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Mineral Springs Waterfall in North Dakota

Visit Mineral Springs Waterfall in North Dakota: The Most Beautiful and Fascinating Waterfall in North Dakota (2023)

One of the best kept secrets of North Dakota is its secret waterfall that most people don’t know about. When you think about North Dakota, most people tend to assume that is a boring, flat, treeless state. However, the reality couldn’t be far from this. The beautiful state of North Dakota with its rolling plains and stunning state parks is one of the most untouched and pristine places in the US.

Mineral Springs Waterfall in North Dakota: The Most Beautiful and Fascinating Waterfall in North Dakota

North Dakota has only one beautiful waterfall, and it is hidden deep inside a state forest. To visit this stunning waterfall, you need to embark on the North Dakota section of the North Country National Scenic Trail that spans all the way from New York to North Dakota. Located just between Fort Ransom and Lisbon, North Dakota’s only natural waterfall is called the Mineral Springs Waterfall, and it is hidden in the heart of the Sheyenne State Forest, located along the mesmerizing Sheyenne River.

Mineral Springs Waterfall in North Dakota

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This entire area is full of lush green trees, and there are plenty of hiking trails that crisscross through the forest area and also take you to other attractions in the state, including the Fort Ransom State Park.

This stunning waterfall forms from a tiny underground spring that ultimately flows straight into the Sheyenne River. If you want to visit Mineral Springs Waterfall in North Dakota, you will need to hike through the forest for around 2.3 miles. At the end of this trail, you will be greeted by the lovely sight of the Mineral Springs Waterfall as it softly cascades down over the ledge and flows inwards towards the Sheyenne River. This is a popular picnic spot, and one can spend hours sitting nearby just admiring this beautiful waterfall.

Use of any motorized vehicles on this trail is prohibited, and you can only reach Mineral Springs Waterfall by hiking, riding a bicycle, or on horseback.

There is another much smaller waterfall located at the Turtle River State Park in North Dakota, but the government agencies do not recognize this as being an official waterfall. This is located west of Grand Forks and around eight miles from Larimore. From here, you can follow a walking trail into the Turtle River State Park, which will take you right up to the waterfall. This tiny waterfall still makes for a great afternoon picnic. This is not a natural waterfall. It was constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) all the way back in the 1930s.

While visiting the Turtle River State Park, you must check out the Fisher Loop trail to take you to the waterfall. The trail begins from the CCC Shelter. If you start walking on this path, you will reach the small waterfall within minutes. To reach back, you can continue to follow the same trail as it goes past the waterfall, across the river, and then into a heavily wooded area. But there’s no fear of getting lost as the same trail takes you right back to where you started, at the CCC Shelter.

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