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List of 5 Best Restaurants in Worcester, Massachusetts (2023)

To call a particular restaurant one’s favourite completely depends on the taste, mood, service, culture and previous experiences. These days people love to try out at different places and if they like, they immediately update on the social media profile so that the world comes to know. Worcester is known to everyone for serving tasty cooked food. Today let us discuss the best restaurants in Worcester, Massachusetts in this article.

List of 5 Best Restaurants in Worcester, Massachusetts

Here is a list of some of the must-visit restaurants in Worcester, Massachusetts:-

1. Accra Girls Restaurant

Not only this is considered one of the best restaurants in Worcester, Massachusetts but it serves authentic Ghanaian food. This is a family-owned small restaurant where they have friendly waiters who explain each and every dish that is served. This gesture is done so that guests get a piece of knowledge about the Ghanaian food and at the same time they know what they are eating.

Dishes like Banku, Waakye, Okra Stew, Fried Talapia, Tomato Stew, Gari, and Shito are very tasty and every guest enjoys having them. If you are a pure vegetarian then have the peanut soup, it is tasty and filling at the same time. On Tuesday the Accra Girls Restaurant is fully closed and the rest of the days they work from 12 Pm to 8:30 Pm.

Address- 1280 Grafton St 1, Worcester, MA 01604, United States

2. Armsby Abbey

Not only it is one of the best restaurants of Worcester Massachusetts, but it is also internationally recognised, an award-winning gastro pub that serves handcrafted cocktails. This place is working since 1st August 2008 and till date has received rewards from top publications like Draft Magazine, Wine Enthusiast, and Beer Advocate. The back room of this restaurant is perfect for celebrating any kind of occasion. Guests come here to celebrate their birthday, wedding reception, bridal shower, corporate events, rehearsal dinner, family get-together and so on.

Hire the room for 2 to 3 hours and enjoy the party with 50 people. Cocktails here are made up of fresh ingredients that are available from the local market, although during the summer months the cocktail menu changes. Names of the seasonal cocktails are Sandy Retreat, Gilded Lily, North Face Negroni, Gold Dust, Dry Hopped Paloma, Clean Freak, Pink Lady, and so on. Armsby Abbey is open from Tuesday to Sunday.

Address- 144 Main St, Worcester, MA 01608, United States

3. Baba Sushi

Have mouth-watering sushi and different kinds of Asian cuisine here at Baba Sushi. This restaurant combines the freshest, finest, and the latest technique to prepare its food. Once you step into this place you will feel the energy, start enjoying the music and have the freshest sushi dishes. Wilson Wang has turned this small place into a trendy oasis that provides the guest with a world-class dining experience, within a year. He has completed his education at the Zibo Chef School and Shandong University and has come to the US in 1995.

Wilson is recognised as the master chief since 2001. For starters from the Sushi bar try the Poke Chips, Baba’s Famous Oyster Shooter, Mango Tuna, Sumo Oysters Supreme, Sushi Spring Rolls, Sashimi Tartare, and Peppered Ootoro. Americans here love the Avocado Crab Salad which is made of slices of avocado mixed with sesame seeds, ponzu, carrot, and daikon. There are 5 types of desserts available here that are worth trying, Ginger Ice Cream, Key Lime Cheesecake, Banana Flambe, Mocha Chocolate Mousse Cake and Coconut Ice Cream. While ordering the food let the waiters know if you are allergic to any kind of ingredient or seafood. Fresh fruits lime orange, pineapple, mango, pink grapefruit, white grape, cranberry are used here to make juices.

Address- 309 Park Ave, Worcester, MA 01609, United States

4. Dalat Restaurant

This Vietnamese restaurant starts at 11 Am. Though the interior is not beautiful for your social media pages but the food is tasty, you will drool thinking about the dishes. The price of each dish is quite affordable hence young girls and boys love to come here. To try authentic Vietnamese food, one should have Rice Rolls, Saking Beef or Tofu, Dry Egg Noddles, Crab Noodle Soup, Beef Lemongrass Over Rice, Pork Lemongrass Over Rice, or the Crab Thick Noddles Soup.

One can also try the Espresso Black Coffee Hot or Ice, Fresh Limeade, Iced Limeade Tea, Salty Lemonade, Salty Plum Soda, Strawberry Limeade Soda, and Passion Fruit Limeade Soda in Vietnamese style. For appetizers, guest have fried egg rolls, and fresh rolls, made of pork and shrimp that is wrapped in rice paper. Fresh tofu rolls, chicken salad, shrimp and pork salad, tofu salad, jellyfish and shrimp salad, fried crispy shrimp, fried crispy chicken, and Vietnamese Pork Organs Porridge.

Address- 425 Park Ave, Worcester, MA 01610, United States

5. Deadhorse Hill

If you are looking to enjoy food in a place where you can chill with your family members and at the same time click a lot of pictures then do visit the Deadhorse Hill. This place is run by Chef Jared Forman who is associated with the restaurant since 2016. Children enjoy the burger that is made up of American cheese, bacon, red onion, and pickles and they use a special sauce on the bun. One can host a private party here as well but for it, he or she needs to contact the management and discuss more it.

People who love to cook at home can visit the official website, it has several recipes made of ingredients that are easily available.

Address- 281 Main St, Worcester, MA 01608, United States

All these restaurants in Worcester have a comfortable place to sit and eat food with friends and family members. None of these restaurants make their guests wait unnecessarily for an hour just for a drink. Waiters always put a smile on their faces while serving. Due to the ongoing pandemic, all these places take extra precautions to clean the tables and the sitting area, hence these places are rated as the best restaurants in Worcester, Massachusetts.

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