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The Memorial Tournament

8 Best Events and Festivals In Ohio (2022)

Ohio is rightfully known as the heart of the USA because it’s lively and filled with energy all around the year. Ohio indeed proves to be a reflection of the USA spirit with its diverse cultures and majestic communities. So many traditions and tourist attractions mean there are plenty of events and festivals around the year in Ohio. These events and organisations will take you on a ride through Ohio’s essence and festivity. You’ll be lucky to enjoy tourist attractions and the best of their offerings with such occasions.

If you’re planning a trip to Ohio, don’t wait to match your schedule with these festivities. To help you out, we are providing a list of the Best Events and Festivals in Ohio. Enjoy yourselves with a wholesome travelling experience when you get to explore new traditions, meet exciting people and eat seasonal cuisines with all the joy of a community. Events are being organised around the year and would include some of the most loved travel pet peeves like music, Asian food, multi-cultural fests and even dancing and singing in the streets. Through these events, a traveller can explore the city’s authentic culture and can make plenty of new friends around the world.

8 Best Events and Festivals In Ohio

Following are the Best Events and Festivals In Ohio

1. Asian Festival

If you’re taking a journey to the capital city, then don’t miss the Asian Festival. This fest is a special offering from Columbus, which is held around the memorial day weekend. There is a surge of tourists during the summertime, and many of them would love to experience the mystery and magic of the Asian continent right here in Columbus, Ohio. This festival brings traditions, style and cuisines from various eastern nations into this single spot. You’ll get fond of several activities that are being offered here. Main attractions include martial arts and fighting skills display, ethnic performances, traditional clothing and photography to adore your travelling album and much more music, toys and shows for your little ones and family. So don’t miss the festival for a joyous day and get to know the eastern culture better. A fair share of employment openings is also offered here. Remember to taste exquisite food and buy one of the crafted souvenirs from a crafts shop as a memory of the event.

2. Brite Winter (Music & Arts) Fest

Ohio has a renowned history for its rock music, and what’s the better place to attend a music festival than Cleveland? This city is also known as the rock capital of Ohio. If you’re visiting the city, you’ll surely be grooving along to the city’s tunes, and the apex of its performances are seen in the Brite Winter Fest. It is a unique music festival that is rapidly gaining fame around the nation. This fest is also known to set fire to chilly weather with its rawest music performances every year. Enjoy the concert feeling gathered in freezing weather together, holding beer cups and cheering to some awesome music. This fest is organised in February where a bunch of activities are there to make your music more enjoyable. Activities include tents for rest and warmth, local artists and designers offering their skills and open fire spots all around. Listen to your favourite music while holding refreshing beverages and giving around with other fans near the bonfire. If you have the enthusiasm for music and love the adventure, then be sure not to miss out on this place in Ohio.

3. Hot Air Balloon Festival, Coshocton

Let’s move from large populous centres of Ohio to its County area with the charm known as Coshocton. This place hosts one of the distinct attractions in all the state with its Hot Air Balloons event. It is hosted on county fairgrounds which would instantly take you on a trip through nostalgia and your childhood. The scenery is classic rustic aesthetics, with the whole community coming together to enjoy the celebration. You’ll love the warmth, peaceful surroundings and small but curated setups. The main attraction is, of course, is a continuous range of hot air balloons. These colourful marvels fill the sky every morning and evening during the fair. The balloon rides in Ohio are open for everyone. You’ll have a plateful of amusement with live music, local food, souvenirs and occasional stage shows. The sight which will capture your heart is night time lit sky with lamped balloons and colourful crackers. Don’t miss this chance to enjoy a joyous and affectionate experience held around June annually.

