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Creole Nature Trail Adventure Point - Things to do in Louisiana

Things To Do With Kids When In Louisiana (2024)

Louisiana is one great South American State for Vacations. Because the State is preached for its flatlands, Cajun culture, plantation, and history, parents often wonder how the kids will enjoy their vacation? However, regardless of whatever they say, Louisiana offers plenty of experiences for kids of all ages. Without a second thought, parents can create a long list of places where both adults and kids can enjoy it all together.

The bustling State of Louisiana is an appropriate holiday destination for families. You can beat the heat in water parks or get that adrenaline rush in adventure parks. While the Zoos in the State let kids learn and observe a whole new world, museums here allow them to get into interactive fun. You may be surprised, but the State has a bounty of attractions and activities for families, especially kids.

Things To Do With Kids When In Louisiana

For knowing about them in detail, keep reading our ultimate Louisiana itinerary for kids.

1. Visit the Millennium Park in Lake Charles

Millennium Park in Lake Charles features everything that excites kids. Some components can make little ones go overexcited from a Splash Park to a fenced playground, swings, tunnels, ladder, and whatnot. Because it is made especially for kids, a rubberized surface goes through the entire Park, ensuring falling or skidding safety. There are separately designed areas for toddlers and big kids, ensuring every age group gets a personalized space. It is probably one of the most dynamic playgrounds for kids in Louisiana. The Park is best suited for kids of and below 12 years.

2. Get a Classiest Insect Zoo Experience At Audubon Insectarium And Butterfly Garden

Audubon is an Insectarium and Butterfly Garden located in New Orleans. It is the largest free-standing museum dedicated to insects in America. Also, it has earned the first position for ‘top museum for you and your kids in the U.S. This 23,000-square-foot facility is home to 50 live exhibits and several multimedia features. The museum encourages kids to use their five senses and explore insects, their habitat, and more. There’s also a huge Asian Garden for butterflies, housing thousands of them in different colors, shapes, and sizes. The butterflies here will fly over you, sit over your head, giving you several picture-perfect opportunities. Before going back, do go through the mysterious Louisiana swamp there.

3. With Enthusiastic Kids, Visit The Natchitoches Alligator Park

If your kids have their blood on a little adventurous side, then do not miss the chance to take them to Natchitoches Alligator Park. Being here is definitely one of the popular things to do with kids when in Louisiana. This one-of-a-kind destination is home to over 350 large alligators, with newborns adding to the list every now and then. With kids, you can live several unique experiences for the first time here. From feeding the alligators to touching them, holding (only the baby alligators), and even clicking a picture along. Another added advantage is, you get to see and pet turtles, snakes, aviary birds, goats, and more animals here.

4. Keep A Day For Creole Nature Trail Adventure Point

The best place for kids in Louisiana, the Creole Nature Trail Adventure Point, has so much to do. This fun and free-to-access destination take you into the lap of Nature, giving a glimpse of Louisiana’s diverse wildlife and landscape. The little ones can check the hand-on display and learn about the wildlife found in bayous and marshes. The display here is like a mini kid’s museum with exhibits on duck hunting, crabbing, and more. The staff here is really knowledgeable and will take your kids on a fun-filled learning journey. Before coming back, consider walking through the natural pathways and spot some local Louisiana wildlife.

Top-Rated Tourist Attraction In Louisiana Where You Can Take Your Kids Along

They are:

1. Build Your Itinerary With The Most Kids-Friendly Zoos In Louisiana

The State of Louisiana is home to a great number of Zoos, spread all across the flatlands. From local to exotic and endangered, these Zoos are home to countless wildlife. The best part is, unlike several caged zoos you may have been at, Zoos in Louisiana will present you with a new picture. Here animals live in a recreated natural habitat, can walk across freely, and are given the highest-level treatments. The setup at Zoos in Louisiana takes visitors, especially kids, into a new form of learning. You may get the chance to pet, play, feed the wilds under expert supervision. S0, if it interests you, here are a few great options to consider:

Zoosiana: Zoo of Acadiana (Gem of Zoos in Louisiana. Here kids can ride the express train through the animal habitat. It is home to the largest playground of Louisiana, Jungle Lodge, and over 750 animals of 130 different species)

  • Audubon Zoo, New Orleans (Home to an exotic assortment of animals)
  • Gators & Friends, Greenwood (Known for its alligators, exotic animals, pony rides, wild zipline, and high-performance go-karts. By far the best for kids).
  • Baton Rouge Zoo, Baton Rouge (Asian inspired Zoo)
  • Audubon Aquarium of the Americas, New Orleans (One of the top-five aquariums of United States)
  • Cypress Zoo, Benton (Small though maintained in one of the most natural settings)
  • Global Wildlife Center, Folsom (One of the largest completely free-roaming wildlife preserve in America)
  • Shreveport Aquarium, Shreveport (An aquarium under your feet and over your head)

2. Build Your Itinerary With The Most Kids-Friendly Museums In Louisiana

Museums can become a boring stop for kids until something is suiting their interest. Parents who are traveling with kids often fall into confusion about whether to visit a museum or not. However, you will surely get your plates full with museums that will interest your kids when you are in Louisiana. From museums with fancy displays to the ones that encourage learning, the options here vary. Here are a few of them which you may want to consider:

  • Children’s Museum Of Acadiana, Lafayette (It offers a wide range of interactive exhibits)
  • Louisiana Children’s Museum, New Orleans (It encourages physical activities and importance of Nature amongst kids)
  • Louisiana Arts and Science Museum, Baton Rouge (It is known for its science exhibits, a planetarium, and the ancient Egypt gallery).
  • Children’s Museum of Lake Charles, Lake Charles (It offers multiple opportunities to play, learn, and interact)
  • LSU Museum of Natural Science, Baton Rouge (One of the largest natural history museums in America)
  • The Lois Loftin Doll Museum, DeRidder (It is home to over 3000 dolls brought here from all around the world)
  • Northeast Louisiana Children’s Museum, Monroe (It lets your kids get into roleplay, such as living like a chef, doctor, nurse, waiter, and more).

3. Get Cool In The Popular Water Parks And Adventure Parks Of Louisiana

One thing that kids absolutely love is the adventure of water parks. From the roller coaster thrills to splashing down into ponds, waterparks offer a list of adventures. Especially if you happen to spend these summers with your kids in Louisiana, your itinerary must include some state’s water parks. And for that, we have some great considerations listed below:

  • Splash Kingdom Waterpark, Shreveport (Large scale facility, ideal for visitors of all ages)
  • SPAR Waterpark, Sulphur (Small and seasonal waterpark)
  • Carousel Gardens Amusement Park, New Orleans (One of the longest-running amusement parks in Louisiana)
  • Blue Bayou Waterpark and Dixie Landin’, Baton Rouge (It is one of the most amazing combinations of water parks and authentic amusement parks in the State’s capital)
  • Cajun X Cables, Lafayette (A place known for its water sports. Open only for kids aged 10 and above, due to safety reasons)
  • Safari Quest Family Fun Center, Hammond (All-in-one fun under a single roof)

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