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Shivrajpur Beach - The Most Well-Maintained Beach in Gujarat

Shivrajpur Beach Travel Guide : The Most Well-Maintained Beach in Gujarat (2024)

Shivrajpur Beach, Dwarka, is a popular destination among tourists visiting Gujarat. The Beach is between Dwarka and Shivrajpur and is easily accessible via road. If you plan to visit the Shivrajpur beach, read this article to know what to expect.

The Shivrajpur Beach is 12 kilometers away from Dwarka and on the Dwarka-Okha highway. The drive to the Beach is a breezy, enthralling experience. You are bound to be all rejuvenated to enjoy the beach experience, even before you enter the Beach.

Shivrajpur Beach Experience

Shivrajpur Beach is well-maintained and is a pleasant surprise. There is an entry fee, but it’s worth it. The water is pure, blue, and invites everyone for a dip. Shivrajpur Beach is one of the few that aren’t surrounded by a fishing colony, so you won’t see the fishing boats and that lifestyle, making this a pure beach experience. Instead, you will find pavements, well-maintained toilets, and changing rooms all around the Beach, along with lifeguards who are keeping an eye, lest something untoward happens.

The water of Shivrajpur Beach is one of the bluest that you see in the Dwarka and Gujarat area, but there are only some patches of land on the Beach that are safe for people looking to take a dip. Thankfully, the authorities have set up a board that tells you the spots that are safe for you to take a dip. In other places, there’s either rocky terrain or the sand seeps inside very quickly. Though there are lifeguards all around, it makes sense for you to look for places at the Beach that are safe for a quick dip.

The Shivrajpur Beach is also one of the few that has almost everything you’d want to enjoy a day at the Beach, from changing rooms to recliners on the Beach. The visit to Shivrajpur Beach is a truly international experience of a beach and its right here in India. Shivrajpur Beach - The Most Well-Maintained Beach in Gujarat

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The only service that’s missing here is a restaurant. For some reason, Shivrajpur Beach doesn’t have a place where tourists can have their fill of food and beverages.

There are some minimal charges to visit the Beach. Adults pay 20 rupees on weekdays and the ticket price for children is 10 rupees. On weekends, adults pay 30 rupees, and the ticket price for children is 15 rupees. Children under the age of five pay no charge.

If you wish to use the changing rooms, the ticket for that is 10 rupees. You will also need to pay a minimal amount for using the hammock as well as the recliner. However, all these charges are very minimal, given that the Beach is the perfect location for everyone in the family to enjoy a day.

There are few places in Gujarat where you’d get to experience a recliner near the Beach at such a price. Looking at it all, you won’t get the quality of recliners in Goa. The only aspect for Shivrajpur Beach to become a perfect outing is a restaurant or even vendors of local food and cuisine.

Dinosaur Park in Gujarat, India
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Places like the Shivrajpur Beach, the Dinosaur Park, and the several Nature Reserves in Gujarat are perfect examples of the authorities wanting to promote the tourism and cultural aspects of a city.

A day at the Shivrajpur Beach is a great experience, but you need to pay attention to some aspects. Gujarat is known for its harsh temperature, so you should pack well, including your sunglasses, sunscreen, etc. You are at the Beach, so make sure that you have the footwear that’s the most comfortable for you. Also, you will find people of all walks here, so refrain from wearing anything provocative – and this goes for both the genders.

Shivrajpur Beach is between Dwarka and Shivrajpur, so you will need to book a hotel room in Dwarka if you intend to spend a weekend in Gujarat. Dwarka has several hotels that offer accommodation that caters to all budgets, but you need to read the fine print if you plan to book a hotel online.

Places Near Shivrajpur Beach

You are in the Dwarka/Jamnagar area, and you have several places to visit and explore if you are here for a weekend or so. At about half an hour’s distance, you have the Dwarkadish temple. Like to visit an island within Gujarat? Head over to the Byet Dwarka beach, which is around an hour’s drive from the Shivrajpur Beach. Nineteen minutes from here, you will see the Rukmini Devi Temple, a shrine of historical, mythological, and religious importance.

Places Near to Shivrajpur Beach, Dwarkadish Temple

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How To Reach Shivraj Beach

You can reach Shivrajpur Beach either by train or road. It is an eight-hour drive from Ahmedabad by road. From the Dwarka railway station, Shivrajpur Beach is a two-hour drive. You can also board one of the many private buses that ply on this route. The nearest airport is Jamnagar Airport, which is about thirteen kilometers away.

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