4. The Memorial Tournament

Ohio has something to offer for everyone, and the annual Memorial Tournament is proof of it. This golf exhibition is held around May and June to bring together the excellence of golf in the USA at superb playing courses of Dublin. This event attracts golf enthusiasts from every corner due to its critical praise and fame. It is a part of PGA tours, so you’ll get to witness some of the best golfers around, showcasing their skills. The tournament remains pretty exciting due to the golf course being notoriously challenging and the masters of the game overcoming it gracefully. Muirfield golf club will welcome you with open arms in its peaceful situation and Ohio cuisines. You also become part of something bigger with this event as all the earnings and revenue is donated to charities in the locality. So if you’re heart also thumps for grassy golf courses, then don’t miss out on this opportunity.

5. Dublin Irish Festival

The city of Dublin in Ohio doesn’t just share its name with the capital of Ireland but shares a vast history and culture too. One of its effects is an annual celebration of Irish culture, heritage and community known as the Dublin Irish Festival. It is hosted on Irish days, I.e. 5-8 August every year. It has acquired fame for being the grandest gathering of Irish culture and festivities on the earth. You’ll be delighted to experience lots of stage shows, musical performances and Irish dance parties during these three days of refreshment. There are tons of acts on offer, and management keeps updating the programs to keep things fresh. This event has been established retaining the spirit of Dublin for the last thirty or so years, with guest counting increasing every year. Coffman Park is the centre of attraction in this year’s edition, with theatrical and musical processions. Also, your whole family can enjoy the activities like Irish markets and Wee pavilion, which are full of unseen fun. Whole Dublin gets lively and vibrant during this time, so it’s also the best time to visit the city.

6. Moonshine Festival

Who doesn’t love a good drink while dancing to celebrate one of the most critical moments in US History? Ohio’s New Straitsville hosts this festival in honour of disobeying the alcohol ban and making their beverage known as Moonshine. This city, to celebrate this iconic moment, annually hosts a five-day brewing event making this outlawed drink known as Moonshine. The Moonshine term has global fame, and that’s why herds of tourists get drawn to taste and experience the raw taste and adventure of Moonshine making. While the town explores Moonshine’s history and crafts some of its own during these days, it does so with temporary permits from the authorities. This allows visitors to see the making of this drink, know the process and even a chance to purchase some for their taste. Liquor celebrations are in the form of roadshows, Moonshine carts, local musicians, adventure rides, fun games, competitors, and even event themed live shows. You must lookout for the Moonshine parade presenting different aspects of the story and is full of amusement. Fest is one of the best events and festivals in Ohio, organised in the summertime.

7. Origins Game Fair

This gaming convention is held right in the heart of the Ohio state. The city of Columbus has been hosting this game fair for gaming enthusiasts worldwide, which spans around a week. This fair is usually held during June. Origins Games holds the capacity to entertain many crowds in one place with its 6000 plus games and competitions. The events take the form of a complete convention with dungeons, stage shows, fandom games and theme-based quizzes. Other entertainment includes a movie show, anime games and convention, and contemporary music and standup comedy, which would keep you excited during the whole week. This place will make your kid happy and also bring a kid out of you. This exhibition has played a significant role in promoting new games and bringing out innovations in graphics which is also on display there. Furthermore, you can attend Origin awards and games Hall of Fame as a true gaming enthusiast.

8. Taste Of Cincinnati

Last but not least is perhaps the long-existing and most famous food celebration in all of Ohio is Taste of Cincinnati. This fest was first organised way back in 79 now has become a delicious tradition of the city’s culinary culture. It extends up to three days in the downtown area of the city. It extends to multiple blocks with local food trucks, tasty food stalls from the most prominent restaurants and mouth-watering vendors. The whole region turns into a fair during this time with lines of food stalls and fun activities like games, amusement rides and presentations in between. This show is not a mere food tasting event, but one can also learn the art of fine dining, exquisite cooking and masterful plating of food. The whole bunch of entertainment will keep your entire family excited and satisfied with hundreds of dishes. The best part is that it’s a free entry and parking is also easily accessible in underground and spots just near the food stalls. Cincinnati tourism also offers walking tours of the city during this time, so you’ll be most pleased to visit this time.

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