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Visit Maryland: Places to Visit, Activities To Do and Foods to Try in Maryland (2023)

When you’re confused to choose between mountain and beach, just change the question and look for a place where you can find both. While you’re wondering about such a place, one of the top suggestions would be Maryland. This state of the USA is rich in both natural and social beauty including famous cities like Baltimore and Annapolis. Here is a sneak peek of all the attractions of Maryland that you cannot pass over. From tourist spots to exciting activities, foods, and shopping destinations.

Top Destinations to Visit in Maryland

This article is a guide to making your days memorable in Maryland. So, let’s get started.

1. Baltimore

Probably the most iconic place in Maryland, Baltimore has historical landmarks like Mount Vernon with the original Washington Monument, George Peabody Library, and the Maryland Center for History and Culture. You can roam around the filming location of the world-famous HBO TV series The Wire (2002-2008). In addition, take a tour of the Baltimore Museum of Art which presents over 3,000 pieces from eminent artists like Pablo Picasso, Paul Cézanne, and Vincent van Gogh. And not to miss, you can relish the famous crab cakes at the historic Faidley’s (since 1782) in Lexington Market.

Approximate Cost Per Person Per Day: $150-$250

2. Annapolis

For a thrilling sailing destination, choose Annapolis where people across the globe come every year to enjoy the heart of the Chesapeake Bay. Also, enjoy the architectural combination of contemporary decades and the 21st century. And to add, you can soothe your eyes with the calm green scenery in the countryside, next to the Chesapeake Bay shoreline. There are different famous tourist spots including the U.S Naval Academy, Banneker-Douglass Museum, Annapolis Maritime Museum, Hammond-Harwood House, etc.

Approximate Cost Per Person Per Day: $200-$350

3. Ocean City

To spend a classic beach vacation, ocean city in Maryland is one of the best places. With a stretch of 15 km, the beach is perfect to spend holidays. You can visit Assateague Island and sunset park to spend time amidst serene nature. For added adventure, there are fishing in a crewed boat on the Atlantic Ocean at its doorstep, a guided tour to the haunted places of ocean city, and an amusing trimper’s ride.

Approximate Cost Per Person Per Day: $130-$250

4. Antietam National Battlefield

The Battle of Antietam in 1862 is one of the most important and relevant events in American history. The visitor center includes a museum that demonstrates the battle and the Civil War. This is a must-visit place for history enthusiasts and students. This tour would consist of Dunker Church, Park Ranger-led walking tour, Mom and Roulette Farms Scavenger Hunt, Nature’s Hide and Seek, Antietam Birds, etc.

Approximate Cost Per Person: $7 entry fee, $15 for vehicle

5. Chesapeake Beach & Ohio Canal National Historical Park

A quiet beach town with multiple tourist destinations like Smith Island, Bayfront Park, Chesapeake Beach water park, and fun activities like driving from Sandy Point and fishing or crabbing at one of the town’s marinas are the best ways to spend quality time. Chesapeake beach is also known as Great Shellfish Bay. Also, visit the historic C&O Canal National Historical Park including hundreds of natural features, including locks, lock houses, aqueducts, and other canal structures.

Approximate Cost Per Person: $5 entry fee, $10 for a vehicle, $30 annual pass

6. Frederick

Frederick is a city with all the historical spots that you can encounter if you’re a history lover. From Monocacy National Battlefield to the National Museum of Civil War Medicine, from Frederick History Bicycle Loop to Public Art Trail and the Frederick Wine Trail, there are many things to explore. You can find hundreds of shops, art galleries, and restaurants in Downtown Frederick to try out life there.

Approximate Cost Per Person Per Day: $250-$450

If you’re excited to visit these places as soon as possible, just hang in there. The following section is all about the favorite activities to do in Maryland. To make the trip memorable and enjoyable in every possible way, try out at least any one of the best six ventures.

Top Activities To Do In Maryland

1. Cruise in Baltimore

For a one-of-a-kind experience with dining, dancing, entertainment, and views, a cruise ride in Baltimore should always be on the top of your bucket list. You can spend some hours on the cruise and pass popular attractions like Maryland Science Center, Pride Mast Memorial, and the Francis Scott Key Bridge. You can also enjoy your meal while grooving to DJs. If you want to spend some days on the cruise, famous destinations like the Bahamas, Caribbean, Panama Canal, and Central America, etc. can be reached from Baltimore port.

Approximate Cost Per Person: $30-$200 based on duration, meal, and entertainment package

2. Basignani Winery Tour

To spend some time in a not-so-common way in Maryland, Basignani Winery in the rolling hills of Baltimore County is the right pick. Amidst the romantic atmosphere in the vineyard and the wine tasting, you can enjoy quality time with your loved ones. There are separate places for pre-booked picnics as well.

