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7 Most Beautiful Islands To Visit In New Jersey

7 Most Beautiful Islands To Visit In New Jersey (2023)

Summer travelers of West claims New Jersey as one of their favorite American states to explore. Sitting on the northeastern part of the United States, the Garden State is home to several beautiful and worthy outdoor attractions, especially the Jersey Islands. The New Jersey state sits across ocean and river bodies; thus, when it comes to Islands, it offers enough space and endless options. Even though they aren’t what the Hawaiian Islands promises, the options non less are incredible for an ideal island getaway.

While exploring New Jersey, you can come across several small, impressive, and aesthetically eloquent islands. Though, given the threat of sea level and climatic conditions, planning a vacation in the Jersey Islands is truly a task. Still, with a well-designed forethought, there isn’t anything that can really stop you from enjoying your share of fun.

7 Most Beautiful Islands To Visit In New Jersey

For more insights about the famous Islands in New Jersey, have a look down below:

1. Long Beach Island

Undoubtedly the most famous island to visit in New Jersey, Long Beach Island should be at the top of the list for every Island enthusiast. For locals, it is no less than a beach paradise. It is located even less than one mile away from mainland New Jersey and can only be accessed by a single causeway. Spread over 18 miles (in length) and .5 miles (in width), the long beach island not only attracts tourists but houses a town-like population of nearly 10,000 individuals. Locals from all across New Jersey visit the island for real estate, fishing, and tourism purposes. When on the island, you can relax at the Beach Haven, explore the Museum of NJ Maritime History, brush your excitement at Fantasy Island Amusement Park, or climb up to the Barnegat Lighthouse. Not your Hawaiian island, but long beach island is an ultimate tourism town/ city on its own.Beautiful Island To Visit In New Jersey-Long Beach IslandImage Source

2. Absecon Island

Absecon is a barrier island that extends between the Great Egg Harbor Inlet to the southwest and Absecon Inlet on the northeast. The island is home to Ventnor, Margate, Atlantic City, and Longport, and since the establishment of the Atlantic boardwalk, tourism here took the first seat and paced at a very high speed. Absecon is known for its accessible beaches and the vibrant nightlife for which tourists from all over America comes drawn here. When in Absecon Island, you can visit several prominent tourist attractions, including the third tallest lighthouse in the United States, Absecon Lighthouse. Once you climb up to the top, you can capture an astounding view of both land and the Atlantic.

Island To Visit In New Jersey-Absecon Island

Image Source

3. Seven Mile Island

Seven Mile Island is again a barrier island located in Cape May County. Spread over 7 miles, the island is famous for its quiet beaches, naturally aesthetic beauty, museums, art galleries, a bird sanctuary, several small towns, and a quaint downtown. When here, visit any of the local beaches and soak in the peacefulness of the site. Or you can spend your time with walking, jogging, shell-seeking, kayaking, paddle boarding, and endless other beach fun. Further, plan a trip to the Wetland institute, explore their aquarium and attend the annual Wings’ n Water art festival. If, after a tiring tour at the institute, you want some therapeutic relaxations, then do visit the Salt Spa at the Reeds at Shelter Haven.

4. Brigantine Island

Brigantine Island is a 6 miles long island and a premier destination amongst the Jersians for living and visiting. Like the other New Jersey Island, Brigantine has several tourist spots to explore and amongst the lot, Brigantine lighthouse stands as the most prominent one. However, because Brigantine Island is like a city in itself, there is so much more to do than the usual. While art lovers can explore the Donna Elias Studios, animal lovers can head towards the Marine Mammal Stranding Centre. You can also brush your sports skill by playing a quick golf game at the Links, a Scottish-style, eighteen-hole golf course. The climate at Brigantine remains quite pleasant all throughout the year, making it comfortable to explore the outdoors.

5. Barnegat Bay Island

A must-visit island in New Jersey, the Barnegat Bay Island will leave you surprised and joyed at every other stop. Also known as Island Beach Peninsula, Barnegat is 20 miles long and can be reached from Island Beach State Park in the south and from Point Pleasant Beach in the north. You can explore several small islands here, including Middle Sedge Island, Marsh Elder Island, Northwest Point Island, Little Sedge Island, some owned by the State, whereas some by the private holders. Barnegat heavily depends upon fishing, real estate, and tourism; thus, no matter which time of the year, you will always find travelers roaming on the island.

6. Ludlam Island

Another famous island located in Cape May County, Ludlam Island, is ideal for a family getaway in New Jersey. The island is formed around the Sea Isle City and Strathmere; thus, you always have some excellent town and city options nearby. Far away from the hustle and bustle, Ludlam Island offers you its beautiful relaxing beaches known for the excellent quality water and cleanest environment. Today island seekers from New Jersey and Pennsylvania choose Ludlam as one of their most favorable spots, especially the summer travelers. During summer nights, you simply sit at the beaches, gaze at the star-studded skies or enjoy the free outdoor concert series.

7. Wildwoods Island

Also known as the Five miles Islands, the Wildwoods island is by far the most beautiful islands to visit in New Jersey. This historic and shimmery island is known for its authentic retro vibe that will remind you of the times of the 19050s. It is where Rock around the clock started, and maintaining the legacy, rock concert and beach events are still a thing here. You can explore several pretty Atlantic beaches and recharge your energy at the waterparks. Not only the Jersian, but Wildwoods Island is also a go-to spot for the Philadelphians, especially those who are out for seeking mid-century architecture and the 1900s style vibes.

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