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Monhegan Island in Maine

10 Amazing and Scenic Photogenic Places in Maine (2022)

Photography is just another reason to visit and explore Maine. And why not? Maine is a masterpiece when it comes to incredible topography, scenic landscapes, and majestic views. Maine, as a state, has a lot to offer to Photographers. From the rocky, rugged coast to the marvelous mountains on the iconic Appalachian range, stunning lighthouses, and thousands of pristine lakes and rivers, Maine just doesn’t offer a few snaps, but it has some extravagant natural albums of its own.

Photography is an art that means ‘Drawing with Light’. When it comes to the application of scenic places in Maine, this art brings out the most excellent outcome. You might want photos for your Instagram or as a professional for your portfolio; Maine’s incredible natural beauty and a range of vivid landscapes will provide opportunities for them all. Photography isn’t just a form of creativity and passion; it even has so many incredible health benefits. It keeps focus, relaxes the mind, and keeps memory sharp. So why not get into one session of Photography in Maine?

10 Amazing and Scenic Photogenic Places in Maine

Leave your skills aside for once and try capturing at these Most Photograph worthy places in Maine. Have a look:

1. Portland Breakwater Light

Portland Breakwater Light though is a small lighthouse in South Portland, but if you are into photography, you will find it an extravagant landscape. Lovingly referred to as Bug Light, this adorable lighthouse is a part of the National Register of Historic Places and is popular amongst photographers. While you will walk through its small but utterly photographable stone pathway, you will find some of the most scenic views in front. And if you are in search of only incredible shots that no angel can go wrong, then visit Bug Light during the sunset hours. Photograph the visuals from east, west, or back, and you will find different, impressive, and undoubtedly un-failed views.

2. Mount Cadillac

If you are willing to take some physical challenges for photographing, then head to Mount Cadillac in Acadia National Park. Hiking its summit at 1,530 feet brings some incredibly scenic photography opportunities to Maine. However, that’s not the only option to reach the top since driving also comes in for the rescue. As you reach the summit, some stunning coastal panoramas and even deeper picturesque experiences are waiting for you. Mount Cadillac opens all directions with the most breathtaking views during the first morning hours when the initial sun rays adorn mother earth. No wonder you will find photographers and nature lovers at even as early as 3 or 4 in the morning at the summit.

Note: Weather here can disrupt your photography experience, and thus make sure you choose the right day and time.

DID YOU KNOW? Mount Cadillac experiences the first and earliest sunlight given to its elevation and coastal perch from the second week in October through the first week of March.

3. Old Orchard Beach

Old Orchard Beach is a lively and colorful summer spot in Maine. However, given one’s skills and interests, a large section of people see Old Orchard Beach as the ultimate summer photographing destination. One of the most beautiful reasons to visit the beach is its pier and the evening views. When the sun is all set to settle, capture the pier amidst the bay backdrop and get your hands on one of the most beautiful views of Maine. Pier amidst the bay backdrop, though, is undisputedly beautiful throughout the day, given the restaurants and bar on its top, which gives it a colorful and fun outdoor visual. Given the daylight is right or when the sky is dramatic, those colorful hut-like structures on the pier look incredible.

4. Penobscot Narrows Bridge and Observatory

Penobscot Narrows Bridge and Observatory is an engineering marvel and one of the most amazing spots to photograph in Maine. It is home to the tallest public bridge observatory in the world and has a very captivating ingenious design. Whether you consider capturing its aerial view or views from the land, every single sight around is amazing. The bridge and its surroundings provide incredible vistas of nearby mountains, sprawling countryside, Penobscot Bay, and the Fort Knox Historic Site. The best time to do photography in and around Penobscot Narrows Bridge is during the Fall Foliage since the colors take pictures to another level of gorgeousness. Or, some sights of winter snow too are quite captivating at Penobscot.

5. Old Fort Western

Old Fort Western is another picturesque spot in Maine that every photography enthusiast must add to their itinerary. This 1754 wooden stronghold is America’s oldest surviving wooden fort and is quite popular amongst history enthusiasts. This living museum reminds of the mid-1700s lifestyle, and being here feels like getting back into that time. And since the Old Fort Western is built up against the Kennebec River, it also offers some incredible photography opportunities. Click the details from within or the beauty from afar; you will get the most incredible shots every single time. The visuals here are another level panoramic, especially during the fall foliage.

6. Kennebunkport

Kennebunkport is an incredible spot for photography in Maine, regardless of the seasons. This tranquil seaside town boasts a range of natural treats for visitors of all kinds. Kennebunkport has everything, whether you are here to find peace, adventure, or views. When in the town, pick your camera and walk through the Kennebunkport Historic District. The Victorian homes here, from past and present, are so incredible with their architecture that you will fail to stop your hands from capturing them. These magnificent and colorful seaside mansions look scenic through the days and year, but they appear most appealing during the lighted and snowy Christmas season. Not only that, but the fabulous Golden sandy beaches, perfectly manicured gardens, and the mirror-clear Kennebunk River are equally picturesque.

7. Monhegan Island

Monhegan is a small rocky island popular for its historic artists’ colony and as an incredible fishing village. The island is 10 miles from the closest mainland shore; therefore, to reach here, one has to take a boat from Boothbay Harbor. Monhegan is home to a tiny village that lacks technology (its USP) and a captivating stone lighthouse. Monhegan Island is primarily a walking destination with some excellent photography opportunities. Despite the time of the day or season of the year, the village setting and natural landscape here open unique photo options. And if you are here for some ariel views, you are going to leave Maine with your heart and passion fully satisfied. From lush greenery to towering cliffs sloping down into the ocean and the island’s beauty, nature’s artwork at Monhegan is undoubtedly at its best.

8. Sugarloaf Mountain

Sugarloaf is a popular ski mountain in Maine, but its scenery isn’t bad at all. While the maximum crowd looks towards Sugarloaf as a winter adventure wonderland, there are a few who know how many photographing opportunities are awaiting here. Whether you capture the skiing enthusiasts, the snow-capped mountains, the powdery white trails, or the dramatic skies, every picture will bring a beautiful outcome. The best and most innovative views of Sugarloaf are from the peak of the mountain as the sight from here unfolds the dramatic skiing trails going down the line. But not only winters but the sunny summers at Sugarloaf Mountain too appeal to photographers alike.

9. Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

None can compare to the beauty of Botanical gardens, and the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Maine is one fine example of the same. This must-visit tourist attraction is the largest of its kind in New England. True to its name, the Botanical Gardens are uniquely positioned along the shoreline, granting it a different topography for growing plants and some incredible views. The 323 acres of garden space keeps growing and maintaining some or other beautiful flowers throughout the year. To capture different entities, enthusiasts can check out 19 themed gardens, 150 acres of mature forest, wetlands, and a mile of tidal shoreline. One of the best and most photography-worthy times to be here is during the holiday season at the Gardens Aglow event, when decorative lights illuminate the entire space.

10. Height of Land

Last but not least is the Height of Land, an incredible Maine landscape that a photography enthusiast can dare to miss. The height of the land is in western Maine, perched beside route 17. Not only the destination but the journey of driving here is so incredible that one cannot take an estimated time since the route has multiple spots that captivate and make you stop in between. Upon reaching the Height of the Land, one can capture incredible views of the sprawling Rangeley Lakes region, Mooselookmeguntic Lake, White Mountains, and the unending forested landscapes. For visitors’ ease, there are viewing areas and expanded parking that does not overcrowd the space and adds unending opportunities. The Height of Land has beautiful sunset, and if you are into such scenes, pick the right time and capture the most out of it.

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