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8 Best Places to Try Lobsters (and Lobster Rolls) In Portland, Maine (2022)

Are you a lover of the delicious lobster roll? If Yes, then you should visit Portland, Maine. Portland is where the sweetest Lobsters on Earth are found. Seafood is in the blood and veins of Portland, and the variety and taste here justify quite excellently for the same. Portland literally has so many incredible options for lobster rolls that one can spend days trying them all.

Lobsters in Portland, Maine, are sweet, crunchy, and moist. Since the Atlantic water here is Cold, lobsters in both Portland and parts of Canada always have sweet, tender meat but a harder shell. And what about the Lobster rolls? Well, they are packed with the freshest meat, just the right amount of mayonnaise, a hint of lemon, and an ultimate taste. As Portland has grown, so have the many different ways to enjoy lobsters here. Come, let’s find out how and where.

8 Best Places to Try Lobsters (And Lobster Rolls) In Portland, Maine

Below is the list of the Best and Most Popular Places To Taste Lobster and Lobster rolls in Portland, Maine. Have a look:

1. Luke’s Lobster’s

Luke’s Lobster is a relatively new lobster place in Portland, but it by now has earned its share of fame. Located at the end of the pier in Old Port, the restaurant has two floors and an absolutely incredible 360-degree view of a working harbor and the Atlantic water. Since the restaurant is right on the waterfront, people can literally watch boats come in and go out. Luke’s lobsters are popular for presenting quintessential lobster rolls, which are available in two sizes regular and jumbo. The Lobster rolls you will get here have a layering of sweet and moist Lobster layered with Mayo and Luke’s special seasoning inside a butter-toasted bun. Their other specialty includes a lobster BLT layered with applewood bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes served on a toasted sesame bun. For kids’ they have a dedicated Lobster roll that focuses on size and portion according to young eaters. To pair along, they also have a solid Maine beer list and cocktails.

2. Susan’s Fish-n-Chips

Operating since 1989, Susan’s Fish-n-Chips is a popular Lobster place in Portland, Maine. A locals’ and tourists’ favorite, this restaurant is always frequented by Lobster lovers no matter what time of year it is. Susan’s Fish-n-Chips have a really cute and kitschy vibe, and nothing here seems overboard. What initially was opened in an auto garage took speed soon enough and became a seafood sensation. Their straightforward but well-made Lobster roll contains a nice serving of meat, generous Maine-style Mayo, and the crispiest toasted bun. Not only that, but the restaurant also serves huge portions of fried seafood and offers a BYOF (bring your fish) program. While back from your fishing trip, bring your catch, clean it, and they will cook and present you the same with fries. Interesting right?

3. Bite Into Maine

The biggest name in Lobster Industry, Bite Into Maine is perhaps the best restaurant for Seafood in Portland. Very aptly named, Bite Into Maine isn’t a dedicated restaurant but a food truck perched atop a hill in historic Fort Williams Park in the parking lot of the Portland Headlight (seasonal). Their little food truck also stands seasonally at the Allagash Brewing Company tasting room. Since Bite Into Maine is always high on the crowd, you will likely have to wait until your turn comes up. Their menu includes one of the best lobster rolls in the state in a variety of styles. From Connecticut-style with hot butter, Picnic-Style with coleslaw, hot butter, and celery salt, and the traditional Maine-style with Mayo options are truly many. They even have a lot of nontraditional lobster roll options that come with yellow curry and chipotle. However, no matter what you choose, everything likely tastes heavenly. Also, try their Lobster grilled cheese or the lobster BLT.

