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Chestnut Street in Salem

10 Best Cities to Visit in Massachusetts and Enjoy a Splendid Time (2024)

The citizens of Massachusetts tell the visitors that this is the only place that has something for every type of tourist. Massachusetts can spoil all its visitors with the variety of things it has to offer. If you are planning a trip to this place then read this article to know about the best cities to visit in Massachusetts.

10 Best Cities to Visit in Massachusetts and Enjoy a Splendid Time

1. Boston

This is a historic city in Massachusetts and an absolute favorite to every American (whoever has visited this city). It was founded in the year 1630 and is loaded with history. By walking through the Freedom Trail one can relive the American Revolution days. Boston being the capital of Massachusetts is the home for successful athletic teams and orchestra groups at the same time. While staying in Boston do not forget to miss the Back Bay area, it is bordered by the Charles River and now it is the place of Victorian homes, chic boutiques, and trendy restaurants. The Old South Church in Copley is a gothic-style church that was built in the year 1874 and was redecorated in 1905 is worth a visit.

Back Bay area in Boston

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2. Worcester

Worcester is considered one of the best cities to visit in Massachusetts because of its magnificent cathedral and universities. The Worcester Art Museum has more than 35000 pieces that depict the European era, Roman sculpture, Asian art, American works, contemporary art, and so on. From May to September a small town named Brimfield becomes the place for dealers and collectors who come here to sell and buy at the Brimfield Antique Show and Flea Market. And if you are a history lover then explore the Commandery to know more about the English Civil War. If you take a stroll around Friar Street do notice the half-timbered buildings.

Worcester Art Museum in Worcester City

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3. Salem

Salem is located north of Boston and it takes 45 minutes to reach there. Once upon a time Salem was the hub of China trade and was connected with the major ports of the East Coast. Even today the streets have stately homes that were built for prosperous merchants and ship captains. Take a walk along Chestnut Street to see the lavish lifestyle people used to have. Young people who are interested in witches, ghost stories, vampires, haunted happenings, and so on should visit the Witchcraft Trials that were built in 1692.

4. Cambridge

Cross the Charles River and you will reach the city of Cambridge in Massachusetts in no time. It is the home to Harvard Square and some famous museums, so make a day trip to this city. After reaching Cambridge take a stroll around the Harvard campus that has some beautiful historic buildings and museums. If you are interested in historical art then visit the Harvard Art Museums. Right now, Cambridge is considered one of the metropolitan areas of Massachusetts, so walk around the city and see the glamorous lifestyle people enjoy here. The MIT (Massachusetts Institutes of Technology) campus is built over 150 acres of land which is an open-air art gallery that has works done by Pablo Picasso, Henry Moore, Auguste Rodin, and so on.

5. Lowell

In this city we can see some of the world’s largest mills by the Merrimack River. The Middlesex Canal that was built in the years 1793 to 1803 played a very important role in connecting Merrimack with the port of Boston during the Industrial revolution. In Lowell, there is the American Textile History Museum that showcases the textile production of the 18th century. It has some hand-powered tools, fabrics, garments, and machinery. There are 2 more open-air museums named Lowell Heritage State Park and Lowell National Historic Park. Right now, Lowell contains citizens who are very wealthy and poor hence it becomes an extremely ethnically-diverse city of Massachusetts.

6. Fall River

It is situated in the city of Bristol County, Massachusetts. The city is located along the eastern shore of Mount Hope Bay which became famous during the 19th century for its leading textile manufacturing center and right now it is the tenth-largest city of the state. The Fall River city’s culture and landscape are worth seeing. The Marine Museum of this region exhibits the world’s largest ship named Titanic, this is something every young boy and girl wants to see.

7. Beverly

This is a city in Essex County which is in the suburbs of Boston. If you are a film lover then you have to visit the Cabot. Throughout the week something or the other keeps happening here, like some beautiful shows, comedy shows, dance recitals, musical acts, and so on. Come here, buy a ticket and support the local artists who put in great efforts to entertain the audience. Visit the Larcom Theatre that was built in the year 1912 where some of the well-known artists have performed like Bob Marley, Peggy Lee, and so on. Get your tickets beforehand because the capacity of this auditorium is only 600.

Larcom Theatre in Beverly

PC : thelarcom.org

8. Waltham

This city consists of 62,832 people and is one of the safest places to live in the United States of America as the crime rate is half the national average crime rate. This place has a 65.5% white population, 6% black, 11.9% Asian, 13.9% Hispanic or Latino, so a tourist will get to see a lot of young people who are friendly and stay together. If you are visiting this city with a group of friends then visit Prospect Hill Park. This Park is 252 acres and a great place to play football, have a picnic and stay close to nature. The view of Waltham from this park is something that you will fall in love with and you will keep coming to this park only for the stupendous view. You can bring your dog here with you as well, they will enjoy themselves in this park.

Prospect Hill Park in Waltham

PC: Dennis Chen

9. Springfield

This city is situated in western Massachusetts beside the Connecticut River. This city has interesting outdoor activities for tourists and locals. The Hoop City is one of the world’s popular places for basketball players. At Edwards Street, there is a sculpture garden named Dr, Seuss National Memorial Sculpture Garden. This garden is the best place to unwind during the weekends for 30 to 45 minutes. One can also visit the Forest Park on Summer Avenue if he or she is a natural scenery lover. There is a beautiful serene lake where people come for picnics. The picturesque surroundings will make everyone enjoy each and every moment in this park. If you want to know more about American history then visit the Springfield Armory National Historic Site. It is a museum that has some of the engineered weapons that were used 200 years back. These weapons were used during the American revolution till the Vietnam War hence one gets to know a lot of sad history of the United States.

Dr, Seuss National Memorial Sculpture Garden

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10. Quincy

Quincy is a coastal city situated in Norfolk County, Massachusetts. This city was the home of American Presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams. If you want to spend the evening and party till early morning then visit the Water Club, this is the place that every girl and boy enjoys. It has the best nightlife and is quite safe for a group of girls. If you are a party animal then Quincy has to be your city, it has the best discos and pubs to booze. At the same time, it has one of the biggest libraries in the United States named the Thomas Crane Public Library. The architectural beauty was funded by the Crane family.

By now you have got an idea about the best cities to visit in Massachusetts, so if your itinerary is not done yet then include all these places that you read just now. If you give these cities a miss then you are going to regret it later.

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