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Best Places To Visit In Columbus, Ohio

10 Best Places To Visit In Columbus, Ohio (2023)

The heart of Ohio State and the capital city is the funky town of Columbus. It is the 15th largest city in the US and bustles with activity due to population. Columbus is the embodiment of the true Ohio spirit with its diverse culture, sports fandom, and warmth for everyone, from humans to wildlife. From fast-food joints to national sports stadiums, from botanical gardens to science shows, and from town centers to local markets, Columbus is a commuter’s dream come true. Although excellent for visiting around the year, May-June’s spring weather and summer are when the city is most lively. This junction of Scioto and Olentangy river is mainly a social delight and fiesta in summer.

10 Best Places To Visit In Columbus, Ohio

Being a diverse, surprising, and enthusiastic city Columbus is, you should always be ready to expect the unexpected. Destinations here will keep you asking for more as the entertainment, art, culture, and excitement has no end in Columbus. Here is a list of some of the top attractions and things to do while you’re visiting.

1. Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

The first site on this list is located at 4850 Powell Road, Powell, Ohio. This place is accredited with being the most famous zoo in the nation, thanks to pop culture reference and mainstream name. This zoo has a superb range of animals and fisheries that always makes you wonder at diversity and variations in nature. Bask in the joy of frequent infotainment programs and varying shows. The wildlife here is ever Charming and can be seen in six climates: Asia, Congo, Africa, Shores, and many other continental attractions. Your kids will love this wonderful place in Colombus with its massive number of animals holding up to more than 10,000 creatures. Columbus Zoo and Aquarium treats you with their complete family delight in live shows and breathtaking performances. If you’re lucky, you will get adventure rides around. After a stroll around the zoo, it is always refreshing to take a dunk into pools, ride the waves and slide through the adventure with Zambezi Bay nearby.

2. North Market

Less than a mile away from the city center is Columbus’ beloved North Market. It has existed since 1876 and is known for groups of local vendors presenting the best of the city in one place. If you want to experience a tantalizing taste of local ingredients and authentic Ohio cuisine, then be sure to pay a visit to North market in Columbus. Buyers get to choose from fresh veggies, meat, agro products, cheese, spices, and bakery items. Special extensions can be seen on weekends for flea markets and local ornaments, artifacts, and goodies to buy. This market is particularly famous among the locals so expect a rush on holidays and leisure hours. Travelers tend to love this place for its ingenuity, affordability, and variety. This place may look small but holds various products and food items to excite everyone’s taste buds. Visitors from any stroke of life will find something for themselves either in mesmerizing cuisines or amazing shopping stuff.

Place To Visit In Columbus, Ohio-North Market

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3. Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Located at 1777 E. Broad Street, Columbus, these gardens are a blast of greenery and the loving warmth of mother nature. Visit today to watch a vast range of natural life and organisms in their subtle settlements. The Conservatory team has been bent on protecting and growing all the rare and endangered plants from the world. Due to their constant efforts, this place is home today to hundreds of plant types existing in every type of climate. It’s like a multi-climate trip when you go through mini dessert exhibitions or rainforest collections, or even palm houses. Orchid presentation makes you feel like you’re in paradise with your lover. Just a walk through campus and gardens fills you with lively energy and drives your stress away. Enormous green glasshouses are laid throughout the periphery, and nearby you may witness occasional wedding ceremonies. The colorful flying insects, blooming flowers, and fragrant surroundings are no less than meditation. Find your inner peace and great knowledge about flora with programs like gardening exhibitions and glasswork classes. A perfect place for any visitor, Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Columbus consists of scenic beauty, philosophical meanings, and historical importance. Pay a visit today to find your own story here.

4. German Village

Life of south downtown Columbus and nearby interstate 70 is this place unlike any. Located at 588 S. Third Street, Columbus, German village has a fascinating history behind its name. When Columbus was established, it started gaining population in the form of outsiders and mainly Germans. By the middle of the century, this area was prominently resided by Germans and hence the name. It started as an abode for Germans has now turned into a spectacle of classic German lifestyle and architecture. Now famous for its preservation of German culture and history, this place is charming with its unique buildings and shops. The influence of Germany is still evident in older shops and nurseries where the language and accent still exist. With fine dishes and restaurants and houses like you’ve never seen before, this village is sure to take you on a trip to Munich or Berlin right here in Columbus, Ohio. Visit this place in Columbus and find out why there is no such place anywhere else in the US.

5. Topiary Park

Travelling is for adventure, for exploration, for finding new treasures around the world and yourself. Such a hidden gem you need to discover while visiting Columbus, Ohio, is Topiary Park. This scenic excellency is even not much discovered by the residents. Appreciate the green artwork and effort of artists who have made topiary plant figures around the park. These 54 figures are realistic impressions of paintings by George Seurat. Not only are there individual sceneries, but topiaries include figures such as boats, clouds, ponds, and animals to present the whole story. As it is not very crowded, the park is a charming place to have evening strides, a coffee date, or even a relaxing lunch. The park is in its full glory around the summer, and you can appreciate bloomed topiaries while enjoying the view on a quiet bench. This gem is located at 480 E, Town St. Columbus.

