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10 Amazing Places To Visit In Cleveland, Ohio (2024)

Ohio has no shortage of captivating amusements, but Cleveland, with its enormous size and plethora of attractions, is a hidden gem. Being an enormous city, Cleveland hosts top-notch examples of Ohio’s spirit and passion. Cleveland has been a part of popular culture with rock memorabilia and tv shows. Cleveland offers you wonders in the form of its art, local history, and musical lifestyle. Cleveland is a true traveler’s delight. So buckle up for a historical journey, a harmonious ride, and an adventurous gateway in Cleveland. Be sure not to blink your eye as the food here is so vibrant, culture is so alive, and history is richer than ever. Situated on the banks of the Erie and the home to river Cuyahoga, Cleveland has wealth, luxury, and splashing fun in every corner.

10 Amazing Places To Visit In Cleveland, Ohio

So plan your next trip to the city with these Best Places to Visit in Cleveland.

1. Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Arts (MOCA)

Presenting Ohio’s love for art, the Museum of Contemporary Arts is unique, refreshing, and spontaneous. Located at 11400 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, MOCA has been functional since 1986. As the name suggests, MOCA presents us with some of the superb specimens of modern art. The highlight of this place is that it always keeps things fresh by rotating exhibits and multiple art pieces by new artists. The place is home to almost 2000 designers and artists and has given these aspiring creators a mantle in the cultural art scene. This place reflects art and style even in its architecture, with the new building itself being a spectacle to behold. This shiny & hexagonal glass foundation would cast a spell on you. So if you’re looking to enjoy the modern culture and refreshing creativity, then MOCA is not be missed.

2. Little Italy

Cleveland is one of the most quirky and desirable tourist spots, and the reason is places like ‘Little Italy.’ It is a new and very cool concept that would take you on a trip to wine country right there in Cleveland. Little Italy is an adobe to everything a traveler craves for such as over twenty flavorsome restaurants, 25 amusing art corridors, and the lifestyle and feel of Italian culture in a single place. This place has a rich history of 130 years and distinctive marble art, which gives it the name ‘Little Italy.’ The eye-catching architecture is a result of Joseph Carrabelli’s artwork and marble designs. Apart from Italian cuisines, Italian families, and scenarios, this place also organizes various events and Italian festivals around the year. So next time you’re visiting Cleveland, do remember to check in at Little Italy.

Amazing Place To Visit In Cleveland, Ohio-Little Italy

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3. Playhouse Square

Travelling brings the perfect balance between work and play and which place is better to get some fun than Playhouse Square itself. Playhouse Square is a tourist romance story, as travelers love to be here whether they happen to be in Cleveland or enjoying a full trip. As one of the main centers of activity, Playhouse Square gets its name from being the spot of state performances and arts centers and street shows and talented performers. You’ll never get bored as there are various Broadway, Improves, and once-in-a-lifetime performances. From international artists to local talent, everyone displays their unique performances and amuses you around the week. This spot is also one of the best photography spots with interactive attractions, blazing lights, and vibrant decorations. Also, the chandelier with a world record of its 20 feet of wonder and brightness is a sight to behold during evenings. Don’t miss the opportunity to encapture the memories of one of the best places to visit in Cleveland.

4. USS Cod Submarine Memorial

Tourist enthusiasts like us must have dreamt of going on cruise or adventure rides, but what about a real-life submarine? It’s possible now as USS Cod Submarine Memorial offers a visit through this second world war submarine. This is one of the unique attractions around the world with its imposing size and magnificent grandeur. This memorial stands on the shores of Lake Erie, which itself is home to breezing sights and water fun activities. This submarine holds a significant place in US history and is most famous for 1945’s submarine rescue. It is preferable to visit during the summer times as mesmerizing sights of Lake Erie compliments this majestic vessel. Seasonal tours are also offered through the hatches and vital areas of the submarine. Get to the memorial at 1201 N Marginal Rd, Cleveland, Ohio.

5. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

You’ll also be saying Cleveland rocks as you visit one of the most famous attractions in Cleveland, Ohio- the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. From building design to a memorable collection, this place has it all. The moment you reach the spot, you’ll be lost in unusual yet fantastic architectural achievement. This building is a creation by the mind of Mr. Pei. This place holds its title aptly with some of the iconic moments in rock and roll music’s history, artists, and their goodies. Rock and roll fans will feel a journey through the history of their favorite music and bands in this place. Don’t forget to endure unforgettable props like Jimi Hendrix’s handwritten lyrics for purple haze. You would find seamless exploration and fandom here. Visit this place at 1100 E 9th St, Cleveland, OH, and also get to experience an exciting sunset nearby.

