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Black Cat Bake Shop in Missoula

7 Best Bakeries And Coffee Shops That You Should Not Miss In Missoula (2023)

Missoula is a university town which also makes it a hub for Coffee Shops. Coffee is literally big in Missoula, and why not? It is what students and visitors love the most. The options are appealingly endless, from the globally popular Coffee brands to the locally owned themed shops. If you are a student in Missoula and not in the mood to visit the University, you can choose one of these cafés for a peaceful day of reading.

From iced latte to hot brews like classic cappuccino or Americano, the café has a menu with all exciting options. A whiff of roasted beans passing through your nose calls up for allowing it to linger down your throat. Be it a tiring afternoon, a chilly evening, or that early morning, these Missoula Coffee Shops host you forever. So why wait? If you are a Missoula local or even a visitor, make sure you check these Cafes in the city. Have a look at our choicest picks for popular café and bakeries in Missoula. You will love visiting them.

7 Best Bakeries and Coffee Shops That You Should Not Miss In Missoula

1. The Drum Coffee Roasting

If you prefer drinking roasted coffee, then reach the Drum Coffee Roasting in Missoula. It is a full-service espresso bar that deals in breakfast, brunch, lunch, and baked goods. When here, do try toffee, caramels, and artisanal truffles. Their coffee menu includes custom roast coffee, house-roasted coffee, hot chocolate, and other coffee drinks. Some of their signature coffee have coffee beans from Brazil, Italy, Ethiopia, and Africa. They import chocolate from a local chocolatier Posh Chocolate known for its excellent skills and products.

2. The Black Cat Bake Shop

The Black Cat in Missoula is a bakery and coffee shop owned and operated by a local family for over 15 years now. This quaint place serves mouth-watering breakfast, brunch, and lunch at 2000 W Broadway Street. Their coffee menu includes a range of options from macchiatos, espressos, lattes, cappuccino, Americano, and more. With that, their bakery menu deals in muffins, scones, pastries, cakes, freshly made granola, and stolen. They offer the most fantastic cookie tray, lemon bread, and exciting banana bread during the holiday season. The bakery initially started at the Local farmers’ market but soon gained popularity and became a full-fledged coffee shop. They also deal in a range of Black Cat Bake Shop merchandise which is affordable and worth it.

3. Copper Mountain Coffee

A local Montana café, Copper Mountain Coffee, has two outlets in Missoula and multiple in the state. You can either reach its kiosks outlet or the brick-and-mortar location as per choice. They serve freshly brewed varieties of espresso and macchiato from Dillanos Coffee Roasters of Sumner. Their menu isn’t limited to this but also includes energy drinks, smoothies, and espresso shakes. Or, for munching along, you can choose from options like cake pops, muffins, sandwiches, bagels, and bagel dogs.

4. The Caffe Dolce

A quaint Italian café, the Caffe Dolce is located in the heart of the historic district of Missoula. This charming little café hosts an espresso bar and a lovely seasonal patio. They even have a small wine bar that serves exceptional old-world wines. The options can range from local and regional craft beers along with the ones imported from Italy, France, and Spain. However, Caffe Dolce is prominently famous for its Italian cuisine made freshly on demand. The must-try here includes wood-fired pizza and homemade pasta. You can visit here for a light breakfast to try some aromatic and delicious coffee, exceptional Italian coffee, and pastries.

5. The City Brew Coffee

Operating since 1998, the City Brew Coffee deals in roasting and brewing high-quality coffees. Their roastery is located through the state of Montana, and the one in Missoula is a must-try amongst them. Their menu has more sweet dishes like muffins and freshly baked pastries. However, you can also find a small but worthy selection of savory snacks to pair with your cup of coffee. You can either try their seasonal specialty drinks or go for the usual americanos, espressos, lattes, macchiatos, and cappuccinos. Some of their notable drinks include Sumatra Mandheling, Zimzilla, Organic Honduras, and Rolling Rivers.

6. The Caffe Gita

The Caffe Gita in Missoula has a modern décor with warm vibes, ideal for spending time with friends and partners. It offers an extensive menu of south Asian teas, freshly brewed coffees, and espresso drinks. It operates daily for breakfast, brunch, and lunch. The coffee you get at Caffe Gita comes from locally roasted beans and not any commercial product. For complementing your drink, their menu also has sweet treats like pastries, brownies, and other light snacks like sandwiches, etc. Every food item in their menu is made from scratch freshly on demand.

7. The Liquid Planet

The Liquid Planet is located inside the University of Montana campus in a 5,000 square foot space. It is a hub offering a mix of coffeehouse, bistro, and beverage serving exceptional drinks. Their menu has ten tea and tisanes, nine coffees, three cocoa and chai, and two syrups and sauces. Besides that, their menu is an exclusive farm-to-table affair. You can get handmade chocolates, freshly baked pastries, and several gourmet delis items. Their menu even offers an extensive collection of world-class wines and handcrafted gifts from the Czech Republic.

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