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The Longfellow Bar

8 Ways To Enjoy The Nightlife In Boston (2023)

Boston has something or the other to offer its citizens and tourists once the sun goes down. First and foremost, Boston is a safe place to hang out after sunset with friends. In the evening one can see a young crowd moving around the streets just to chill after the day’s work.

If you are a foodie then you can go out and check the local cafes or dine in a fine restaurant. Whereas a party animal can open her hair and dance in a disc of Boston. Suppose you are someone who loves movies then visit the movie theater. There are a lot of cool and doable things to do even at night time in Boston, it is one of the cities of the world that does not sleep.

8 Ways To Enjoy The Nightlife In Boston

If you are new to this city then read this article, it will tell you about different ways to enjoy the nightlife in Boston.

1. Boston’s Bar Scene

Irish pubs are an old concept for the people of Boston so they have innovative cocktail destinations, beer bars, and classy wine haunts. From perfect martini to a glass of wine for celebration to mind-blowing cocktails with different ingredients there is something for you in the bar. Tourists can enjoy various cocktails that are curated with international wines. If you are new to this city then be sure that the bar scene of Boston is completely different from what you have seen so far. One of the ways to enjoy the nightlife in Boston is to visit these bars, The Longfellow Bar at Alden and Harlow, Koji Club, JJ Foley’s, Gray’s Hall, and so on.

2. Party Hard At A Nightclub

If you want to go wild with your friends and dance throughout the night then head to any nightclub. The best nightclubs of Boston have the best DJs who will keep you on your toes throughout the time you are there. To experience something new you can visit the rooftop bars as well.

All the nightclubs of this city are instagrammable and you will have ample pictures to upload for the next couple of days. Though these bars are open throughout the week, it becomes a lot more happening from Thursday onwards. If you are someone who does not know how to dance you cannot sit quietly without moving your feet because of the dance floor. Do not miss the food here, the spread in all the bars. The nightclubs to visit are: – The Grand, Middlesex Lounge, Alibi Bar and Lounge, Memoire at Encore Boston Harbour, and so on.

3. Visit the Cocktail Bars

Boston has the best cocktail bars and that is found everywhere and is not limited to the sophisticated hotels. From playful boozy slushie to internationally inspired libation to painstakingly crafted concoction to a strong classic drink these cocktail bars of Boston will never disappoint you.

If you are someone who likes to experiment with their drinks you can sip the house-made shrubs that are created from fresh fruit which is preserved with vinegar and sugar and at the same time the technique that is used to do this is from the colonial times. To have this particular cocktail visit the Parla, which is located on Hanover Street. Some other cocktail bars that you can visit in this city are: – Brick & Mortar, The Baldwin Bar, T & B Wood-Fire, Blossom Bar, and so on.

4. Enjoy Some Live Music

Everyone says that Boston plays the best music for its people. Jazz, folk, classical, rock and roll, and even country music is played in the clubs and halls throughout the night across the city. Start by visiting the Middle Eastern restaurant that was built in the year 1970, till now it is a favorite place for every group of people. Do not miss the Symphony Hall, it is the home of Boston Pops and the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

The Symphony Hall is considered the best place for acoustical music. As a music lover, plan your trip so that you enjoy the Holiday Pops. The best pop stars from all over the world have come here to perform. Other places to visit for music are the: – The Sinclair, Scullers Jazz Club, Paradise Rock Club, The Burren and so on.

5. Dive Bars

Do not think that Boston is the place for rich people to enjoy, this place has some of the electrifying dive bars that middle-class people go to enjoy, even this is counted as one of the ways to enjoy the nightlife in Boston. Some of the college-going students say that these are places they come to enjoy without making a hole in their pockets. Due to limited finances, these places hardly update themselves when it comes to decor but on the other hand, they have some of the modern versions of food and craft beers.

Try to visit the Model Cafe, it is a family-owned bar with vintage fittings and great service. College people come to this bar with their group of friends to enjoy the night, with DJ playing the latest songs. One can also visit the Sevens Ale House, Sligo Pub, Bukowski Tavern, Silhouette Lounge, and so on.

6. See Boston From The Water

One of the best ways to enjoy the nightlife in Boston is seeing it from a cruise. One can see the city in all its glory and the cruises are filled with tasty food and booze. People who love to see and click pictures of sunset should try this ride. Try to contact the Boston Duck Tours, they show the city from the land and sea. Viewers get to see the skylines of Boston and Cambridge. Whereas the Classic Harbour Line offers themed cruises like Cinco de Mayo cruise, jazz cruise, sunset sails, holiday brunch cruises, barbecue, and beer series.

The Odyssey Cruises arranges brunch and dinner within the cruise for its guests. Guests can reserve a window table for the best view of nature. They also have live music going on, so if you are someone who loves to move their feet then get up and start dancing, others will follow you. Not only these there is a historic sightseeing cruise that is a combination of outing and education. This is a 90 minutes trip where it will describe the Revolutionary War, and Harbour Islands National Park Area.

7. Wine Lovers Indulge Themselves In Some Fine Wines

Mostly Boston is known for craft beer but the city has some of the excellent wine bars. For a memorable night out with your partner, have some lesser-known wines with delectable cheeses and meats. Troquet has the best wine collection in Boston. They have more than 500 bottles which include hard-to-find bottles, so if you are not a wine lover you will start loving it once you visit this place. Do not forget to dine here, Troquet offers tasty food. You can also visit Bin 26 Enoteca, COMB at Craigie on Main, Tasting Counter, and so on for wine.

8. Irish Pubs

Since a very long time Boston is filled with Irish immigrants and their families. For this strong connection, this city is filled with authentic Irish pubs that offer booze at an affordable rate. Visit the Irish Village, it is located on Market Street. This place has a big TV screen that is best for game night to watch football. This place serves whiskey-laced Irish coffee, pints of draft Guinness and hot toddies. Sit on the pull-up stools or a comfortable leather chair and enjoy the evening with your friends.

If you are someone who belongs to the old school then visit the Eire Pub, this place is 50 years old which is located within Dorchester’s Adams Village. This bar serves American comfort food like meatloaf dinners, American chop suey, thick corned beef sandwiches, and so on. You can also visit the Burren, Brendan Behan Pub, JJ Foley’s Cafe, and so on.

Before concluding let me tell you do not waste your time sitting back at home. Get up, wear a nice piece of dress and go to the streets. The streets, the people, and the nightlife of Boston will not disappoint you. Do not think that you are no longer young so you cannot enjoy it, once you are out and about you will see how happening the place is and how well the city has welcomed you to its nightlife.

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