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Visit Bhidbhanjan Temple: An Architectural Marvel in Jamnagar

Visit Bhidbhanjan Temple: An Architectural Marvel in Jamnagar (2022)

The Bhidbhanjan temple is in Jamnagar in Gujarat. It is about six kilometers away from the Jamnagar railway station. The Temple is in dedication to Lord Shiva and is one of the most beautiful examples of ancient architecture in Gujarat and India when it comes to religious structures.

History of Bhidbhanjan Temple

The Bhidbhanjan Temple originates from during the reign of Raja Jam, the first ruler of Jamnagar. Some devotees also refer to it as the Bhidbhanjan Mahadev Temple because it is in devotion to Lord Shiva. The timings of the Temple are from 6:30 in the morning to about 6:00 in the evening.

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The Bhidbhanjan Temple is famous among historians and architecture fashions because of the intricate carvings that you see all over. The architecture is the Hindu-Rajput type and is an example of the beauty of an era that’s passed.

Bhidbhanjan Temple Experience

Like every other Hindu temple, Bhidbhanjan has small shrines of various other Hindu Gods, like the Lord Ganpati and Goddess Parvati. The Bhidbhanjan Temple architecture takes its inspiration from the temples of the South. The doors have intricate silver work as well, something unique when it comes to temples.

The general color combination here is white and silver. You can see the several arches that cover the temple. You can spend around half an hour in the Temple, including the darshan and exploring for a while. One of the most calming and serene experiences is to look at the other devotees who flock to the place and take a moment to see how the location affects them.

Bhidbhanjan Temple Experience

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The Temple has lush greenery surrounding it, so that’s another plus point. You can spend some time taking in the tranquility and serenity of the place. The best time to visit the Bhidbhanjan Temple is during the monsoon season, because that’s when the surroundings come alive and become colourful.

Bhidbhanjan is a religious location, so there can be some restrictions on photography. You need to check with the authorities. Also, people of all walks of life visit here, so it makes sense for men as well as women to dress appropriately. The weather in Gujarat is generally harsh, and it gets swelteringly hot during the summer season. Therefore, make it a point to carry your sunscreen, sunglasses, and anything else that you need to combat the summer. The best time to visit the Temple would be early in the morning or late afternoon, as you will be able to enjoy the carvings and the artwork on the pillars and the walls to its full extent.

You will see several hotels and accommodation in the area and its vicinity. These hotels cater to all budgets, but you need to check out the rules and regulations before you go ahead and book. Some hotels might not allow unmarried couples to share a room. You should also check the cancellation policy of the hotels if you are booking online. You should also check for the kind of cuisine that the hotel offers. In some cases, you won’t find the cuisine you are looking for and might have to make arrangements for food outside the hotel.

Places To Visit Near Bhidbhanjan

If you plan to spend a weekend in Jamnagar, you can visit a couple of other places that offer a complete tourist experience. You can go to the Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary, one of the several in the Gujarat area that provides a mesmerizing experience of viewing birds in their natural habitat.

You also have Shivraj Beach, a clean and hygienic beach in Gujarat, where you can spend a morning or an afternoon. The Beach is one of the few that have commercial activity around; you can have the feel and the fill of the beach life at the Shivraj beach.

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Other Temples are nearby, like the Bala Hanuman Temple and the Lakhota Temple. You can also spend some time at the Lakhota Talav. All of these places are nearby, and it makes for a perfect weekend outing.

How To Reach Bhidbhanjan?

Bhidbhanjan Temple is about five minutes drive from the Jamnagar Station. Jamnagar is well connected and has an airport, so it is easy to travel from almost every city in India. Jamnagar connects well via the bus and train route as well. However, if you are traveling from out of India, you need to deboard at the Sardar Vallabhai International Airport, which is about 300 kilometers away from Jamnagar. Jamnagar is an important road and train route as well. You will see several bus routes and train routes passing through Jamnagar, so visiting this destination is a hassle-free experience.

How To Reach Bhidbhanjan?

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