4. Highroller Lobster Co.

Highroller Lobster Co. serves the best lobsters in Portland, and you definitely have to try them. Highroller Lobster Co. operates every day at 11 am and goes on until they have stock inside the kitchen. The restaurant serves a lot of traditional and nontraditional options, all incredible flavors to try on. Individuals can try their lobster roll flight or get three smaller versions in whatever flavors they would love to taste. Lobsters here are layered with sweet and juicy lobster chunks and unique spreads and sauces. Each of the preparation is served inside grilled brioche rolls freshly baked at the local Southside Bakery. For pairing alone, the restaurants offer cold craft brews or wine varieties as well. If you’re driving through Portland, this is a must-stop dining cum snacking destination for you.

5. Gilbert’s Chowder House

Gilbert’s is a well-known chowder house in Portland overlooking Custom House Wharf. As the name suggests, the restaurant specializes in offering mouthwatering Chowder, but their seafood varieties, too, are incredible to try. Gilbert’s features a dinerlike interior & a patio with quiet and enjoyable vibes all around. With seating arrangement, they check all the boxes of perfection. If you want views, sit outside and if you want to concentrate on food, take a table inside. Do try their Chowder bowl, and you will be delighted with the taste. When done with that, try Gilbert’s lobster roll as well. Inside a well-toasted hot dog, bun is layered with generous chunks of sweet Lobster and creamy Mayo. The restaurant serves it with a generous serving of French fries and a glass of cold brew.

6. The Lobster Shack At Two Lights

When you are out exploring Two Lights (or the Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse), consider taking a stop at the Lobster Shack. Offering scenic oceanside dining for nearly six decades now, this award-winning restaurant is truly Maine’s best. Visitors can either dine at the cozy setup indoors or enjoy their meal at the outdoor dining beneath the lighthouse while looking at the open views of the Portland Harbor. When here, do try their fresh and tasty Lobster rolls, Haddock, and the ultimate Lobster Dinner. To wrap up the Dinner, you can also try homemade cakes, pies, and cookies from their huge variety of desserts. The Lobster Shack At Two Lights is a seasonally operating restaurant that operates from April through October.

7. DiMillo’s On The Water

For awesome lunch with views, visit DiMillo’s On The Water, a popular seafood restaurant in Portland, Maine. This family restaurant is serving 1954 the freshest seafood along with dazzling views of the booming harbor. The floating restaurant is perched on a not-in-service ferry that extends a beam of 65 feet and a length of 205 feet. They have an extensive menu filled with a wide variety of dining and snacking options. When visiting DiMillo’s On The Water, do try a lobster in or out of its shell or the excellent lobster mac and cheese. What wins the title of best is their delicious Lobster rolls. Inside a brioche roll is layered chilled Maine lobster meat with a brown butter aioli and Boston lettuce. Sicilian Meatball and Crispy Fried Oysters from their appetizer section, too, are trying worthy. Lastly, end your meal with Chocolate Fudge Cake, Maine Blueberry Cobbler, and their Traditional Bread Pudding.

8. Becky’s Diner

Last on our list is Becky’s Dinner, a famous restaurant in Portland. Becky’s Dinner has been serving on Portland’s waterfront since 1991, and all three meals, including Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, are quite incredible here. This little food institution remains busy even during the weekdays, and you might have to wait 10 to 15 minutes before getting your turn. Becky’s menu consists of a range of options from Sandwiches, Eggs, Pancakes, French toasts, Fruit bowls, Burgers, Seafood Platters, Salads, Appetizers, Homemade soups, and chowders, Pasta, and a range of options focusing on lobsters. When eating a Lobster roll at Becky’s Dinner, you get a generous serving of fresh-shucked lobster meat and a generous mayo layer inside crispy and fresh bread. It is served along with some hot, salted French fries as sides. For pairing along, the restaurants offer both hot and cold beverages in addition to beer and wine options as well. They even have a small dedicated menu for kids as well as some delicious dessert choices to end the meal.

All About Maine’s Lobster Rolls: If you are trying Lobster rolls for the first time, go with the traditional options. The classic way is to first try the most basic and traditional option and then move towards fusion.

Also, consider trying food trucks and roadside stalls for that authentic Maine lobster taste, then going directly to a high-end restaurant.

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