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Echo Lake - Beautiful New Jersey Lake That One Must Not Miss

12 Beautiful New Jersey Lakes That One Must Not Miss (2023)

Beaches in New Jersey have always made the State proudly famous; however, do you know about the beautiful lakes here? The Garden State is home to over 200 named lakes, of which most are accessible to the general public. While thinking of Lakes, New Jersey might not be the very first place to come to mind, but if you have ever explored the variety here, your thoughts will definitely change for good. From Lake Hopatcong, the largest freshwater lake, to Deal Lake, the largest human-made Lake in New Jersey, the options here will always beautifully please you.

Most of the popular lakes in New Jersey are within the Northeast part of the State. Some can be reached deep within the valleys; some can be explored hidden inside the forests, whereas some New Jersey lakes are easily accessible on the sides of busy highways. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your fishing rod, pack your swimsuit and head towards the 12 most popular and beautiful lakes in New Jersey.

12 Beautiful New Jersey Lakes That One Must Not Miss

Here is the list of 12 New Jersey lakes that you cannot miss:

1. Deal Lake, Monmouth County

Deal Lake is spread over 158 acres and is notedly the largest human-made Lake in New Jersey. Initially, it was made when an inlet connected to the Atlantic Ocean which blocked up several lakes and ponds in the region, but with time Deal Lake transformed into a habitat for marine life and a popular tourist attraction in Monmouth County.

Today the Lake is primarily approached by fishing enthusiasts, and the best part is that one does not require a license or permit for the same. It is also a popular spot amongst kayakers.

2. Lake Atsion, Shamong

One of the prettiest lakes in New Jersey, lake Atsion is known for its peaceful natural setting. Located in the Wharton State Forest, the Lake is surrounded by giant pine looms, which on a clear day reflects gorgeously over the clear water surface. The crystal-clear water of Atsion turns virtually into a beautiful red and pink shade, no less than an art. It is impressively clear and calm, thus ideal for swimming and sipping even for beginners. Apart from that, it also offers several other recreational opportunities, including boating, fishing and cross-country skiing (during winters). The Wharton State Forest visitors often choose the lakeside for overnight camping and hiking activities.

3. Egg Harbor City Lake, Atlantic County

An ultimate stop for outdoor recreation in Atlantic County, the Egg Harbor City Lake is a must-visit when in New Jersey. The Lake is extremely famous for its campground, and thus at times, it is difficult to find a favourable spot due to the growing crowd here. Visitors often indulge in beachside volleyball & basketball, golf games, or camp their umbrellas for spending a relaxing day. Apart from that, one can swim, fish, boat and canoe in the waters of Egg Harbor City Lake with guarded safety all throughout the day.

4. White Lake, Warren County

One of the best lakes in New Jersey, White Lake is beautifully preserved amidst the White Lake Natural Resource Area. The Lake is surrounded by a variety of habitats, including old-growth hardwood forests, karst limestone exposures, sinkhole ponds, fertile meadow, along mature hemlock. While the Lake surroundings houses an array of distinctive ecosystems, the Lake itself is ideal for swimming, kayaking, boating, and rowing. For the outdoor enthusiasts who are seeking some peace from the city life, the White is any day, an ideal choice for them.

Beautiful Lake in New Jersey-White Lake, Warren County

Image Source Photo Credit-White Lake Natural Resource Area, FB

5. Oxford Furnace Lake, Oxford Township

An ultimate summer destination, Oxford Furnace Lake is known for its sparkling blue water and wide sandy beach. It is a well-rested and relaxed site where visitors can plan a picnic, camp their tents and spend a day within the tranquillity of the region. Oxford Furnace isn’t one of those fancy lakes; however, this sweet little spot maintains its charm ideally throughout. Motorboats aren’t allowed here though visitors can rent boats and kayaks and explore the cool & dark water of Oxford. After paying a small entry fee, you can enjoy a full day of fun and adventure here.

