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Cottage City, Prince George's African American Museum - Top-Rated Place to Visit in Maryland

Maryland Travel Guide: 10 Top-Rated Places to Visit in Maryland (2024)

Maryland, the state situated on the western coast of the United States, offers various worth watching landmarks and places for you. From appealing coastal lines to historical museums and local streets, Maryland seems to be a perfect holiday destination among your friends and family.

Maryland reaches to the most incredible heights of enjoyment, and it consists of some beautiful places to visit. Typically an overwhelming area, you would never regret choosing it for an enormous tour. Maryland City will fit into the needs of both kinds of travelers in identical measures. Some of the pleasant places include Great Falls, Antietam National Battlefield, Catoctin Mountain Park, National Aquarium, and Deep Creek Lake. Hence, it’s proven that the city is very much definite and suitable for every age group person, especially those fascinated with the visuals of wildlife culture and architecture.

Maryland Travel Guide: 10 Top-Rated Places to Visit in Maryland

Here are some of the most visited and provocative places of Maryland state:

1. Rockville

For the new visitors, this town would seem like an open suburb; this is a beautiful place to visit in Maryland with all the standard amenities that may require spending a relaxing day in Maryland. However, this town is also defined as Maryland’s third-largest city, an uncontaminated pearl with the time, strength, and desire to scratch under the surface. It has got countless tourist attractions, an exciting nightlife, and a load of outdoor recreation experiences. A quantity of the favorite activities you never neglect while in Rockville include ice-skating at Rockville Town Square, enjoying the city’s natural side at Meadowside Nature Center, and concluding your day with a local brew at Saints Row Brewing.

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2. Laurel

Laurel may not be very much noticeable when it comes to the must-visit destination in Maryland. Still, it has got something of itself which makes it look an extraordinary destination. It may not get many mentions when it comes to the top places to visit in Maryland, but it has its unique charms that will appeal mostly to history beige and outdoor lovers. If you ensue to overtake, be sure to check out some of these noteworthy attractions that are- Patuxent Research Refuge, Dinosaur Park, and Laurel Museum Wildlife Visitor Center, National Montpelier Mansion, Laurel Park Track. The visitors can get a delightful way of living if they view the Patuxent River in Laurel. Laurel is nearly midway between Baltimore and Washington DC, sitting quietly on the banks of the Patuxent River.

3. Chevy Chase

Accumulation of marvelous art galleries, shopping centers, bars, hotels, and other resting spots makes the Chevy Chase as one of the profound sites in your list. A bunch of new and undiscovered activities would lead you to make your tour tremendous. Chevy Chase is a top-rated destination in Maryland, since it facilitates them with a very sophisticated culture in which they can have a good time with their family or friends. Experience the highly serene aura of Chevy Chase and have the best time of your vacations while being here. You are surely going to attain a plethora of memories from Chevy Chase.

4. Cottage City

Despite being a small city with a handful of population, Cottage City should not be prohibited from your list when you visit Maryland State. This place proves to be ideal for all your outdoor pastime requirements. Prince George’s African American Museum will guide you with some history lesions and give you more perception concerning the African Americans. At the same time, St. James Catholic Church would be envied by those engrossed in past stories and religious conviction. Hence Cottage city would be a lovely and great place to visit in Maryland.

Cottage City, Prince George's African American Museum - Top-Rated Place to Visit in Maryland

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5. Greenbelt

Greenbelt is a quiet destination with vast choices of activities that will suit the kind of fun that most travelers demand from a tourist’s perspective. It may not have a significant quantity of opportunities, but it is still set to be one of the top-rated places to visit in Maryland. It has been gifted with parks and museums that will educate, amuse, and relax at equally. Some of these attractions also include College Park Aviation Museum, Greenbelt Historic District, Beltway Plaza, Buddy Attick Park, and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. The entire Greenbelt town indicates its locals the art of the modern era and teaches about the modern-day lifestyle through enthusiastic means.

6. Baltimore

Suppose we talk about the most obvious places to visit in Maryland; then, there is one place known as Baltimore. All and sundry have an idea of how stunning Baltimore city is likely to be the best place to visit in Maryland. Baltimore is the marked destination for people travelling to Maryland, and it’s just a few moments away from Washington, DC. This is an immensely beautiful place to bring the children and learn about inspiring ideas, a big appreciation to the National Aquarium, the USS Constellation Civil War ship, the Edgar Allan Poe House, and Camden Yards. This is also a top objective to sports fans since it was residence to the renowned Babe Ruth.

7. Annapolis

Annapolis is one of the great places to visit in Maryland and it has attained the name of being the capital city of the Maryland State. Rather than this, Annapolis, without a doubt, is worth visiting as well. It has plenty of things to do and see. In particular, this is factual if you enjoy marine because Annapolis has been known as the sailing capital of the world! That’s shocking to make out, isn’t it? If you may get a chance someday to visit Annapolis, then attempt to take a lesson at the Annapolis Sailing School to gain knowledge of the essentials, or just tour the U.S. Naval Academy and the 18th-century architecture downtown if you have a preference to keep your feet on the territory.

8. Ocean City

Ocean City can give you a pinch on the neck that the temperature’s climbing, and you are getting a call from the Beach point and broad walkways. An alluring place to visit in Maryland where you might get a notion of viewing a great beach life that embraces a sunny day, sand storms, and sea waves. The nightlife would also be fantastic as it might be followed by family dinners, authentic seafood, late night shows, events, and concerts, which is fun in concession. Thus, the Ocean City shall prove to be an apt destination for you, whether you want a serene experience or a louder one!

9. Frederick

The town of Frederick of Maryland State is an amazing sightseeing destination, which shall undoubtedly leave you awestruck. This town is relatively famous for its remarkable and decisive service of chefs and restaurants. Visitors are always on the hunt for several new dishes, which they want to have a taste for once. One of the best places to visit in Maryland for food lovers is Frederick. This Maryland town has become famous for its top-notch café, eatery district, and top chefs working in the historic downtown. One well-liked option is to book a Taste of Frederick Food Tour to mock-up the local favorites. You can also take a ghost tour to determine why this Maryland city is thought by some to be anxious. While in town, take a march through downtown to witness the historic churches. The National Museum of Civil War Medicine and the two closest by Civil War battlefields are ought to-go ends for history buffs.

10. St. Michaels

Being one of the most romantic and top-rated destinations in Maryland for the couples, you might get a feeling that you are not in Maryland’s town of St. Michaels but might imagine yourself in Paris. St. Michaels has a complete form of providing the lovely couples with a feature of giving a charming dinner in the dockyard display. A diversity of seafood you must try once when you are in that region. Thus, if you spend some quality time with your loved ones, then nothing would be better than St. Michaels.


So, the above-mentioned destinations are some of the incredible and stunning areas and sites of the state of Maryland. We hope that now you would have attained ample learning about Maryland. If you also desire to witness some of the beautiful beaches, amusement parks, or taste the specialties of that particular destination, you must not at all miss out visiting these areas. Each one of these hails with a speciality of its own and would leave no chance for you to stay satisfied with your experiences while being here.

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