6. Scioto Mile

Located at 79 Civic Center Drive, Columbus, Scioto Mile is not a particular tourist spot but a journey through a collection of parks, fountains, and activities. This wonderland of lush green gardens is extended to about 145 acres in Downtown Columbus. This place in Columbus is frequented by both locals and visitors around the year. Activities like biking, long walk, and social interactions mark this place on top of every tourist’s list. But what excites every traveler is the most spectacular fountain show in all of the city. The Center of the Scioto Mile has a 15000 sq feet vibrant fountain. Children can be seen playing and bathing around while adults enjoy the occasional light shows and outdoor entertainment. This place is perfect for experiencing local culture and finding out about the true essence of the city. Also, if you’re visiting with the family, then kids will love the surroundings. But the list doesn’t end here because Scioto also offers an outdoor climbing wall and area for bird watching with beautiful shorebirds. The best time to visit is summer, as you can take part in entertainment activities and free concerts.

7. Columbus Museum of Art

Established way back in 1878, the Columbus museum of art guards the rich culture and history of this city firmly. Located at 480 E Broad St, Columbus, this place is one stop for a journey through the skill and craft of the city. Known as the first charted art museum of Ohio, this place exhibits the most distinctive and influential art pieces. Explore the best of paintings, photography, sculptures, and architecture have to offer. The area is fascinating during one of its art shows and local events, showcasing the skill and instilling wonder among the visitors. The glorious galleries, the unseen sculptures, and surprising subject matter have made it an adobe of creativity. Visitors are also encouraged to take part in creativity zones and workshops to bring out the artist in themselves. From family man to avid photographers, from art snobs to daily visitors, everyone will feel the inspiration that buzzes in this place. To complement the art of the museum, the Schokko Art Café also serves some of the most innovative dishes.

8. ZipZone Outdoor Adventures

Experience adventure, rush, and excitement of the outdoors right in the heart of Columbus with Zipzone Outdoor Adventures. Located at 7925 N High St, Columbus Zipzone is a world of exhilarating thrills and fun. The place offers multiple engaging activities such as zipline sports and line walking, heightened tree climbing, and obstacles with a ground-level kids zone. A true family entertainer, Zipzone doesn’t miss any chance to serve you with a superb range of sports, activities, and fun competitions. In operation since 2012, this spot has a reputation for safe and precise operations and skilled staff. Kids zone instantly becomes a childhood memory to ponder upon, with children-themed adventures. The premises also host parties and events, so be sure not to miss them. Special events include nightlife zip line tours, canopy tours, and a free hike through nature. Aerial courses and participation in obstacles would give you a nice exercise and a challenge to remember for.

Must Visit Place In Columbus, Ohio-ZipZone Outdoor Adventures

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9. Center of Science and Industry (COSI)

COSI, which presents the best of Ohio and the USA’s progress and achievements in the field of science, is located at 333 W Broad St, Columbus. This place was established to contribute, influence, and change people’s life through daily innovations in science and technology. If you’re looking for some marvels and surprises, then this place has no limit to them. With some of the state-of-the-art tech and inventions and science shows, COSI is frequented by large groups of tourists. Especially it ignites young ones with curiosity and interest towards secrets of our world and how it works. There are several presentations and exhibits to engage the visitors. Make sure to follow the rotation circle of the events and attend your favorite ones. Little kids will get to love the first-grade play zone on the top floor, while older kids can participate in interactive workshops to learn and create. With a funky build, over 320,000 sq feet of area, and crazy events, this place in Columbus is straight out of a movie. Don’t miss some of the marquee events, which are among hundreds of activities being organized here. The Nerf blaster battle area, in particular, is sure to bring out a kid in everyone.

10. Other World

Yes, as cliche as it may sound, the other world is indeed another dimension filled with puzzles, art, and interactions. Located at 5819 Chantry Dr, Columbus, the Other World gets its name from the mystery, magic, and hypnotic effect that this place gives. You get to enter a matrix-like universe where everything is designed with vibrancy and surprises. There are more than 40 art scenarios patterned with live art and made to play into reality. You get to interact with everything in real-time. So let go of your worries and premonitions and enter into a world of magic. Here you will see life-sized art figures telling you a story through presentation. You get to explore, roam around freely and touch to solve this puzzle. Inducted into the world’s coolest places in 2019, the Otherworld keeps you on your feet with spontaneity and enigma. This immersive experience goes as far as your imagination. It’s like you’re exploring in space and trapped in a puzzle at the same time. This mesmerization is possible due to a combination of reality-based art, story features, and the escape room nature of the place. So don’t wait up to lose yourself in the Other World. Visitors here often say you lose the sense of time in this place as the only thing you can focus on is the fun you’re having.

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