Best Lake in New Jersey-Oxford Furnace Lake, Oxford Township

Image Source Photo Credit-Oxford Furnace Lake, FB

6. Manasquan Reservoir, Howell township

Manasquan Reservoir is a multi-use recreational area located in the Howell township. The reservoir provides for drinking water in the entire central New Jersey region and thus is maintained with sheer cleanliness. It is one of the busiest lakes in New Jersey, welcoming a million visitors every single year. Visitors can access the beach or the miles of trails beside the reservoir. In contrast, the reservoir in itself provides for several recreational optional including swimming, boating, and fishing. When done with that, one can explore the nearby region encountering a variety of local Flora and Fauna.

7. Round Valley Reservoir

Round Valley Reservoir is New Jersey’s largest lake reservoir and also a prominent site where lake trout naturally reproduce. It is an excellent spot for fishing, and one can lay their hands on trout, bass, pickerel, catfish, eel, and perch. Visitors often choose the Round Valle Reservoir for swimming, but due to several cases of unexplained drowning, the reservoir is also called the Bermuda triangle of New Jersey. Any water activities here are recommended on the clear water region, as the muddy region can prove hazardous as with the examples from the past.

8. Farrington Lake

By far the most scenic and beautiful Lake in New Jersey, Farrington Lake is a must-visit when in the State. The Lake is really shallow, with nearly 6 feet depth, thus safe for swimming and dipping even if you are a beginner. Farrington Lake was created by a dam; thus, once the rainy season starts and it begins to pour, the water cascading through the dam creates a magical effect worth capturing in the camera. In other scenes, visitors can access the Lake via motorised boats and can explore the scenic surroundings while floating over the level. The Lake is full of Channel Catfish, Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike, Crappie, Chain Pickerel, Perch and trout and thus, if you are a fishing enthusiast, you will love the place.

9. Echo Lake

Located amidst the brightest settings of West Milford, the Echo Lake will refresh and rejuvenate you without any effort. While you walk through the paved paths, the shadow of trees around makes the Lake look mesmerising. For spending some time in peace, the Lake is surrounded by a lovely gazebo and several benches. For enthusiasts who want to alight in the Lake can experience fishing, swimming, boating as well as ice-skating during the snow season. If you have kids and pets along, the nearby park region has good enough options, including a dog park, playgrounds, and baseball diamonds for keeping them engaged and entertained.

10. Greenwood Lake, Passaic County

Greenwood is an interstate lake on the border of New Jersey and New York. Its New Jersey share can be accessed from the Passaic County dedicatedly from West Milford as well as the Village of Greenwood Lake and the town of Warwick. The Lake has been here since European settlement and has been named Quampium and Long Pond before it the name Greenwood came into existence. Alongside the Lake, there are several restaurants and large marinas with docks attracting tourists and visitors from all around the State and the nearby region. There’s also a seaplane area operating float boats and flying planes.

11. Swartswood Lake, Swartswood

Swartswood Lake is a freshwater lake and a hidden gem in New Jersey. It is located in a secluded site of Hampton townships in Sussex County and is noted as new jersey’s third-largest freshwater Lake. Swartswood is originally a glacial lake and is spread over 520 acres with an average depth of 22 feet to a maximum depth of 42 feet. Visitors here can explore both the freshwater oasis and the nearby park (Swartswood State Park, first state park of New Jersey) and can spend a day full of fun and enjoyment. Fishing, swimming, kayaking, and canoeing are some popular activities here.

12. Lake Hopatcong, Jefferson Township

The largest freshwater lake in New Jersey, Lake Hopatcong is a popular summer destination amongst travellers and locals of the State. It is located in the Hopatcong State Park and is known to be formed in the pre-historic era before the last ice age. Today the Lake is served by 42 miles of beautiful shoreline, of which maximum is owned by lakefront residents, marinas and restaurants. Unlike other New Jersey lakes, Hopatcong has high celebrative vibes with bars and restaurants offering the best services, which are no less than that of beach sides. Visitors here can swim, fish, frolic, and ski for hours.

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