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Popham Beach in Maine

8 Best Beaches to Explore in Maine (2022)

Many people don’t know, but Maine is home to the best beaches in New England for sure. Though located eastern seaboard up towards Canada, Maine experiences severe winters; this state is a popular beachy summer destination as well. Maine as a state is blessed with 3,500 miles of indescribably beautiful coastline that consist of bays, coves, and other indentations. It is home to nearly seven beach communities and an array of beautiful, secluded, and pristine beaches. Some beaches in Maine may invite people for their crystal-clear water, some for their rocky coastline, and the rest for the historic lighthouses.

Maine, in summer, turns into an outdoor Adventureland, all thanks to its beaches. Individuals who love the water can indulge in uncountable activities and flush their buoyant energy in a fun and exciting way. Not only that but being at beaches in Maine during summer means trying and tasting the best Lobster dishes of all time. Seafood lovers can hit the beach game of Maine between late June and late December since the Lobster season is at its peak during then. A visit to Maine won’t take you long to understand how excellent a destination it is. So, why don’t you get into finding it yourself? Come join us for exploring the Most Popular Beaches in Maine. Have a look: 

8 Best Beaches to Explore in Maine

1. Old Orchard Beach

Old Orchard is ranked as one of the most popular beaches in Maine, given the opportunities it offers. Located about 20 miles south of Portland, Old Orchard beach stretches nearly 7 miles with an old historic pier as its centerpiece. History, tradition, and liveliness are synonyms of Old Orchard, and with all of that, it has been inviting and entertaining people for over 170 years now. Individuals who are interested in crowds, good food, and music can hit the area in and around the pier. Whereas, if you are looking for some serenity and calmness, walk a little away from the centerpiece and soak yourself into the waves away from the hustle and bustle. The further you walk from the center, the more picturesque Old Orchard Beach gets. No doubt, it is reportedly one of the most photographed places in Maine, especially the sunrise views that directly hit the Old Orchard Beach Pier.

2. Sand Beach or the Sandy Beach

Acadia National Park though doesn’t have a very long sandy stretch, but the small area of Sandy Beach is enough to make up for it all. Sandy Beach is tucked away in the peaceful Newport Cove into a small bay off Mount Desert Island. Though it is no more than 1000 feet long, it’s not the size but its spectacular scenery that makes Sand Beach popular. The beach was created by shells that were pulverized for years by the power of the sea. One can access the beach through the park’s entrance and use it for swimming, dipping, sunbathing, and other popular beach activities. There are restrooms and changing rooms on-site, and throughout the summer season, the beach boasts a lifeguard on duty. For observing some dramatically beautiful views, beach visitors can take the oceanside trail and follow the route towards the cliff.

Note: Mainers call it refreshing but remember the ocean water at Sandy Beach can be bone-chilling even during the summer months.

3. Kennebunk Beach

Kennebunk is a family-friendly beach in Maine known for its protected waters and awesome views. This short sandy beach is often lovingly called Mother’s Beach. The sand here is soft and gentle on the feet, which stands true to the concept of Talcum sand. The entire stretch of Kennebunk is adorned with granite rocks and tidal pools, and the beach is just a short drive away from the namesake town. It is an ideal destination for individuals who are looking to play in the surf, soak in the sand, and enjoy authentic and raw beach views. Kennebunk Beach keeps on hosting engaging festivities and events throughout the year, and thus check their calendar before you visit. The beach is also supplied by portable toilets and seasonal lifeguards during summers, whereas during the off-season, it allows dogs under the lease.

4. Popham Beach

Another popular beach in Maine, Popham Beach, is entirely untouched and unspoiled. Offering a three-mile-long sandy stretch, Popham is absolutely a beach heaven for everything from adventure to views and relaxation. The Popham beach sits between the Morse River, Atkins Bay, and the Atlantic on a peninsula. The shifting sand here often changes the shoreline and the landscape, but that has never impacted the charm and draw of Popham. During high tide days, the beach almost disappears, but when the waves retreat, one can even walk out to the nearby Fox Island. The summer season at Popham beach is popular for swimming and surfing, though since the area’s strong current and occasional riptide stay active often, only strong and professional contenders can make it through. In the name of amenities, there are only toilets on the beach. Note: Always check the high tides before visiting since, during those days, there is absolutely no beach to access.

5. Ogunquit Beach

Ogunquit is a crowded beach area located between the bay, river, and ocean upon the narrow, protruding peninsula. If you are a regular beachgoer, you will love your time here. Ogunquit (indigenous Abenaki language) got its name from Native Americans since the word translates for ‘beautiful place by the sea,’ which it undoubtedly is. The beach stretches 3.5 miles along the Atlantic Ocean before it finally meets the Ogunquit River, a wonderful set of nature. Ogunquit Beach is a popular spot for activities like swimming, surfing, water dipping, exploring the sandbar’s rock pools at low tide, and sunbathing. Not only that, but when you take out time and wander along the beach, you will introduce yourself to some simply stupendous scenery and some perfect ocean views.

Note: Check about the tidal waves before visiting Ogunquit beach since, during high tide, virtually none of the beach stretches is left exposed.

6. Songo Beach

Songo is a river beach in Maine located on the northern shoreline of the Sebago River. The beach is long but not necessarily wide as it stretches only about ten to twenty feet, even by maximum. Songo beach is a freshwater beach in Maine and by far the most popular of them all. A family-friendly location, it is often frequented by crowds regardless of season and weather. Since the water here is slightly warm, it is a loved spot for even the colder months as well. The park area near Songo beach and Sebago river boasts lots of grills, concessions, lifeguards, restrooms, and showers. Given its clean and clear water, it is also a popular swimming hotspot in Maine. Individuals can also launch their motorized boats or go canoeing and kayaking in the 45 square miles long Sebago river. The area across is also popular for hiking, cycling, and camping.

Note: Plan your visit to Songo Beach during weekdays since weekends here are jam-packed.

7. Scarborough Beach

Scarborough Beach boasts a namesake State Park along with a long and clean sandy stretch. It is by far one of the quieter and calmer beaches in Maine and is located right next to the Prouts Neck peninsula alongside the Atlantic Ocean. The long sandy stretch here is undoubtedly a treat, and even with a lot of beachgoers, it never gets crowded. From Memorial Day through Labor Day, Scarborough Beach becomes a swimming hot spot with lifeguards, shower, and bathroom facilities on-site. If not on the water, individuals can rent deck chairs and umbrellas and spend their afternoon sunbathing at the beach. Scarborough is also popular for surfing, given the ocean here receives nice rips. Not only that but Mainely Burgers food truck ensure offering refreshments, snacks, and filling meals throughout the summer at Scarborough beach. The beach is also home to Massacre Pond, an ancient battle site where settlers and newcomers fought in 1703, and many were killed.

8. Long Sands Beach

Long Sands Beach in York is another top-rated beach to visit in Maine. The beach is no longer than one and a half miles, but despite its small size, it is popular amongst locals and visitors from the neighborhood. Long Sands Beach boasts a tranquil vibe, several picture-perfect spots, and endless modes of fun and adventure around. It, though, is a popular spot here, but remember, water at Long Sands can get chilling cold; therefore, do the seasonal research well in advance. Visitors here often avoid swimming but take quick dips and get refreshed for the day. In addition to that, one can also enjoy the astounding views of the famous Nubble Lighthouse and its wind-swept cape off right from the beach within some distance. Lastly, for the after-hours, there are several parking, shops, restaurants, and accommodation within walking distance from the beach.

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