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9 Most Popular Beaches To Visit In Montana (2023)

Beaches in Montana aren’t the ones competing with Pacific and Atlantic ones, but there are a few great ones to visit. Usually, whenever a traveller enters Montana, he comes with only one picture in mind. It is all about clear, big skies, massive mountains, unique geography and friendly towns. However, the hidden element amongst all of these are the “Montana beaches”. All thanks to over 3000 lakes, the State of Montana is blessed with several beaches. Anyone who enjoys water sports or just chilling on the sand must add these beaches into their Montana itinerary.

A summer vacation in the Big Sky State calls for intimate beach time. If you enjoy the crowd, you can choose one of the city beaches. Though if tranquillity and escaping interest you, go to one of the beaches in Montana’s wilderness. No matter where you go, get yourself prepared for having one of the best family times of your life. So, are you ready?

9 Most Popular Beaches To Visit In Montana

Here are some of the best and must-visit beaches to visit in Montana. Have a look:

1. Lake McDonald Beach

One of the most photographed places in Montana, Lake McDonald Beach is definitely a must-visit. It isn’t your usual sandy beach but the one lined with colourful pebbles. Whether kids or adults, everyone loves walking on these pebbles, stacking them or throwing them back into the water. Lake McDonald has glacier water which makes swimming here extremely difficult. However, due to its crystal-clear water, canoeing, kayaking, and boating, the lakes offers great recreational opportunities. Even though Lake McDonald Beach isn’t the one where you can have beach type fun, the experience here is unmatched with any other beach in the entire United States. Everything here speaks excellence, from vibes to the scenic lake views and the reflection in the water.

2. Bozeman Beach

The Bozeman Beach is located in the Glen Lake Rotary Park, featuring a small sandy shoreline. The shallow and calm water here makes for a perfect swimming day for both kids and adults. Or, visitors can rent a kayak and step down to explore the waters. Besides that, there are volleyball courts, a kids’ playground, horseshoe pits, and a relaxing green space on the shore. Close to the beach, there are pavilions that are available for events like birthdays, anniversaries and other family-friendly parties. Bozeman Beach has family-friendly vibes and is ideal for bringing kids along. To reach here, drive north on 7th Street through the highway and turn right on Griffin. Further, turn left on Manely road, and within a short distance, you will see East Gallatin Recreation Area signed entrance.

3. Flathead Lake State Park Beach

If you want to enjoy a beach in the wild, then visit Flathead Lake Beach. Flathead Lake is a vast water body and a jewel in Montana’s crown. Though it is trendy for its water adventures, visitors also access it for beach fun. Access from the southwestern side just outside the Big Arm town for enjoying beach fun in Flathead Lake. With the vast sandy shores, there are restrooms, on-site camping spaces and huge green lands nearby. Visitors might not find California like beach vibe though the fun of swimming, boating and fishing here is excellence on its own. Escaping from the urban life and its hustle, it is also a great campfire and overnight camping place.

4. Whitefish City Beach

One of the most popular beaches in Montana, Whitefish City Beach is the best in all terms. It is basically a 7 miles long glacial beach featuring swimming areas, fishing rentals, and docks. Visitors can even rent paddleboards and kayaks and launch to explore the beauty and vastness of the lake. What makes water adventure quite popular is the crystal-clear water and the attentive lifeguards on duty. Every area is divided into shallow areas, deeper areas, kayaking regions, etc. There are even ropes for swimmers’ safety. Once done with the beach, travellers often head to the charming town for eating and shopping the local.

5. Avalanche Lake Beach

The Avalanche Lake beach is Montana’s best family-friendly beach. Towards the shore, it has shallow water, which ideally makes a safer space for kids to swim and enjoy. Though because it is a Glacier fed lake, even during summers, be ready to face the chilling cold water. What makes Avalanche Lake isn’t just the beach but also its way of accessibility. Getting here requires a little effort or, say, a moderate three miles long hike. The hike begins from the Trail of the Cedars, taking through endless landscapes and several beautiful waterfalls. The mirror water of Avalanche Lake also makes for gorgeous mountain reflection, a picture-perfect sight.

6. Mystic Lake Beach

One of the deepest lakes in Montana, the Mystic Lake is home to one gorgeous and tranquil beach. Far from the crowd and hustle of the city, one can reach this beach within Yellowstone County. The very first glimpse here is of cerulean water and sandy shoreline. Upon arriving here, you can notice kids playing with sand or building their tiny sandcastles. The Mystic Lake coastline is also one premier fishing spot. If you are already into this skill, do consider bringing along your fishing gear and cooler. Unless you are well-versed with the skill, the beach also offers swimming opportunities; avoid stepping into the water (quite deep). It is also an ideal place for enjoying a family picnic.

7. Black Sandy State Park Beach

One of the most popular beaches in Montana, the Black Sandy State Park Beach, is close to the capital city of Helena. Its setting near the biggest metropolitan also makes it one of the most frequently visited Montana beaches. Though there are several ways to access the Hauser Reservoir, the state park is still the easiest and most popular. You may not find the sandy shoreline, but opportunities for activities like kayaking, windsurfing, fishing, and boating are readily available. Close to the coastline, even a campground is constantly improving its facilities. However, because it stays crowded most of the time, reservation ahead of time is recommended.

8. Boettcher Park Beach

The Boettcher Park Beach is a Flathead Lake feature in the Polson city of Montana. It is Montana’s best kids-friendly beach, considering both safety and amenities. There is a vast playground, swings, slides, monkey bars, jungle gyms, and endless other features across the coastline. Every single aspect here is designed to keep toddlers entertained and engaged throughout the day. The beach also operates for safe swimming, right on the shores. Under parental supervision, kids can go swimming for clean water and enjoy their time. Whereas for adults, the recreational opportunities go from swimming, boating, jet skiing, kayaking and fishing. It is also an ideal place for a pre-planned picnic.

9. Brush Lake State Park Beach

Another most excellent beach in Montana, the Brush Lake State Park Beach, is on the extreme north-eastern part of the state. Though Grassy lands and spring wheat typically surround brush Lake, there is a small beach area as well. This swimmable beachfront makes an ideal space for kids and a family-friendly vacation with lovely soft sand. The developments here aren’t very modern, but that doesn’t come in between to hamper the experience. Adults can plan a picnic bonfire close to the beach and have a great afternoon under the sun. Or, for kids, there are giant green spaces where they can run, play and enjoy their time of the day. Brush Lake State Park in itself is quite a popular place to visit and can make for a lovely weekend getaway. For an extended experience, visitors can also choose to camp overnight.

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