6. The Great Lakes Science Center

If you’re traveling with your family, then the Great Lakes Science Center is one of the best places to visit in Cleveland. It is located at 601 Erieside Ave, Cleveland, Ohio. This is the place where science and technology are combined with fun and interaction. This place will be a delight for your young ones. The wonder of this place can be seen in hundreds of experimental exhibits, which give you a live experience, such as the Phenomena area. One of the most incredible sites is the NASA Glenn center. When you’re done learning and witnessing the future, you can take a stroll to the inner Omnimax hall, which presents infotainment in never-before-seen theatrics and dynamic sound effects. Remember that the center always hosts seasonal events and thematic activities, so book your visit accordingly.

7. Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Get a wholesome tourist experience at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, where wildlife and amazement have no end. You’ll be surprised by the diversity and engaging activities of this place. If you’re visiting in summer, this zoo is one of the best places in Cleveland to spend all your day. Major attractions include more than 600 kinds of animals and wildlife, which count up to more than 3000. This zoo also has a botanical garden and a vast gathering of primates all over the continent. The zoo also has such fame due to its great history. The Lowland Gorilla, Fishing Cats, and wild hunters are most loved by the tourists. After you’ve been through activities like safari rides, special evening tours, campfires, and multiple organized activities, you can also feed some animals. Then when you’re done, go to the nearby food spot for authentic Cleveland taste and get some memorabilia from the gift shop.

8. Franklin Castle

When you visit Franklin Castle, you’ll surely agree that Cleveland has it all. Visitors looking for a thrill and mystery must experience the mystical nature of this place. This place attracts numerous enigma fans because there’s a haunting story behind the castle. It is said that the original owner of this place got this place built way back in the 1880s, but this wealthy businessman had to face the tragedy of his family’s successive deaths, and thus the story began of this place being haunted or cursed. Apart from this history and curiosity, this place is also a captivating spectacle of 19th-century revival architecture. This place is located at 4308 Franklin Blvd, Cleveland, Ohio. While you’re trying to solve the puzzle of Franklin Castle, make sure you take a stroll in peaceful premises, lush gardens and enjoy the soothing gateway from the stress of day-to-day errands. The thing that’ll keep you interested is the number of rumors and stories about this place.

9. West Side Market

Perhaps there is no famous name in the local markets such as the West Side. This place is renowned universally for its fair prices and variety of products under one roof. Thus the west side expression has been used by flea markets around the world. This place was founded in 1912 and is still operating at a thriving pace. In recent decades the market has grown to be a universal shopping spot for tourists. Any travelers and locals can buy fresh ingredients, mouth-watering dishes, and local stuff and souvenirs at the most affordable prices. West Side has more than 100 joints to buy from, and you’ll be surprised how much you can pile if you know how to bargain. If you’re a tourist always hunting for authentic local food, the west side and nearby restaurants are the way to go. You can also visit the website of the market to know more. So to buy the best of Ohio, pay a visit to 1979 West 25th Street, Cleveland, Ohio.

10. “A Christmas Story House”

If we mention Cleveland, how can we forget its connection to pop culture with the movie set now turned into a visitor’s museum and cafe- ” A Christmas Story House.” The name itself brings back numerous childhood memories and the movie’s inspiring characters. The fans saw Ralphie on the big screen; now they can roam inside Ralphie’s house, making the experience even more surreal. Although this house was not always in pristine and decorative condition today, it has been turned into a movie memorabilia museum. Nostalgia will be on an all-time high once you get to see props from the movie, actual stuff from actors, and unseen behind the scene photos. Take a walk through the movie while visiting and notice how it was all done, the changes, the similarities, and childhood enthusiasm. After you’ve taken a tour, do not miss the nearby cafe. This Christmas Story House cafe serves one of the best chocolate and Christmas drinks. After taking memorable pictures, when you go back, watch the movie again to realize how special this visit has been. This place is located at 3159 W 11th St, Cleveland, Ohio.


Now you’ve learned that Cleveland is a city throbbing with tradition, backstories, and versatile events. Cleveland never fails to amuse any travel enthusiast. From performing arts to music, from art to wildlife, from history to mystery, this city has it all. Make sure you don’t miss these best places to visit in Cleveland.

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