned in Natchitoches. This gives the site of Natchitoches city a clearance of a great place to visit in Louisiana.

Superb Sight-Seeing Destination to Visit in Louisiana-NatchitochesImage Source

4. Avery Island Bird Sanctuary

The land which gives the idea of Tabasco sauce to the entire world is a great place to visit destination in Louisiana. Avery Island is also known as the home of the Tabasco sauce. The time for the birds to make their home begins in February month which allows the birds of Avery Island to remain on the ground. It can be a golden opportunity for tourists visiting Avery Island to witness a variety of bird species. For a wildlife fan, this place can be favorable for filming.

Address- Louisiana 329 &, Main Rd, Avery Island, LA 70513, United States

5. Mississippi River

It would be not wrong to call the great Mississippi River as one of the iconic rivers in the entire world. It is the second-largest river of North America after river Missouri. This river has got something special about itself which makes it look more dynamic. The Mississippi is always busy throughout the year due to a large amount of goods shipping from one port to the other. Eads Bridge, Stone Arch Bridge, Huey P Long Bridge, these are some of the popular bridges which lie in the Mississippi River and give a blissful joy of driving to its visitors. Hence, the Mississippi can also be in the list of amazing sight-seeing destinations in Louisiana.

Magnetic Destination of Louisiana-Mississippi RiverImage Source

6. Chauvin Sculpture Garden

Perhaps being a diverse spot, Chauvin Sculpture Garden is a must-visit destination in Louisiana. A lot of great and tremendous institutions are located on this site. For instance, there is a local museum and an Art Gallery which are very much estimable. This place has always been the most amazing destination in Louisiana and with such a commendable beauty, it is continually winning hearts of many! Your trip to Louisiana undoubtedly stays incomplete if you don’t pay a visit to the amazing Chauvin Sculpture Garden.

Address- 5337 Bayouside Dr, Chauvin, LA 70344, United States

7. New Orleans

At the time of Christmas, New Orleans is a blessing for the guests coming to Louisiana. New Orleans most probably would not get the snow and some parts of the United States get at this time of year, but that does not concern the ecstatic ambiance that spreads all through New Orleans at Christmas time. New Orleans would be an ideal and superb place to visit in Louisiana for the ones who want to try out some novel dishes. Present-day New Orleans foodstuff blends with Creole cuisine for this cherished cookery understanding. The Krewe of Jingle holiday parade commences Christmas in New Orleans, whereas the St. Louis Cathedral and Jackson Square grab a chain of events throughout December. Along with the prevalent Christmas traditions in New Orleans is to have Reveillon is a French-inspired snack which means ‘awakening’.

Amazing Place to Visit In Louisiana-New OrleansImage Source

8. Laura Plantation

The Laura Plantation is situated very close at the banks of the Great River of Mississippi. Back in the time of the Civil War, the plantation had the potential to grow sugarcanes and even harvests them. Some of you who would like to be familiar with some of the motivating tales of American history then Laura plantation can be a must-visit destination in Louisiana.

Incredible Destination To Visit In Louisiana-Laura PlantationImage Source

Address- 2247 LA-18, Vacherie, LA 70090, United States

9. Lafayette

A tiny rural town of Breaux Bridge which is just outside Lafayette. This charismatic location is sometimes known as the gateway to Cajun culture, and it is a fantastic introduction to the heritage, cuisine, and history of Southern Louisiana. Most decisively, Breaux Bridge is also known as the crawfish capital of the globe and many visitors often find it as a beautiful place for tourists to visit in Louisiana. Thousands group to the district for the Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival mostly in the month of May. The energetic Zydeco music might encourage you to join the locals and dance in the streets, and there is no scarcity of yummy clean crawfish to go around.

Top Destination to Visit In Louisiana-Lafayette

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Address- 1427 Washington Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130, United States

10. Grand Isle

A huge amount of gathering usually visits the Grand Isle to enjoy certain past times which are fishing, boating, canoeing, etc. The Grand Isle is just a hundred miles away from New Orleans in the south. Large consumption of seafood can be witnessed in the restaurants of Grand Isle. So it would be a great deal to try out some of the delicious and unique seafood of the Grand Isle in Louisiana State.

11. Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge is also the historic capital of the state of Louisiana. Louisiana State University, or LSU, has been one of the must-visit destinations in Louisiana and the university campus that is about 100 years old is also a thing of exquisiteness. It is also titled as the public research university in Baton Rouge. Sports stadiums, the Greek arena, and numerous lakes are vacant for recreation are just some of the reasons to spend a few moments on the LSU campus. The Art Deco Louisiana State Capitol is an eye-catching structure although many locals dispute that the Old State Capitol from the 19th century is still further attractive.

Beautiful Place to Visit In Louisiana-Baton Rouge, Louisiana State UniversityImage Source

12. Oak Alley Plantation

The Oak Alley Plantation is positioned on the reservoir of the Mississippi River and it dates back to the early 19th century. The oak alley, for what it is termed, though, is much older. It is a notable landscaping deal, with a dual row of trees developing a sheltered covering that looks delicate. Like most plantations dating from the era, Oak Alley was in the sugarcane industry, and it was deeply dependent upon slave labor. At present, visitors can explore the Oak Valley Plantation, since it is an amazing sight-seeing destination in Louisiana. Spend the overnight at its hotel and eat at the onsite restaurant. Customary cooking delights are on the menu with some local favorites together with smoked sausage, fried Louisiana oysters, buttermilk pie for dessert, and crawfish etouffee.

Sightseeing Place to Visit In Louisiana-Oak Alley PlantationImage Source

Address- 3645 LA-18, Vacherie, LA 70090, United States


Louisiana has always been considered as one of the most splendid destinations in the US. With so many places to visit and plethora of activities to be a part of, you are surely going to get confused! To swipe away such confusions, we have come up with the above-mentioned attractions to visit in Louisiana. This unique land comprises farmlands, lakes, prairies, swamps, parks and many others! Visit this amazing destination and feel like never before.

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