Approximate Cost Per Person: $25 entry fee

3. National Aquarium Tour

Sometimes it is hard to find a perfect tourist getaway that would entertain people irrespective of their age. But when you’re in Maryland, there is nothing to worry about. A national aquarium tour with wide biodiversity and amazing view is a lifetime experience. Isn’t it amazing if Sharks swim over your head, jellyfish moves with their ghostly tendrils, and colorful fishes would dart all around as you move from hallway to hallway?

Approximate Cost Per Person: $29.95 for kids between 3 to 11 years old, $39.95 for people between 12 to 65 years, and $34.95 for people over 65 years old

4. Explore Great Falls

A single place to encounter natural beauty, enjoy with family and friends, click pictures, and complete your adventure ride with hiking, climbing, kayaking, or rafting. Is it possible? Well, if you’re visiting the border of Maryland and Virginia, it is absolutely possible. Great Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the US as well as in the world.

Approximate Cost Per Person: $10 entry fee, $20 for vehicles

5. Adventure in Six Flags

An amusement park with one of the largest setups for family and friends is something you can’t avoid. From different fun rides to the craziest ones, from games for kids to a chance to win exciting prizes- Six Flags has covered it all. You can explore dining and shopping options as well. In addition, there are some sightseeing options available like the Mardis Gras area and Coyote Creek area.

Approximate Cost Per Person: $25-$100

6. Multiple Museums

Maryland is world-famous for its cultural preservation with multiple renowned museums. Some of the most iconic museums are The Walters Arts Museum, the Baltimore Museum of Art, and the American Visionary Art Museum. Each museum has a different story to present with large collections, contemporary architecture, and top-notch maintenance. Visiting a museum in Maryland itself is an exceptional experience.

Approximate Cost Per Person: $5-$15

Now, if you’re thinking that’s a wrap in the suggestion list, you’re wrong. Visiting Maryland is incomplete without tasting its popular and unique foods. People across the globe visit this place just t try out some of the mouth-watering dishes. Here are the top six foods you should definitely try to feel the taste of Maryland.

Foods To Try In Maryland

1. Steamed Crabs

Starting with one of the most popular dishes of Maryland, steamed crabs in Old Bay from the Chesapeake are a must-try. People in Maryland love crabs and use them in different dishes. However, steamed blue crabs are one of the authentic dishes, and enjoying them from the old restaurants in the old bay is a heavenly feeling for foodies.

Approximate Cost Per Portion: $30-$110

2. Crab Cakes

Talking about crabs, we cannot miss another famous dish, crab cakes. A perfect combination of crab meat, egg, bread, and mayonnaise would definitely delight everyone’s appetite. You may find varied preparation like the cake patties can be either sauteed, grilled, fried o baked. For the complete platter, all you need is some lemon and remoulade or tartar sauce.

Approximate Cost Per Portion: $25-$27

3. Smith Island Cake

We have already recommended Smith Island as one of the top six destinations in Maryland. Now, here is the recommended cake from the tiny island on the Chesapeake Bay. This cake will bring the taste of the 1800s with its eight to ten thin layers of rich yellow cake, filled with chocolate fudge frosting. Some of the famous restaurants serving this dessert are Smith Island Baking Co. and Smith Island Bakery.

Approximate Cost Per Portion: $40-$90

4. Coddies

Coddies are one of the most iconic dishes in Baltimore from the early and mid-20th centuries. Though it is not much available now, you can still find them in a few old-school delis, grocery stores, and stalls at Lexington market. The fish cake patties are made from potatoes, salt cod, milk, and crackers and then deep-fried. Coddies are served between two saltine crackers with a hint of mustard.

Approximate Cost Per Person: $15-$30

5. Pit Beef

To try out Maryland’s unique barbeque style, you need to try pit beef. It is made from lean-top roast beef that’s minimally seasoned with old bay seasoning and barely cooked on a grill directly above hot charcoals. Finally, raw to medium-rare pink meat is thinly sliced into slivers, garnished with onions and a horseradish sauce, and served.

Approximate Cost Per Portion: $9-$15

6. Berger Cookies

Cookie lovers should not miss Berger cookies in Maryland that has their own different taste. Cookies topped with a thick layer of chocolate fudge are altogether a popular combination. This cookie is also served with steamed crabs and Natty Boh, making it another iconic dish of Maryland.

Approximate Cost Per Potion: $6-$10

After this long list of suggestions, do you think anything is left?

Well, you guessed it right. Traveling without shopping can never bring complete satisfaction. So, there is a quick list of famous shopping destinations in Maryland. To take part of Maryland with you or to get gifts for your loved ones back home, this list is a one-stop solution.

Where to Shop in Maryland?

  1. New Market in Frederick County
  2. Annapolis Harbor Center
  3. Baltimore’s The Gallery at Harborplace
  4. Pennsylvania Dutch Farmer’s Market


Hope you enjoyed reading this article and already stated the planning for your upcoming tour. There are a lot of things to explore in Maryland that are one of a kind. To boost your overall experience, follow the quick list and don’t miss out on the top things to do in Maryland. You will definitely feel the right vibe of the US state along with the perfect planning.

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